IF NOT YOU...by Judith

Who would be there at the end of the day
If not you?
Who'd pick up the pieces and carry me through
If not you?
Who'd see past the anger, the hurt and the hate
Who'd stand at my side to kick back at fate
Who'd listen whenever I talked until late
If not you?

Who'd always be there, watching my back
If not you
Who'd hang on real tight when I pushed them away
If not you
Who'd silently watch as the tears fell like rain
Then pick up the pieces and fix them again
Probably stop me from going insane
If not you?

Who'd take my heart and treat it with care
If not you?
Who'd always be there if my world fell apart
If not you?
Who'd be in there fighting all of the time
Willingly give up his life for mine
Stay at my side till the end of all time
If not you friend
If not you!

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