I remember his face,
That sun-bronzed skin,
A curly-haired demon
With a lop-sided grin.

I remember his laughter,
The jokes he would play,
His penchant for games,
Always first in the fray.

I remember his love,
Unconditional and free,
His comfort and caring,
How he watched over me.

I remember his energy,
His enthusiasm for life,
The deep sense of fairness,
His hatred of strife.

I remember his faults,
How impulsive he'd act,
The temper that flared,
When his friends were attacked.

I remember his heartaches,
All the pain that he had,
How bravely he faced it
Even when it got bad.

I remember his courage,
Pushing me to the ground,
Blocking the bullet
Meant to bring me down.

I remember my best friend,
My partner, my pal,
I'll never forget
that I owe him my all.

I sit here and think
With my gun in my hand,
Another day gone,
How long can I stand?

I want to be with him,
He's waiting for me,
There's nothing to hold me,
It's just meant to be.

As I raise the Magnum,
I think what he said,
He asked me to promise
To live in his stead.

Today I will honor
The promise I made.
Tomorrow's another day,
And promises fade.

And so each day passes,
A decision is faced,
I've no help with this one,
On feelings it's based.

Now I sit by a new grave
Where the grass hasn't grown,
Where the flowers have died
And there isn't a stone.

But I felt a presence
When I came to this place
And I saw him appear
A sad look on his face.

"Babe, there's no decision,
You've got to go on,
There are people who love you
And will grieve if you're gone.

"I thought you were the brains,
But I guess I was wrong,
You're just a blond blintz,
Tryin' hard to be strong.

"You're going to meet someone
To comfort you, soon,
Hang in there, she's special."
And then he was gone.

I looked all around me,
But he wasn't there,
Just one other mourner
A near space did share.

She was so pretty
With dark, curly hair,
Deep-blue eyes turned to me,
Impish grin, warm with care.

We had much in common,
She'd lost a friend, too,
She needed some comfort,
And that I could do.

I didn't look back
As we left that place,
If I had, I'd have seen him
With a grin on his face

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