Anne S.

Shades of crimson flood the ground,
His life's blood ebbs away,
There's nothing I can do but watch,
It's useless now to pray.

He put his life ahead of mine,
His body knocked me down,
He took the bullet meant for me,
And now he's on the ground.

I hold his head,
He smiles at me,
He says "It's best this way.
It's selfish, but I never could have lived
Without you for one day."

I tell him I can't do this,
He's got to stay with me.
But I've seen the signs so many times,
And know it's not to be.

I tell him I'll soon follow,
He says, "Babe, you've lots to do,
But, trust me, I'll be waiting ,
When your work on earth is through.

"Me and thee, it's always been ,
And, though one of us is gone,
The 'me' that's left will do his job
And bravely carry on.

"You promise me you'll live your life,
And I can live through you.
You do the very best you can.,
And I'll be there with you, too."

"No, Starsk," I say,
But it's too late,
His eyes have closed at last,
His brave heart ceases beating
And his lungs give one more gasp..

I always knew I'd lose him,
I thought I'd be prepared,
But I don't think I realized
How very much I cared.

The days go by,
I do my job, my soul is all but numb,
But inside, my heart rejoices
For the reunion that will come...

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