'Thee and Me' by Judith

You came from a world that was unknown to me
As a child your life could never mine be
You had everything money could buy
Never needed to cheat, never needed to lie
Never needed to worry of food on a plate
Never faced up to a world full of hate
Could have owned all the world, and the heavens above
Had everything...except love!

I came from a world so much different to you
No money to waste and privileges few.
Grew up in a family that filled me with pride
Knew when to fight, knew when to hide.
Understood sorrow, understood joy
Knew what it meant to become man from boy.
Learnt how to push and learnt how to shove
But mostly...learnt about love!

Our two worlds collided, you thought of me brash
I thought you too proud to do anything rash
You were quiet and studious, had it all on a plate
You were always on time, but me always late.
I envied the way the world fell at your feet
You envied the way I could handle the street
Yet you offered friendship with no strings attached
I took it, so started this long lasting match

Together we stood against all they could throw
What held us together no-one really knew
Gradually two wove almost to one
Became interwoven two hearts beat as one
Became best of friends though worlds apart
A friendship whose progress nobody could chart
A friendship designed in the heavens above
A friendship born out of love.

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