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Kerry OK

Dim all the lights sweet darling
'Cause tonight it's all the way
Turn up the old Victrola
Gonna dance the night away
Love don't come easy
Though it seldom does
When you find the perfect love
Let it fill you up
        Dim All the Lights, Donna Summer 1979

I must have changed clothes five times. I had to find the perfect look. It was time for the seduction. My gorgeous blond beau was being way too much the gentleman. That was all going to change tonight, because I sure was tired of being the lady.

It was an assignment I dreaded. I had heard all about the dynamic duo. Super cops the best of the best. Oh please. How do you spell ego? Kenneth "Hutch" Hutchinson and his partner Dave Starsky. I had seen them around. Exchanged pleasantries as we passed in the hallway. I hated to admit it, but there was something about that blond. His sweet smile. His sky blue eyes and golden crown of hair. His chiseled good looks each feature worthy of its own sonnet and that voice. He could read the phone book and I'd melt like butter. Yeah, he was very easy to look at, but to work with? I just knew that would be another story.

I remember praying for a speedy resolution to the case. I would regret it. With the aid of the greatest cops that ever lived, the case was solved inside of a week. They were so perfect that I didn't even chip my nail polish. In the looks department both guys are very easy on the eyes. But Blondie, he has something else. While his dark-haired curly top partner has that boyish charm, confident swagger and volatile nature that would make Vesuvius look like a firecracker; Hutch is different.

I remember when we caught the creep that had been terrorizing the hookers of our fair city. His light blue eyes radiated a blue heat, his anger simmering just below the boiling point. He was grace under fire. I knew he cared deeply for these women, women that the world had tossed aside. But if you asked Hutch about them, you would think we had saved princesses from the dragon. He was the dragon slayer. A white knight. But he would never think of himself that way. For him it was the only way to be, there was no choice, no trying. It was who he was. And the same blue eyes that flashed with fury at the twisted assailant, gazed lovingly at the victim, emanating a warmth and compassion that made you feel safe. Not unlike the security when that first patch of blue breaks through after the storm. You know the worst is over because his eyes tell you so. When you are with Hutch you feel like you are the only person in the world that matters and knowing Hutch you probably are. His sky blue eyes are the windows to his inner soul. A soul filled with so much love and compassion. A soul that wants to embrace the world and make it a better place. A soul that can shatter too easily because he loves deeply and believes so passionately that he can affect change. I guess no one ever told him that wasn't his job. And there was no ego, Hutch is too honest, too genuine for ego. The most beautiful sight to behold was his devotion and loyalty to his partner. I was jealous. It was at that point that I knew I was a goner.

The case complete we went our separate ways. Now when we passed in the hallway, we would stop and talk. He was too good to be true. That shy tilt of his head when I would tell a dumb joke that he was far to polite not to laugh at. His gentle touches on my arm or my shoulder. I felt a connection. Did he? I prayed. Finally, he asked me out.

We danced, we dined, and we went everywhere. He was a very entertaining date. Then there were the long lingering kisses at my door. The playful petting in the parked car. I was ready for the next step. I wanted those blue eyes to radiate passion. I just knew sex with him would be ecstasy.

As I twirl around in front of my full-length mirror I am pleased with the look. A dress that left little to the imagination.

The doorbell rings and I open the door with my best come hither look. He looks fabulous. He is wearing a short black leather jacket, which is a favorite of mine and a light blue turtleneck sweater, that is the same color as his eyes. His tight jeans leaving nothing to the imagination.

He presents me with a bouquet of flowers. This man is perfect. I coyly giggle and say, "Ken you shouldn't have." I take his hand and lead him onto the couch. He accepts my offer of a beer and suggests a nice little Italian place he just discovered. I say I'm not very hungry and suggest we order Chinese. He agrees.

I nibble at some beef and broccoli and he eats shrimp egg foo young. We enjoy a bottle of wine. He chooses some romantic music from my record collection. We talk, we kiss, we talk, we kiss. His voice alone is making me wet. The kisses are getting longer, deeper. He reaches his hand under my dress and I think he is surprised to find I am not wearing any underwear. He touches me gently. He kisses my neck then works his way down to my breasts. I am very aroused. Then I get an idea.

He is more than a little surprised when I push his hand away and spring to my feet.

"Is something wrong?" He asks a little nervous, like a little boy who looked up a girl's dress and got caught.

"No, nothing is wrong. I just had an idea."

"Such as?" He is intrigued.

"Follow me."

Eagerly, my blond god follows me into my basement. It is not just any basement; it is a game room. We are going to play a game.

"I thought maybe we could play pool." I smile.

"Pool? You want to play pool, now?" He is confused.

"Well yeah, but are you a betting man?" I tease.

"How so?" He is confused.

"You've heard of strip poker?"

"Yeah." He is amused.

"Well we're gonna play strip pool."

"And how exactly do you play strip pool?" He is intrigued.

"For every ball I sink, you take something off and vice versa." I smile. "The winner takes all."

"Hmmm. I don't know what that last part means exactly but it sounds like fun."

He gets a pool cue and gives me one. I walk over to him, kiss him firmly on the mouth and rub the outside of his pants over and over his burgeoning bulge. He softly moans. "Nice stick." I wink. Let the game begin.

"Ladies first, you break."

I bend over and he stands behind me and I can feel his bulge against my rear. I shoot. "Darn, not a one went in."

"Are we calling shots?" He asks.

"Of course." I respond demurely.

"I call solids and the six ball in the side pocket." He sinks it easily. I kick off my shoes.

"Four ball in the corner pocket." Another easy shot. I take off my earrings. He smiles. "I like this game. Two ball in the corner pocket." He sinks its and I take off my necklace. "You know, I have to sink eight balls, I don't think that you have eight things to take off." He is grinning from ear to ear.

"Just shoot." I stand behind him and caress his rear. I nibble on his ear. He is distracted and misses.

"You missed." I giggle.

"Yeah, yeah you distracted me."

"Excuses, excuses." I tease. "My turn. Eleven ball in the side pocket." No problem. His sweater comes off. "Nine ball corner pocket." Piece o' cake. His shoes come off. "Ten ball in the side pocket." He removes his belt. "Twelve ball in the side pocket." He takes off his socks. "Thirteen ball in the corner pocket." The jeans come off. "Fourteen ball in the corner pocket." His watch is next. "Fifteen ball in the side pocket." His ring. I sink the eight ball and the boxers come off. My blond Adonis is standing naked before me. His six feet plus frame is trim and muscular. I want him so badly.

"I think I've been hustled." He laughs.

"I win." I smile. "Now for phase two." I show him my handcuffs.

He is anxious. I cuff him to a chair and kneel before him. I put him into my mouth and caress his rear. He groans. I run my tongue down up and down. Two balls in the side pocket. He trembles.

I back away and stand in front of him. He is breathing heavy. I put on some Donna Summer and I sway in front of him. I pull my dress up over my head. "You know you were right, I didn't have enough to take off for eight ball."

I come to him. I hold my firm breasts in my hands and one at a time guide them into his eager mouth. He kisses my neck and then back to my breasts. I lick his nipples and I guide him into me. He is inside me. I make love to him. He begs me to uncuff him. "Not yet." I whisper breathlessly. His moans grow louder. I continue until I collapse onto his lap. I put my mouth on his nipples. He quivers. He kisses my neck. I place my breast in his mouth again and with a new found energy start making love to him again until I feel his warmth inside of me. He writhes in ecstasy.

"I came." He sighs deeply.

"I know." I kiss him.

I uncuff him. "My turn." He says as he lifts me up and sits me on the pool table. He puts his hand on me and gently touches me. "This is where we started I believe." He puts his mouth on my breast. I shiver. "Lay back relax." He puts his hand behind my head and guides it down onto the table. He gets on his knees. He is exploring me with his tongue. I quiver. He caresses my breasts. I tremble in ecstasy.

"I want you in me." I plead.

"Soon enough." He whispers.

I moan as he enters me. We move our hips in perfect rhythm. I wrap my legs around him and then move them to his strong shoulders. We rock back in forth to the driving beat of the music. He leans forward and puts his mouth on my breasts. He touches me with his fingers as he makes love to me. I writhe in ecstasy.

"I came." I sigh deeply.

"I know." He kisses me.

We go to my bed. We make love again. He wraps his arms around me, I feel loved. I feel a safety and a peace I have never known and we fall asleep.