***** There are two real loves in my life besides my family and God - horses/dressage and Starsky and Hutch.  I have combined these two passions into my first poem.  This is written in first person and is supposed to be through Starsky or Hutch's eyes.  Comments on this poem can be sent to: DressageNStuff@aol.com*****

 Body, Mind and Soul
Michelle Benslay
I watch as the rider mounts her horse - two
 bodies becoming as one.
	He is her partner.
		He is her better half.
	Without one, the other could not participate in the dance.	
It evokes thoughts of "me and thee" -
 two friends totally trusting in one another.
	We are partners.
		We are each other's better halves.
			Without one, the other could not survive.
I watch as she guides him - slowly at first,
 steadily gaining in intensity and power.
	Carefully chosen steps.
		Precisely planned movements.
			Grace, Beauty, Strength and Serenity.
It is much in the same way we work - one
 dependant on the other for life itself.
	Carefully considered consequences.
		Precisely executed busts.
			Dedication, Integrity, Compassion and Justice.
I watch as the dance evolves - rider and mount
 are as one, each dependant on the other.
	 Both bodies function as one.
Both minds focused on the other's thoughts and feelings.
			Both souls joined in the expression of the dance.
It parallels our partnership - two human beings
 living, working, breathing as if one.
	Both bodies in tune to every movement of the other.
		Both minds thinking alike.
			Both souls joined in the struggle between good and evil.
Two unique partnerships with one equivalence -
					Two bodies, two minds, two souls, united as one.