Squealing tires, screaming guns
Life's blood, like a river, runs
Running feet, pounding heart
Time stands still, the world apart
Streaming tears, bloody clothes
From the body life's blood flows
Screaming sirens, flashing lights
Ambulance racing through the night.
Broken heart, tired and cold
Partner waiting, feeling old
Anger, fury, deep despair
Raw emotions fill the air.
Nightmares haunting, run the scene
Ever constant through the dream
Partner yelling, best friend falls
Nothing he can do at all
Tears falling, head held high
Need to find out who, and why.
Gentle whisper, silent prayer
Guilt lies heavy in the air
Failed completely, missed the plot
Couldn't stop the deadly shot.
Revenge is sweet, so they say
Every dog will have his day
Ice cold fury, held at bay
Perpetrator locked away.
Heart stops beating, get there fast,
How long will this nightmare last?
Choose to live, choose to die
Never time to say goodbye
One more try, shock again
Partner moving like a train
Crashing doors, running fast
Face pressed up against the glass
Breath held tight, clenched up fist
It wasn't meant to end like this
Monitor beeps, heart beats slow
Still a long, long way to go.
Hours pass slowly, one by one
Wake up partner, see the sun
Machinery humming, all the while
If only I could see you smile.
Tortured soul, grieving sighs
A need to see those ivory eyes
Never moving, looks at peace
Battle raging underneath
A choice to make, leave or stay
Who would care much either way?
Sees a father, starts to run
Turns, and sees another one
Blonde head bowed, broken friend
A need to make the heartache end
Choices over, decision ends
Choose to stay here with my friend.
Fight the terror, fight the pain
Slowly open eyes again
See the pleasure, untold joy
Grown man acting like a boy
Smiling eyes, tiny grin
Battle over, 'Me and Thee' win.
Hey there blondie, no more tears
There's been too many through the years
Hold me tight, thank God above
You held on with the power of love.
Someday soon the pain will end
But I will always call you...Friend.

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