Anne S.

I slept very late,
Avoiding the day,
It was my hope
It would just go away.

Of course, I know
It comes once a year,
But I always approach it
With a lot of fear.

It's still so real,
So fresh in my mind,
I chase through nightmares,
Always trying to find

The love that I lost,
She was meant for me,
She was gone too soon,
Despite all my pleas.

I prodded myself upward,
Dragged my clothes on,
No breakfast this morning,
I've got to be gone.

I drove to the florist,
Red roses for her stone.
I sat in the park
And I felt so alone.

I watched children playing,
One could have been mine,
A curly-haired toddler,
Deep-blue eyes that shine.

At sunset I got there,
The place I knew well,
A grave near the seaside
In a small, hidden dell.

My lost love is buried
Under this stone,
It's my fault she lies here,
'Cuz I loved her, she's gone.

She was killed by a man
Who wished me to pay,
Now I live with this loss
And survive it each day.

The guilt is the worst part,
Time's numbed the grief,
But because of my love,
Death came as a thief.

I knelt there and whispered,
"I loved you so much,"
I murmured, "I'm sorry,"
And the white stone I touched.

I put down the roses
And stood up to go,
I turned and I saw him,
Walking toward me so slow.

He put his arms 'round me,
Didn't say a word,
He only held me,
But his message was heard.

We sat there and talked
Of things we three had done,
And soon we were laughing,
And the battle was won.

Then death was defeated,
And memory reigned,
For Terry lived again
And nothing had changed.

I owe much to my partner,
Our souls are like one,
Like her, we are best friends
Promises, we need none.

Now I know I've been lucky,
Sitting here on this lawn,
Happy between them,
One here and one gone....

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