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Karen B.

Someone else sees the love they share. Someone else gets his share.

There he was again that tall yellow guy who kept his eyes covered. I don't like when I can't see eyes, but there was something about him. I'd been seeing him all week he didn't notice me though not until today.

He smiled at me. I could hear his voice from the distance it sounded so kind so soothing. I knew I should trust him wanted to go over to him get to know him better. He was with that short brown guy. He scares me I wasn't sure about him. Their always together ya know so I never get a chance to go over and meet the tall one. That short one he's got a temper. I have gotten an ear full these past few days. Don't know what he's yelling about but he sure can blast it out. And hands he's always waving them around wild like.

I don't like that much either. Makes me upset when he yells and waves his hands at the tall guy. I want to go over there and make him stop but I don't have the guts. Maybe it's not my place. I guess I'm not sure where my place is these days. I wonder around aimlessly trying to figure it out but nothing comes to mind.

Somehow during my street strolls I keep running into those two. There joined at the hips I think. Never seen two so dependent on one another unnatural if ya ask me, but a welcome change. Most people in this crappy place don't give the time of day to one another. Walk around with their heads stuck so far up there..... Well stuck up somewhere. Somewhere so far they just don't have time to notice anything worth noticing. No one seems to notice the butterfly floating from flower to flower. Or the pigeon on the ground begging for a treat. Poor thing if it didn't fly away someone would end up squashing him like a piece of gum stuck to the ground. Don't notice the pathetic worm drowning in the puddle of rainwater. Damn why should they notice the small stuff they don't even notice each other? That sweet lady over by the bakery she can hardly walk. She pushes that cart around all day long. Its got to be heavy it's loaded down with all kinds of stuff. One day she tripped and fell just lost her footing I guess. I watched a whole lot of them walk past her while she sat on the wet ground her knee bleeding. Not one even looked to her not one lent her a hand. They walked past in a trance, unseeing, uncaring, unloving. I ran over there but she was up before I could help.

They don't notice the sunshine or the rain. The way the wind feels blowing in your face. The smell of the honeysuckle, the smell of the grass after a rainstorm. Wonder if there's anything inside them at all? They're eyes are open but they don't see. No one ever notices me. He did though I like that. I like him. Something down deep tells me to keep track of him even if he is with that wild man. So that's what I did I followed him all over the city. Let me tell ya it was no easy task.

HEY!! There he is again in one of those fancy loud cars. I can see his eyes this time he looked at me. Wow! Not only did he look at me he gawked at me. Craned his head like something out of a circus freak show just to keep watch of me. Then he was gone again.

A few days ago I watched the two sharing food. The short guy was drooling like a Saint Bernard yuck. You'd think he didn't eat for days. Well they were about to eat when they saw the old lady who had fallen only yesterday. She was digging in the garbage can next to the hot dog stand. Pulled out someone's leftovers. She was about to stick the stuff in her mouth. Good grief even I wouldn't eat that thing. Well they both walked over to her handed her their lunches. Of course the tall one coaxed the short one some but he gave in pretty quick. I haven't seen her so happy ever. Hey I'm beginning to like that short guy some to.

It went that way for the next few days. Me try in like crazy to keep track of them. I say them cause I never see one without the other NEVER. They would help people along the way and they would help each other. I sensed the love in them both. Love that burst out of every door. Now there's something you don't get to see every day. If I didn't know any better I'd swear I saw hearts the kind with the little arrow sticking threw it dance in around their heads. Crazy I know but true. They loved each other they loved others they loved life what else is there on this earth? NOTHING!!


Uh oh, something is wrong very, very wrong. Danger all I know is there is danger. I have a sixth sense about these things. Maybe it is a first sense it was strong the feeling surged through me.

There he was my distant friend. He saw me again. Our eyes hung onto each other. Even though his were under those big shaded things. I could still see the care in his eyes. The short guy finally saw me to. His mouth made that wonderful shape I love so much. It's the shape that tells me all is ok and I am safe. All was not safe though. Oh with them and me it was but there was something else. I felt it they were endangered species about to be taken off the list about to become extinct. I waited not knowing where the danger was going to come from maybe I could help. I waited for something any noise any smell. I just knew it was there but where? He knelt down I could tell he wanted me closer wanted to be my friend ah finally. The gentle hum of his voice lolling me toward him. I was about to go. To finally meet the hand of the one I longed to be near.

The noise, ouch! Hurt my ears. My ears are sensitive ya know. Sounded like the cross between thunder and fireworks good grief I hate them both. Well there went my only chance I bolted away. I took one glance back they also bolted rolled toward a parked car and pulled out those scary metal things. Well I trust them and hoped they were safe but I've had way to many bad experiences with the likes of those things so I'm out a here.

Boy I feel guilty. What a chicken I am. I been waiting forever under this bell ringing game. They'll show up sooner or later always do. They like this place. Hope that skinny guy doesn't see me here or my fanny will be tossed out again.

Hey there they are. Must of been here the whole time why didn't I notice? They see me now. I'm up, I'm standing. Do I dare? Dare go over to them meet my friend once and for all. The short one is there too I like him I decided. "Come here boy." Hey I'm no boy. He called me a boy. How rude. Well with those soft gemstone blue eyes starring at me and that shape did I mention I love that shape? They both wore it so well I didn't resist. I'm coming here I am.

I never had so much attention lavished on me. Wonder what I did to deserve all this love? Who cares it's great. Feels so warm, feels so happy, think there's a shape on my face to one just like there's. Hey I think I now have a name. I always wanted a name never thought I'd get one. The tall yellow guy called me spotted dog. I like it think I'll keep it.

Well I have a home now with a girl named Joey. She has eyes for the one called Starsky. {Yes I found out they have names too.} Hutch comes to see me the most. We play ball together and sometimes he just sits on the back porch with me and we watch the squirrels jump from limb to limb. Well he likes to sit and watch. I want to pounce on those little fur balls. Always chattering at me they think they're so smart. He lays a hand on my head and tells me to relax and stay. I obey.

I Love Joey. But Hutch he and I are connected; he truly is an endangered species. I mean that in a good way. And I guess so is his partner Starsk. I sure am a lucky spotted dog. By the way that is my name to this day I love it. Hutch named me and that makes me proud.

Well he tells me he has to go now. I don't quiet understand the words he's saying. Starsky, stay, be back, that's about all I can make out. I can tell though by the shape he has on his face and the glitter in his eyes I have nothing to fear. I watch him get into his brown car and drive off. Joey is calling me now its dinnertime. Better go bye.

The End