Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Starsky and Hutch. I am not making any profit from this. I am only having a little fun. Notes: I wrote this poem based on The Shootout and it takes place after the episode. This poem is not betaed so any errors are my own. Feedback is welcome and appreciated. You can send comments on this poem to the author at Par0426@wmconnect.com

A Partner's Time


        Paula R

I want to ask your opinion, but you're not there.
When I look across, all I see is your empty chair.
Memories come back; my hands cover my face.
I see you in that other time, that other place.
All I can think of is the blood and the pain.
Fear has my heart in its icy grip once again.
Blood colors the vision -- seems it's all I see.
Can this be the end? Is it over for Me and Thee?
An extension of myself -- the other part of one.
I know I can't function -- can't do this job alone.
Unbidden, a tear escapes; runs down my cheek.
The memory wanes now and leaves me weak.

A hand squeezes my shoulder, "Are you okay?"
Embarrassed, I don't answer, just turn away.
"Come on, Buddy, you're reliving what has passed.
That day has taught me that nothing lasts.
We can't change yesterday, we write today as we go,
And tomorrow isn't anything that we can know."
So saying, you take your chair and pick up your pen
And I find myself focusing on my report once again.

I want to ask your opinion and I see you there
Sitting on your desk, your feet in your chair.
My partner, my brother, a man I call friend.
I am humbled to realize what I could have lost then.