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Kerry OK

Cradled in her lover's arms she watched the sunset over the Pacific. She could feel his sweet breath on her neck. The smell of cocoa butter hung in the sultry night air. He nibbled on her ear. He slowly moved his hands and removed her bikini top and caressed her breasts. She tilted her head back and gazed into his beautiful sapphire eyes. He leaned into her and they kissed. Sensual kisses that left her wanting for more. She was getting wetter as he kissed her neck and worked his way down until his tender lips found her breasts. He sucked her breasts until her body arched with pleasure. He slid his hand into her bikini bottom and touched her. He playfully ran his tongue around her hard nipples. He gently laid her on the blanket.

Her long auburn hair fanned around her. Her ebony eyes radiated the heat that burned inside of her. She wanted him. She ran her fingers through his thick curly brown hair. "Come closer Dave." She whispered. She sucked on his nipples and stroked his erection. He moaned. He kissed her. He sucked her breasts. He explored her tanned body with his tongue. She moaned. Her body trembled as he made his way between her legs. He pulled off her bikini bottom and pressed his hands on her thighs to spread her apart as he discovered her with his tongue. She grabbed his strong arms as her body shook. "I'm coming." She moaned. He continued. She writhed in ecstasy. "Oh oh, Dave, Dave. Oh oh." She moaned. He stopped and looked up at her and flashed that 1,000 watt smile. He kissed her and he was inside of her.

She played with his nipples and ran her fingers through the hair on his muscular chest as their bodies moved in perfect rhythm. He took her hands and put them over her head and held her firmly by the wrists. She wrapped her legs around him and moved her hips in time with his. He kissed her neck then her cheek and then her mouth. She was breathless as he stroked her faster and faster. When he released her hands, she grabbed his firm buttocks as they rocked back and forth.

He abruptly stopped. She knew he hadn't come yet. He ran his fingers up her side. He smiled that smile again. She knew what he wanted and she wanted it too. She opened her mouth and took his erection. He put his head between her legs and stroked her with his tongue and fingers. She moaned and writhed as she sucked him. He stopped again and quickly withdrew his shaft from her mouth.

"I want to come inside you." He spread her legs apart and entered her. They started out slowly. Then gradually faster and faster and faster. She grabbed his downy curls and pulled his head toward her and kissed him. She heard him moan. She sighed deeply. They had come together. He pulled her into a tight embrace and told her, "I love you." She nestled into his strong body and she could feel his sweet breath on her neck.