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(Hutch's POV)
Hutchie Girl

I am waiting. Waiting for Pardee to decide what he is going to do. Is he going to go, or is he going to stay. I feel so awful that at this point I don't really care. I don't know what is wrong, but I think I have come down with a really bad flu. Starsky and I were playing a game. It was kind of a stupid one, now that I have had a chance to think about it. We were betting on if he could find me as I hid out around the city over the weekend. A whole two weeks salary was at stake. Why we do these things, I will never know. He was telling me he was the "brains" of this "outfit" and I was saying I was. I know for sure that he is the brawn, so it is only fitting that I would be the "brains". I know, kind of immature and childish. Boys will be boys.

Pardee is now shoving me around a bit. I wish he would just go and leave me alone. I know that Gina won't be back. She isn't that stupid. Pardee thinks he has a hold over her, but I can tell that she has more strength than that.

I wish Starsky would find me. This waiting is getting to be tiresome. Pardee is now trying to pick me up. It is hard for a guy of his size to pick up someone of my size. I am also a "dead-weight", at this point. I really can't move on my own. God, I hate this. Just let me die! He picks me up anyway, and drags me to the door. We are leaving this dilapidated building and moving to his car, I guess. I think this is it for me. I can't see anyway around it. If Starsky doesn't show up soon, I am pretty well a goner.

We move to the front door and Pardee loses his grip. I try to cling to a sign on the front steps, but I don't have any strength. I fall down the stairs, hitting my jaw and cutting my lip. I am lying on the sidewalk and I wish he would leave me here. But, he grabs me, picks me up and drags me to the car. I tell him I can't make it, but he isn't listening. He just keeps dragging me. His car looks like it is a thousand miles away, but it isn't. After he dumps me in his car, he tries to make me sit up. I do, with much effort. Finally I hear something. Sirens and a car coming to a dead screeching stop. It has to be Starsky. My fading hope is becoming brighter. I want to die, but I also want to live. Starsky is here, and he is going to save me. I guess I owe him two weeks salary.