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The low moan was enough to wake Starsky from his light sleep. The doctors had told him that it was any time now, so he wouldn't leave the bedside. His vigil approached its twenty-sixth hour though. How much longer? Not that he wanted death, but it was apparent life was over. Hope was gone and in its place was unimaginable pain. And that was unacceptable. Death would bring peace and that is what he wanted for this person whom he loved so much.

He watched the frail and dying form stir, the moans growing louder as the pain intensified. The morphine was wearing off. He was told he could administer as much as it took, to end the pain, to bring peace.

A pair of blue eyes, just like his own, looked at him. A weak smile crossed the ghostlike face. Starsky reached out and took the trembling hand. "I'm here. Are you in a lot of pain? You want more medicine?" He knew that these were the last minutes of life.

His brother Nick was also awake now and standing on the other side of the bed. "Hey Ma, its okay. We're here. You tell us, whatever you want." Nick held her other hand.

"I had a dream." Rita Starsky said weakly. "I saw your father. He said it's time to go. I told him five more minutes. I have to say goodbye to the boys. He said that's what I always say, whenever it was time to leave a party, I'd say five more minutes. So he would always tell me it was time to go an hour before he wanted to leave."

Her sons, fighting back tears, smiled at her. She tried to smile but the pain was so intense, a grimace was what appeared. "I should've left an hour ago. The party is over." She gripped her boys' hands tightly. The pain was now unbearable. She closed her eyes. "Yes Marvin, I'm coming. I will be with you in a few minutes." She opened her eyes and looked into the sad faces of her children. "It's alright. I'm ready now." She braced herself as another wave of pain washed over her. "David, where's Ken? He was here?"

"He's in the living room Ma, you want me to go get him?

"Yes, yes can't go without saying goodbye to my blond boy."

Hutch entered the room. "Hey Ma." He leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. She pursed her lips and sent a kiss back to him.

"David, Nicky take care of yourselves and watch out for each other. That's why parents have more than one child you know, so they won't be alone and will take care of each other." She paused and looked at Hutch. "But then sometimes, God sends your son a best friend. I know I don't have to tell you two to take care of each other. I love you boys and I am so proud of all of you." Rita Starsky let out a deep agonizing cry. "Please God, I want to go now. David, please!"

Starsky gave her another dose of morphine. A smile came across Rita Starsky's face as she breathed her last breath. After a three-month battle, pancreatic cancer had taken her life.


Starsky stayed in New York a couple of days after the funeral just to make sure everything was in order. Hutch stayed with him. Starsky had told him to go ahead home, but Hutch knew how devastated his partner was over his mother's death and he didn't want to leave him. They would fly home together.

Starsky took the window seat and just stared out the window. Hutch wished there were something he could say. Some magic words to take the pain away. Then he saw her. Where words failed, her smile would certainly make Starsky feel better.

"Starsk, look who is the stewardess for our flight, Kathy."

Kathy Morrison had already spotted them and was heading over.

"Ken, Dave. It's great to see you. You guys were in New York, for business or pleasure?" Kathy was beaming.

Starsky looked up at her and her beautiful smile made him smile. "It's great to see you too. But unfortunately we were in New York because my mom passed away."

"Oh Dave, I am so sorry."

"Thanks. You sure look terrific Kath. How have you been?"

"Fine. Busy. But I do have a two-day layover in LA. It will be nice to be home, even if it's only for a couple of days."

Hutch interjected, "Well we can't let those two days go to waste, right Starsk? Why don't the four of us get together for dinner and dancing?"

"Sounds great to me. What do you say Kathy?"

"I'd love to. But you said the four of us Hutch? Who's the fourth?"

"Abby. Do you remember Abby?" Hutch asked.

"Yes, from a few years ago. But I thought you guys broke up? Kathy asked confused.

Starsky chimed in. "Yeah they did, but they're back together, very together. Actually Kathy, Hutch here is what you might call a doomed man."

Kathy's eyes grew large, as she knew the meaning of that. "Hutch, you're engaged. Oh my God, congratulations. That is wonderful. I am so happy for you. I hope Abby realizes what a lucky lady she is!"

Hutch smiled. "I'm the lucky one. But thanks Kathy. I am very happy."

The fasten seat belts light came on. "Well guys I'd better get to work. But I guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow night?"

"Count on it." Starsky said smiling.

Starsky pulled up to Kathy's apartment at 7:00 PM sharp. He had a beautiful bouquet of roses. He felt nervous, an excited, happy nervous, which he didn't understand. He had dated her before. This time it felt different. He was excited all day; seven o'clock wouldn't come fast enough. A picture of her beautiful, smiling face had been in his head since he last saw her on the plane. Every time he would see it, the pain in his heart lessened a little.

Hutch noticed the grin on his partner's face all day. He knew Kathy was the reason. Starsky would always say that the stewardesses he dated were just the "flavor of the month". But Kathy had been the chosen flavor for a few months earlier this year. Then their relationship stalled, partly because Kathy was working more overseas flights and partly because Starsky's mother became ill.

Starsky rang the doorbell and he hid the bouquet behind his back. Kathy answered the door.

"Hi! Come in, I'm almost ready, just got to put on earrings."

Starsky brought the roses out from behind his back. "For you. These roses pale in comparison to you though. You look absolutely gorgeous Kathy."

The red satin dress she wore hugged her in all the right places, but then again Kathy had a spectacular figure, there were no wrong places. Her warm brown eyes sparkled and showed her inner beauty. Her long silky brown hair framed her angelic face. And her smile, that big beautiful smile, made the whole world want to smile too.

"Thank you." She kissed him on the lips. It was only meant to be a peck but it quickly became a long sensual kiss. Then she pulled away. "Um, lets save it for later, we have to meet Ken and Abby for dinner." She put the roses in a vase and headed for the bedroom and put on her earrings.

"You like these earrings?" She pulled her hair back over her ear to reveal the gold and emerald earring.

"Very much. Whoever bought them has good taste."

"You know very well who bought them." She giggled.

Starsky had bought them for her for her birthday in May. They had been seeing each other regularly from April until August. They were picking up where they had left off.

The two couples arrived at the restaurant at the same time. They were immediately seated at their table.

"So Kathy how have you been, long time no see?" Abby asked genuinely interested in the reply.

"Busy. I was doing a lot of overseas flights and flying around Europe a lot. But now I'm back to domestic flights which to tell you the truth I prefer. I used to like flying all over the place, but now it seems, well there's no place like home."

"Yes. I'm sure it can wear you down after awhile. Ken says that you only have a two-day layover and then where are you off to?

"Oh, just a short hop to Seattle then to Denver and then hopefully back home again." She looked over at Starsky and smiled. "But enough about me. I hear congratulations are in order! I am so happy for both of you. David don't you think this calls for champagne?"

"Yes I do think this is a night to celebrate." Starsky took her hand and gently kissed it.

Kathy looked over at Abby's left hand. "Oh my God. Abby let me see. Bring it over here. That ring is gorgeous. Ken you have excellent taste."

Abby was more than happy to show off her engagement ring. It was beautiful. One karat, round, white sparkling diamond with begets on either side. Hutch had endured many fasts to afford that ring. Food was a luxury and his car went without repairs. But he wanted her to have the best ring that he couldn't really afford.

Abby snuggled into Hutch. "Yes he has excellent taste in jewelry."

"I have excellent taste in women." Hutch kissed Abby on the cheek.

Abby was a very pretty blue-eyed blonde that had a lovely warm smile. She was petite and slender with that girl next door look. She was friendly, kind-hearted and intelligent.

The champagne arrived. Starsky popped the cork. He poured and made a toast. "To Abby and Ken, happiness forever." Hutch added, "And to love, when it comes we don't let it pass us by, because we don't know when it will come again." He winked at Starsky.

"So when is the big day?" Kathy asked.

"June 28th." Abby replied

"That's seven months away, you must be planning a big wedding."

"Well actually, we are getting married in Minnesota and it takes at least until June for the snow to melt!" Abby replied laughing. "You see all of my family and Ken's is in Minnesota."

"I didn't know you were from Minnesota too."

"Yes and I'm also of Norwegian descent, like Ken."

"So tell me more about the wedding." Kathy said with interest.

"Well Ken's family lives in Duluth which is on Lake Superior. So we decided to get married on a yacht! We figure to invite about 150 people."

"That is a big wedding and getting married on a yacht is so romantic."

"We want to have a traditional Norwegian wedding as well."

Starsky leaned over to Hutch and whispered, "Whatever that is." Hutch laughed.

"What I want to know, is what kind of food is served at a traditional Norwegian wedding?" Starsky asked teasingly.

"I told you Dave. A traditional Norwegian smorgasbord, with lots of fish, cheese, reindeer, pate, breads and salad, there will be other Norwegian specialties, but I will go over that with the caterer."

"Sounds terrific. Now lets order some traditional Italian food. I'm starved."

Kathy poked Starsky in the arm. "It all sounds wonderful Abby. I'm just so happy for you two. I guess it's true what they say, love is better the second time around."

"The second time?" Abby responded. "It's the third time. But you know what else they say, three's a charm." Hutch put his arm around Abby and pulled her close.

'Three's a charm or three strikes you're out.' Starsky thought to himself. He was very happy for his partner. He knew Abby was the perfect match for Hutch. It never bothered him that Hutch had hijacked her. She was after all supposed to be his date, courtesy of Maggie McMillan. But he knew he wouldn't have lasted through one meal of butterfly bones and impregnated wheat germ. No, Abby was Hutch's type all the way.

Still he had his reservations. He just didn't want Hutch hurt again. His luck with women wasn't too good. They left him: First Vanessa, then Jeanie, then Abby. She had concerns back then with him being a cop. His long and irregular hours and the dangerous nature of the job, so she ended the relationship. Hutch was upset, but the relationship at that time wasn't all that serious. Then of course came Gillian. Hutch loved her deeply. He would've married her. But then she was gone. Murdered. It took him a long time to get over her death. He would tell Starsky he was fine, but the sadness was evident in his eyes. Until he met Abby again. Then slowly the sadness faded. This time around it was getting serious. Hutch was truly happy. But Artie Solkin destroyed that happiness when started his vendetta against him. She left again.

There was Anna Ahkanatova and Marianne. They left. But Hutch had been careful not to give his heart away. Then the mess with Kira, Starsky had long forgiven his partner for that. He knew deep down Hutch never intended to hurt him. Hutch's feelings for Kira were genuine. He cared for her. She wasn't just another conquest. He could've given his heart to her. Perhaps for the same reasons Starsky did. She was a cop. She would understand the life he lived, the job he loved. But Kira didn't really love either of them. She loved the idea of them. When she couldn't have it her way, she left too.

Three years had passed since they last dated, when Hutch ran into Abby at the supermarket. They started dating again. They were dating a month before Hutch told Starsky. Starsky was surprised and a little concerned but he hid it from Hutch. But when Hutch told him he was proposing to Abby just two months later, he was flabbergasted. He had to say something. When he voiced his concerns over Abby's past problems with the job, Hutch assured him that they had worked that all out. Abby accepted that he was a cop. There was nothing to worry about. This time was for keeps.

When dinner was finished the couples headed to the disco for some dancing. Kathy loved to dance. Abby did too, but she knew her beloved wasn't the best dancer, but he did look awful cute trying. Starsky and Kathy were constantly on the dance floor. Both of them were great dancers. By midnight the tired foursome was ready to call it a night.

Kathy invited Starsky up for a nightcap. As soon as they entered the apartment he pulled her into his arms and gave her a passionate kiss. She led him into her bedroom. They fell onto the bed and made love.

Kathy fell asleep in his arms. He looked over at her sleeping so peacefully. He wanted the night to last for eternity. They had been intimate before. This time was different. They had made love. His feelings for her had changed. They were deeper. He loved her. This time they would not drift apart. He would make sure of that.


Kevin Sullivan was to be released from prison tomorrow. He had served six months for a criminal mischief charge. A teenage neighbor of his, who was desperate to avoid a history exam, asked him to do something so he didn't have to take the exam. So for his friend, he managed to disrupt the electric at South Central Regional High School. This was his third offense, so the judge figured a little time in jail might teach him a lesson.

Kevin was fascinated with electricity. He practiced electrocutions on small animals, cats, squirrels, and hamsters. Before he was incarcerated he had graduated to humans: Two young, pretty females to be exact.

Kevin couldn't leave without saying goodbye to his friend George. George had been like a father to him. George looked out for him in prison. Kevin was in desperate need of a father figure.

At the age of seven, he witnessed his father murder his mother. The couple had been separated but his father could not accept it. In a drunken rage he burst into the house and found her in the bathtub. He didn't have a weapon so he took a toaster, plugged it in and threw it into the tub. She was electrocuted in seconds.

Kevin could replay the horrible scene in his mind as if it happened yesterday. He remembered the words his father screamed as the police took him away, "She was a tramp son, never trust a beautiful woman. Your mother was an adulterer, that is a sin against God. God told me to be judge, jury and executioner because she sinned against Him!" His father never made it to trial. He hung himself in prison.

Since then Kevin had been tossed around from foster home to foster home. He was a difficult child, an unruly teenager. He was prone to violent outbursts. The system was ill equipped to help him. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and severe manic depression. No one was able to reach him, until George. Kevin trusted him. George was his confidant.

Kevin found George in the courtyard of the prison. "I'm getting out of here tomorrow."

"Yes, I know. You won't forget me will you Gary, you won't forget your old man?"

"No never. I promise I'll come visit you, every week and I'll write to you." Kevin accepted George calling him Gary. He had told him many times that his name was Kevin. But George didn't hear him. He was Gary Prudhomme, his son.

"Gary listen there is something that you have to do for me."

"Anything George, name it."

George took Kevin to a corner of the courtyard. "Listen Gary, this is very important. You have to kill someone for me. You remember the cop Starsky I told you about, how he killed someone I loved. Well Starsky has to pay for this. I already killed his girlfriend but I didn't get his partner, Ken Hutchinson. Hutchinson has to die and then the score will be settled. I want Starsky to live out the rest of his life the way I am. In pain, knowing that I killed the people he loved most in the world."

"George, I don't know. I kill girls, not boys. I'm not sure I can do it."

"Sure you can. A girl, a boy, what difference does it make? Please son, do it for me, for us. I know you can do it. Murder is a sin, and Starsky must pay for his sin. This is the way he pays." George reached into his pocket and pulled out an old newspaper clipping with a picture of Hutch. "This is him. The blond cop." He pushed the clipping into Kevin's hand. "I'm counting on you son."

Kevin nodded. "Okay, I'll do it. You can count on me."


It had been a long day and the tired detectives were just dotting their I's and crossing their T's on their daily arrest reports.

"So Starsk, when is Kathy gonna be back?"

"Day after tomorrow. The airline added a Chicago/Dallas run. But then she's home for three days. Wanna get a bite to eat after we call it?"

"Well I gotta go look at another apartment with Abby and then she is meeting her friend Donna to go look at bridesmaid's dresses. Why don't you come with me and then we can go the to the Pits for food and a few rounds of pool."

"Okay, but don't put me in the middle of any "what do you think of this apartment discussion". I'll just take the fifth."

"I won't."

They were just about to leave when Dobey stopped them.

"You two have to get over to the Terrace Apartments pronto. Victim number three is there. Found electrocuted in her bathtub."

Starsky and Hutch arrived at the apartment just as the coroner was removing the body.

"What do you got, Phyllis?" Hutch asked wearily.

"Same as the other two. Victim was bound with copper wire, placed in the bathtub in shallow water and fully clothed. Cord plugged into the socket by the sink and the other end taped against her chest. Cause of death, electrocution." She turned and left the apartment in disgust.

A young uniformed officer approached Starsky, "A co-worker found her. She didn't show up for work and didn't call in sick. Her name is Michelle Clapton, 30, 5'5", 115 lbs., long dark brown hair, blue eyes. Approximately the same age and physical description as the other two vics. I'd say you guys have a serial killer on your hands."

"Yeah, it would sure seem that way." Starsky sighed.

"Starsk come here." Hutch motioned to him to come into the bathroom.

"What do you got?"

Hutch pointed to the black ski mask lying on the floor behind the toilet. Taped to it on a white index card in large black print was the word, "EXECUTIONER". "It's the same guy Starsk. But where has he been for the passed six months?"

"I don't know. But he's back."

Hutch called Abby and told her that he wouldn't be able to look at the apartment with her. She should go ahead and look at it herself and if she really loved it to leave a security deposit. He would call her later that night.

Upon their return to the station they immediately pulled the files on the previous victims. They looked at the photos. They could have been sisters. They were killed in exactly the same manner and at each scene the killer left his calling card. They searched the files for anything that these women had in common other than their physical description and the horrible way they died. They couldn't come up with anything.

Hutch went over the statements of the neighbors of the first two victims.

"Starsk, we've got to go back to the Terrace Apartments. We have to talk to Michelle Clapton's neighbors."

"Sure, but whatcha got?"

"Well the neighbors of the first two victims stated that the power in their apartments had been fading on and off in the early hours of the mornings that the women were killed."

"Right, but you know that it takes a lot of electric to electrocute someone. The power probably faded when he was killing them."

"Yes, but the statements say that the power was fading in and out over the course of an hour. When he was electrocuting them, well that would only take a few minutes."

Starsky understood where Hutch was going with this. "So you're saying that he messed with the electric in the building, so when he knocked on the victim's door, he could say he was from the utility company checking out complaints about the fade-outs."

"Exactly. So we know this guy knows something about electric." Hutch shrugged, "I know it's a long shot."

"But it's something. Lets go pal."

Michelle Clapton's neighbors had the same story about the fade-outs. But it was a big city with hundreds of apartments and thousands of young, pretty brunette women. Finding this killer was not going to be easy.

They ran the m.o. through the computer as well as the possibility that the killer would have a working knowledge of electricity via trade school or by having worked as, or for an electrician. The computer turned up fifty possibles and seven primes. Starsky and Hutch were determined to run them all down. The detectives were aware however, that the killer might have no priors and this would all be for nothing, but they hoped they'd get lucky.


Almost two months had passed since Kevin was released from prison and he hadn't been back to see George. He was afraid, because he hadn't done what he asked yet. Today he would go. He wanted to visit with his friend.

"Gary it is so good to see you. Where have you been? I've missed you. Look at you. What's with the beard and the moustache and my God son, you need a haircut!"

"I like me this way, and besides they don't recognize me when I come in here. I sign in Gary Prudhomme."

"Of course, how else would you sign in. Now tell me, is it done?"

Kevin looked down, "Not yet, but soon. I promise."

"Please son, please. Don't let me down. I'm counting on you. Do it for me."

Kevin just nodded. They talked a little while longer. The visit lasted about fifteen minutes.

The detectives were getting frustrated. They had trouble locating a lot of the possibles and many were dead ends. They felt they were no closer to finding the killer than they were two months ago. Then he struck again. Gloria Mosca was found electrocuted in her bathtub. She was found by her fiancé.

Hutch's total devotion to the case was starting to annoy Abby. She had wedding plans to make and an apartment to decorate. She and Hutch had finally found a place. A canal house, very similar to the one he rented when they first met.

"Ken, when are we going to go furniture shopping? We can't sit on the living room floor you know." She wasn't going to hang up the phone until she had an answer from him.

"Honey, look. I just can't make it tonight. It's this case. Abby he's killed another woman."

"The case, the case. What about our plans? We need to get living room furniture and we need a dining room set." She whined.

"Abigail, did you hear what I said? He's killed another woman." Hutch was frustrated. He was starting to lose his temper. "It's not like we have no furniture, between my living room and yours we will have something to sit on!"

Starsky, who was busy with paperwork, looked up and reached over to place his hand on his partner's arm, "Easy Hutch. Take a deep breath, huh? It's not her fault."

"Ken, you said we could get new living room furniture, and we don't have a dining room set at all. I agreed we could wait on the bedroom set, but we do have a spare room you know." She was close to tears.

Hutch took a deep breath as Starsky advised and spoke in a much gentler tone, "I know Abby. You're right." He looked at his watch; it was 6:30 PM. "The store closes at nine, right? I will leave here at seven. I will pick you up and we will go furniture shopping. I love you. Bye."

Starsky smiled at his partner. "You did the right thing. You should be spending time with Abby. And I should be spending time with Kathy. Let's get out of here. Tomorrow is another day."

"Yeah another day for us Starsk, but not for Gloria Mosca." Hutch put his weary head in his hands.

"I know partner, but us not living our lives doesn't bring her or anyone else back. We'll get him. We will."

Abby and Hutch's quest for living room and dining room furniture was successful. Abby was content for now.

Hutch suggested they go to the canal house. They picked up Chinese take out and a bottle of wine. The electric was not on yet so they brought candles. It was really quite romantic. They made love on the living room floor.

Kathy and Starsky also had a very romantic evening. Their relationship was moving full steam ahead. They were in love. Starsky hadn't been this happy since, well Terry. He never thought he could ever love someone as much as he loved her. Until now, until Kathy.

Valentine's Day was a few weeks away and he wanted to do something special. What could be more special then to get married? He proposed. She of course said yes.

They decided to elope to Las Vegas. Hutch and Abby joined them. There was no way Starsky would get married without Hutch standing up for him as his best man.

Hutch and Abby spent the weekend in Las Vegas with the newlyweds. For their last night in Las Vegas, the foursome enjoyed a lovely wedding dinner. Hutch made a toast to the couple.

"Starsk and Kathy, may this day be the first of many happy days to come. May you fall in love with each other over and over again. I would like to wish you a life with no sadness or pain, but then I wouldn't be wishing you a life at all. What I do wish for you is, that your love be a shelter from the rain that will fall some days. That your love acts like a lighthouse, bringing you back to each other when you have lost your way. Most of all I wish you a love that grows stronger with time and is timeless." They clicked glasses.

"Hutch that was beautiful, I don't know how you come up with this stuff." Starsky said, his eyes glistening. Kathy nodded in agreement. She was too emotional to speak.

Mr. and Mrs. David Michael Starsky headed to New York City. Starsky wanted Kathy to meet his brother and a honeymoon in New York City was perfect. They stayed at The Waldorf, took a carriage ride through Central Park, went to museums, saw a Broadway show, and went to the tops of the Empire State Building and World Trade Center. They went ice skating in Rockefeller Center and dined at the Rainbow Room. The happy couple took the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and climbed the stairs to the crown. By the end of the week they were exhausted.


Starsky returned from his honeymoon. His body was in California, but his mind was still in New York. He was abruptly brought back to reality.

"Welcome back, partner." Hutch greeted him as he entered the squad room.

"Well Starsky, congratulations. I can see already that marriage agrees with you," Dobey said smiling.

"Yes Captain, it sure does." Starsky said as he plopped in his chair. He looked over at Hutch who was obviously distressed. "What's the matter?"

Hutch sighed, "Another one Starsk, yesterday. Thirty-one year old Janet Baum." He slid her photo across the desk to Starsky.

Both detectives were frustrated. They had run down almost all of the possibles and all the primes they had gotten from the computer, but still didn't have the killer. They needed a break. Hutch's phone rang and they got more than they could've ever hoped for.

Hutch answered his phone, "Hutchinson."

"Is this Detective Hutchinson?"

"Yes. How can I help you?"

"It's me Detective Hutchinson. Executioner."

Hutch couldn't believe his ears. It had to be him because that information was not public knowledge.

"Yes. What do you want?" Hutch motioned to Starsky to pick up the phone.

"I'm ready to turn myself in, but only to you. You come alone to 113 Merchamer Street. Or number six dies."

Kevin put the phone to his captive's mouth and told her to speak. "Help me. He's crazy. Help." The woman's voice sounded frightened and desperate. Then she let out an anguished scream.

"Miss, miss! Are you alright?" Hutch yelled into the receiver.

"Alone, Detective Hutchinson or she dies. I will surrender to you and only you. You have half and hour, I expect you at 11:00 PM sharp." Kevin hung up the phone.

Hutch grabbed his jacket and headed for the door. Starsky was right behind him. Dobey had heard the last part of the phone call and called after them, "Where do you two think you are going! This man is a killer. You guys are taking backup!"

"Captain, he says he will kill her if I don't come alone. He says he is ready to surrender. There must be a reason he called me. Maybe I can reach him." Hutch tried to reason to Dobey.

"Yeah maybe he wants to kill you!"

"Captain, he kills similar women with the same m.o. each time. He is a textbook serial killer. There is no reason to think he would try to kill me."

"He's a killer period Hutchinson. No way."

Starsky spoke up, "Captain, Hutch is right and I'll be with him."

"Unfortunately Starsky, that does little to make me feel good about the situation. Now both of you just forget about going alone. Starsky what is the address?"

Starsky looked at Hutch.

"Come on Starsky, the address!" Dobey demanded.

Hutch looked at Starsky and said, "Well partner, the Captain asked you for the address, give it to him."

"Right. 311 Merchamer Street."


Kevin Sullivan was energized by his last execution. He felt he was ready to do what George had asked of him.

Kevin put the finishing touches on the trap he set for Hutch. He wired the handrail to the basement with enough electric to kill an elephant. He ran copper wire on the stairs and down to the floor. The plan was foolproof. Hutch would go down the stairs to the basement to get to the girl. There would only be four stairs though, the rest of the stairs were missing, but Hutch wouldn't be able to see that in the dark. Kevin could see the scene in his head. To prevent himself from falling, Hutch would grab the railing and to complete the circuit he would grab the fourth stair (the last one before the void) with his other hand and in minutes the blond cop would be fried.

"What's your name?" Kevin asked the terrified woman.

"Carolyn. Please, please don't kill me."

"Don't worry Carolyn, I won't. You are not like the others." Kevin said while stroking the long blond hair.

Starsky and Hutch arrived at the house at 10:50. They walked around the outside of the house. The house was dark inside. They took note that there was only a front and rear entrance to the small ranch house and that there were four basement windows.

Once inside the house, the pair quickly checked out the four rooms. No one was there. They tried to turn the lights on but quickly realized there were no bulbs in any of the fixtures. Hutch noticed the basement door was open. He walked over to it and called down the stairs.

"Anyone here?"

"Hutchinson?" Kevin yelled back.


"I'm down here with Carolyn. Carolyn say hello to Detective Hutchinson."

"Hello," She said nervously.

"Are you all right Carolyn?" Hutch called back.


"She's just fine, and she will stay that way. You just come down here. I'm ready to turn myself in." Kevin baited.

"Why don't you come up here? And can we get some lights on?" Hutch asked.

"No, we do it my way. You come and get me. There is a light down here, by Carolyn and me."

Hutch could see the faint glow of a nightlight in the far corner of the basement.

"Are you coming Detective or is she number six?"

Hutch turned to Starsky, took a deep breath and said. "I guess this is it."

"I'll wait here, until you are down," Starsky said in a low voice.

"I'm coming down now." Hutch yelled down into the basement.

Hutch slowly made his way down the basement stairs, holding his gun in front of him with two hands. First step, second, third, fourth, then none. Hutch grabbed the railing with his right hand to stop himself from falling and threw his arm on the fourth stair, his gun still in his hand and immediately the current surged through his body. Just as Kevin had imagined.

Starsky saw Hutch's body constrict and screamed his name. Fortunately, Hutch could not hold on to the railing, because his dangling body was too heavy. So with his grip gone, he continued falling, landing on the concrete basement floor. Kevin did not imagine this scenario. But he was already gone, having climbed out of the rear basement window and disappearing into the night.

Starsky quickly assessed the situation and knew he had to get to Hutch immediately. He carefully went down the stairs. When they ended, he jumped down next to Hutch. He knelt beside the lifeless body. Hutch wasn't breathing.

He began CPR. Three chest compressions, then mouth to mouth resuscitation. Repeat. "Come on Hutch. Breath, breath, you're not dying on me. No way, partner. Come on Hutch, breath."

Three chest compression, then mouth to mouth resuscitation. Repeat. Starsky administered CPR for what seemed like and eternity. Finally, Hutch was breathing. He had weak pulse, but he had a pulse. He was still unconscious. With only the dim nightlight for light, he examined Hutch. He was horrified to see the blood that had pooled behind his head. Hutch's head had slammed against the edge of one of the stairs as he fell. Starsky carefully pried the gun out of his hand. Both of his hands were badly burned, as was his left forearm. The burns reminded Starsky of the time Hutch's trunk blew up, and burned his hand.

Hutch needed to be in a hospital. Starsky untied Carolyn. She was unharmed. He told her to stay put. He climbed out the same basement window Kevin had, and went to the car to call an ambulance and for police assistance. He got a flashlight from the trunk of the Torino. Then he called the electric company to have the power shut off to the house. The paramedics would have to lift Hutch up those stairs to get him out of the basement.

Dobey was fuming. He and two back-up units were obviously at the wrong location. Starsky and Hutchinson were going to be reprimanded for this. Then he received the call to go to 113 Merchamer Street, which was just a couple of blocks away.

Dobey and the other officers arrived at the house in a minute. The paramedics arrived a few minutes later.

"Starsky, what happened?" Dobey yelled down into the basement.

"It was a trap Captain. Hutch is badly injured. He was electrocuted. The stairs were rigged."

"Starsky, you should have had back-up!"

"Captain, it wouldn't have made a difference, Hutch still would've been the one going down the stairs."

Dobey didn't respond, this was no time to argue.

Starsky helped the paramedics get Hutch out of the basement. He rode with him in the ambulance to the hospital.

Dobey and two other detectives searched the house. They came up empty except for the executioner's calling card. They found the black ski mask next to the chair that Carolyn had been tied to. There was only one difference this time. Written in black on the index card taped to the mask was the name GEORGE.


Starsky was walking in circles in the small waiting area. Kathy was sitting with Abby who was extremely distraught.

Dobey arrived. "How's Hutch?" The worry was clearly evident in his voice.

"He's still in surgery. The head injury is serious. Add that to being electrocuted and having gone into cardiac arrest. Captain he could be in a coma, have kidney failure." Starsky pounded his fist into the wall.

"Calm down Starsky."

Starsky stepped into cop mode. "Did you find anything at the scene?"

Dobey was hesitant to tell Starsky about the ski mask. "Well no Starsky nothing really."

Starsky picked up on his hesitation. "What is it Captain, what do you got?"

"The killer left a ski mask next to the chair that the girl was tied to."

"He always leaves that." Starsky knew Dobey was holding back. "Come on Captain, out with it!"

Dobey swallowed hard, "Well, he didn't write executioner this time, he wrote George."

Starsky's face went white.

Dobey continued, "I know what you are thinking and I called San Quentin. Prudhomme is there, Starsky."

"He may be there, but he knows who is doing the killing and he knows him well enough to have him try to kill Hutch."

Dobey knew Starsky's next move. "I'll call San Quentin and tell them to expect you tomorrow morning to talk to Prudhomme."

The doctor entered the waiting area and Starsky immediately went up to him. "I'm Sgt. Hutchinson's partner, Dave Starsky." He turned and looked at Abby. "And this is his fiancée Abby Crabtree."

The doctor motioned for Starsky to sit down, which he did, beside Abby.

"Well the surgery was successful in that we were able to relieve the pressure on his brain. His kidney function is normal. He has second and third degree burns on his hands and left forearm." The doctor paused then added, "And unfortunately, he is in a coma."

Abby began to sob.

"Doc, do you know when he'll come out of it?" Starsky asked.

"We cannot predict when someone will come out of a coma, it could be hours, days, weeks, but the longer it lasts, the less likely it is that he will come out of it. I'm sorry there is nothing more I can tell you. I'm afraid it's a waiting game now."

"When can we see him?" Starsky said trying to keep his composure.

The doctor was going to tell Starsky to come back in the morning but he knew that Starsky wouldn't accept that. "Give the nurses about a half an hour to get him into a room."

"Fine. Thanks Doc."

Starsky turned to Abby, "Hear that, we can go see him in a half an hour."

"You can go see him, I'm leaving. I can't do this, I can't, I can't. God forgive me but I just can't!" Abby said through her tears.

Starsky looked at her in disbelief. "What do you mean you're leaving and you can't do this!"

She looked away from him and rose from the chair. "Kathy, are you going to take me home or do I have to call a cab?"

"Of course, but you are coming home with me. You shouldn't be alone."

"Okay Kathy." Abby took the engagement ring off her finger and handed it to Starsky. "You give this to him. I'm sorry. I really thought I could, but I can't."

Starsky was incredulous. "You're kidding me right? What the hell do you think you're doing lady? Hutch loves you. He wants to marry you. You think you can just walk out like this, because you can't handle it. What about him!"

Abby cried harder. "You just don't understand."

Before Starsky could say anything more, Kathy spoke up. "Look this is tough on all of us. Things tend to look a lot better in the morning." She looked at her husband. "Take it easy. Everyone deals with difficult situations differently." She put her arm around Abby. "Come on Abby, we're going home, I going to put you into bed. You are exhausted."

Starsky tried to give the ring back to Abby but she refused to take it. Kathy told him not to push it. They kissed and Starsky told her that he would be home after he saw Hutch.

Starsky walked into Hutch's room and starting talking about anything and everything. He even shook him as if that was going to wake him up. Then he pleaded with him to wake up. After about two hours of this, Starsky fell asleep in a chair. The morning sun streaming through the window woke him up. When he left, he told the nurses to call him as soon as Hutch woke up. He was certain he would get a call by the end of the day.


Starsky finally got home at eight thirty in the morning. Kathy was sitting at he kitchen table with Abby. Kathy left Abby in the kitchen and joined her husband in the living room.

"Oh baby, you're exhausted. You should go right to bed."

"No, no. I caught a few Z's in Hutch's room. I just came home to shower and shave. I have to go up to San Quentin. I have to talk to an inmate that may know who is responsible for the murders."

"Sure. While you're in the shower I'll fix you some breakfast. You've gotta eat."

Starsky was too tired to argue. "All right, just make it an egg sandwich so I can eat it on the way. And a cup of black coffee, please. Oh Kath, any change with Abby this morning? She's come to her senses right?"

Kathy shook her head. "She still feels the same way she did last night. I tried to talk to her, but I didn't get anywhere."

Starsky didn't say a word he just turned and headed for the shower.

"Smells delicious sweetheart." Starsky said as he walked into the kitchen. Abby was still seated at the table but didn't acknowledge him.

He kissed his wife goodbye, picked up his sandwich and coffee and was about to leave, when he paused and took the engagement ring out of his pocket and placed it on the table in front of Abby.

She spoke without looking up at him. "Dave I told you, I can't. Why can't you understand that?"

Starsky sat across from her at the table. "Look Abby, I don't understand how you can say you love Hutch and you want to marry him but when something bad goes down, you're gone. But I will tell you this. I am not going to be the one to tell him that you can't marry him. I am not even going to be there to distract him for you so you can make a quick exit. Not this time. You're on your own. You want to end it? You end it. Count me out. When Hutch needs me, he'll call me and I will be there for him."

Starsky got up from the table. Kathy walked with him to the front door.

"I'll call you later. I don't know exactly how long I'll be. And then I'm going to swing by the hospital to check on Hutch." He hesitated, afraid to ask the question. "Kath, do you regret marrying me?"

She put her arms around his neck and kissed him softly on the lips. "Never, not for one second. Now get out of here. You do what you gotta do. I'll be here when you get back."


Starsky was pacing the interrogation room. He had taken off his wedding ring. He definitely didn't want Prudhomme to know he was married.

Finally a guard brought Prudhomme into the room. As soon as he saw Starsky, he knew that the job was done. Starsky told the guard to wait outside.

"Starsky. To what do I owe this visit?"

"Can it Prudhomme! You know exactly why I am here. I want answers now!"

"Just call us even Starsky. You're partner is dead." Prudhomme said smugly.

Starsky grabbed him out of the chair and pushed him up against the wall.

"I want to know who he is. I want his name and where he lives."

"I'm not going to tell you. I won't let you hurt my son again. I killed Hutchinson. That's all you need to know."

Starsky walked away from him. Prudhomme started to head for the door when Starsky grabbed him again and threw him with great force against the wall. He leaned his forearm into his throat.

"Tell me you bastard. Tell me what I want to know or I will kill you here and now!" Starsky pressed his arm into Prudhomme's neck.

Prudhomme gasped, "Never tell. I want to die."

The guard looked through the window in the door and saw what was going on. He ran in. "Sergeant. Stop!"

Starsky was so blinded by rage he didn't hear him. The guard grabbed Starsky's arm. "Sergeant, don't. You don't want to become him."

Starsky came to his senses. He let Prudhomme go.

Prudhomme coughed and then taunted Starsky. "That's the problem with you Starsky, you got no nerve. Never did. If you killed me when you had the chance, your tramp girl would still be alive. Then you had another chance to kill me and you didn't have the nerve. Now your partner is dead."

"Get him out of here."

George knew he had to get a message to his "son" to lay low. He had one of the inmates contact him. He knew they would be monitoring his calls.

Starsky talked with the warden. He wanted to know if Prudhomme ever had any visitors.

The warden showed Starsky the visitor's log.

"See the only visitor he's had is his son." The warden pointed to the signature that read Gary Prudhomme.

"Warden, his son is dead!" Starsky was livid.

"I, I don't understand? Dead, are you sure?"

"Yes. He blames me for his death. Don't you guys check out visitors?"

"Sergeant we have over a thousand inmates and hundreds of visitors."

"I want a picture of this guy."

"No problem. We have video cameras in all the visiting rooms. I can have it for you by tomorrow."

"I want it today."

"Sergeant there are hours and hours of tape to go through. According to the log, this man was here almost two months ago. The soonest I can have it for you is tomorrow morning. I will send it by messenger to you. That is the best I can do."

Starsky was not happy but he had to accept it. "Fine tomorrow morning."

The weary detective left the prison feeling that he had accomplished nothing. He headed for the hospital. Hopefully Hutch was awake.

As Starsky walked down the hall to Hutch's room, he saw Huggy leaving the room.

"Hey Huggy."

"Starsky. How's it going?"

"Not good Hug. You had a visit with Hutch?"

"Well uh, I guess you could call it that. I talked. Blondie listened."

Starsky was not happy to hear that and it showed.

"Give it a little time Starsky. Hutch will wake up soon."

"Yeah. You got anything at all for me Huggy? Any word on who the Executioner might be?"

"No, sorry bro. You know I'll call you the second I hear anything."

Starsky sat by Hutch's bedside and started talking. Mostly about the case this time and how Prudhomme knew the killer. He really wished Hutch would wake up. He needed his input on this case.

A nurse came in to change the dressing on Hutch's burned hands and forearm. The hand that had grabbed the railing was burned worse than the other hand. The nurse noticed the pained expression on Starsky's face when she changed the bandages. She tried to assure him that the burns would heal in time.

Starsky stayed with Hutch a couple of hours. He wanted to stay longer but he knew Hutch would want him working on the case. He dragged himself into the squad room and starting looking over the files of the possible suspects, he had yet to talk to, for the umpteenth time. Dobey was not happy to see him.

"Starsky go home and go to bed." Dobey ordered. "You have been up over twenty-four hours. You are no good to anyone in this condition."

Starsky tried to protest, "Captain there are still a lot of possibles I haven't talked to yet."

"Starsky I will have Simmons and Babcock run them down. You are not the only capable detective in this department you know."

Starsky knew Dobey was right. He would go home and get some sleep.


Starsky came home and crashed. He told Kathy not to let him sleep to long. He just needed a nap. He told her to wake him up in four hours, she insisted on eight. They compromised on six.

When he awoke she had dinner ready for him. He looked around the apartment and saw Abby was gone.

"Where's Abby?" Starsky said through a yawn.

"She went back to her place."

"The airline called. They want me to work tomorrow. I told them I would get back to them." Kathy hedged.

"Kathy go. You have already drastically reduced your hours. If you don't go in, they'll probably fire you and you know you don't want that."

"Do you really think this is a good time for me to leave?"

"Honey, it's your job and it is just as important as mine. There is nothing for you to do here. I am going to be working my tail off till we catch this guy. There is no reason for you to be sitting home waiting. Go. You'll be back, in what two or three days?"

"Four." She replied.

"Okay four. I'll miss you, but I'll be here when you get back."

She smiled at the irony of him telling her the same thing she had told him this morning.

Abby had left work early. She couldn't concentrate on her job anyway. She cleaned out a closet. Mopped all the floors. Reorganized her kitchen cabinets. And in between cried her eyes out. She had cried herself to sleep on the couch when she heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?"

"Abby, it's Edith Dobey. I thought maybe you'd like to talk."

"One minute, I'll be right there." Abby splashed some water on her face and then answered the door.

"Come in Edith. So nice of you to stop by."

"How are you doing Abby? I know how hard it is when the man you love is hurt."

"Yeah. It sure is."

"Let me be honest with you Abby. Kathy called me and told me how you were feeling. How you wanted to end your relationship with Ken."

"That's right Edith. I just can't live like this. Wondering and worrying that every time he leaves to go to work, I'll never see him again. That some sicko that he busted will come back and wreak havoc on our lives."

"I know exactly how you feel. I have been a cop's wife for twenty-two years now. Not a day goes by that I don't worry that he won't be coming home. And we had a sicko come back and wreak havoc on our lives. It is very hard being married to a cop."

"Yes it is. I don't think I am cut out to be a cop's wife."

"Yes it takes a certain type of person to be married to a cop. The type of person that can love her husband with her whole heart and soul."

"I love Ken. I love him with my whole heart and soul! That's why I can't be married to him. I afraid I'm going to lose him."

"So what you are telling me is that you are willing to let fear stop you from being with the man you love?"

"Yes, yes." Abby started to sob.

Edith sat her down on the couch and sat next to her, putting a comforting arm around her.

"Well it seems you have made up your mind, but let me just say one last thing. None of us know how much time we have. So I hate to see you throw away even one second of the time that you could be with Ken, loving him, because you are afraid you are going to lose him. Abby, you walk away now and you lose him forever. You stay, and you will most likely spend the rest of your life with him."

"I just don't know."

"You don't have to know right this minute. I do think you should get yourself over to that hospital though. I think if you see him, it will make your decision a lot easier."


After dinner, Starsky headed back to the station. Babcock and Simmons had run down a few more of the possibles but they washed out. After an hour of staring at the same files over and over, he decided to try and find a few more suspects.

He headed over to The Pits. Hopefully Huggy could point him in the direction of these few elusive guys. When he walked in, he noticed that the place was darker than usual. Half the lights were out.

"Hey Hug. What's the matter with the lights?" Trying to cut down your electric bill?" Starsky smirked.

"Nah, the breaker keeps tripping out. I got a call into an electrician. Don't even want to know what he's gonna charge me for an after hours call. But cannot conduct business in the dark."

"Yeah. You know Hug, I hear electricians charge more an hour than doctors."

"Sure. Tell me about it."

"Huggy, can you give me a line on any of these guys?" Starsky showed Huggy the pictures.

"This one, Ramon Ramirez. Last time I heard he was working as a bouncer at the Mellow Yellow."

The electrician arrived. Huggy directed him to the basement where the electrical panel was located. Starsky commented on how young he looked. A real baby face. Boy Scout, with the short haircut. The baby-faced electrician was done in about fifteen minutes.

"That was fast man. But you got the job done. And the electrician said, let there be light." Huggy joked. "So how much do I owe you for fifteen minutes."

"Well sir, my boss will send you a bill. But you will be charged for a service call. Even though I was only here fifteen minutes you get charged for the hour."

"Wow, am I ever in the wrong business." Starsky chuckled.

"Well sir, I'm just the hired help. I'll get paid for fifteen minutes." He joked back.

"What's your name?" Huggy asked. "I need to know it so I can tell your boss what a great job you did."

"Kevin Sullivan, sir. But most people call me Sully."

"Well nice to meet you Sully. And enough with the sir, just call me Huggy Bear." Huggy shook his hand. "You are officially the house electrician."

"I'm Starsky." Starsky said and shook his hand. "Nice to meet you too."

"Same here, well good night guys." And with that Kevin left. He couldn't wait to tell George he had met Starsky. But it would have to wait for now.

Starsky talked to Ramirez at the Mellow Yellow and was satisfied that he wasn't the killer. It was late. He was anxious to get home, but he had to stop by the hospital and see Hutch. Even if Hutch didn't know he was there, it made him feel better.

The good looking cop managed to charm his way up to Hutch's room. He stayed for an hour. Talking. He started to worry though, what happens when Hutch wakes up and asks where Abby is? What would he tell him? He didn't like to lie to Hutch. He didn't want to think about how devastated the blonde would be. Starsky would cross that bridge when he came to it and Abby would cross it with him.

Starsky came home to the waiting arms of his loving wife. They made love. By 6:00 AM, Kathy was on her way to the airport.

The picture the warden had promised was on Starsky's desk by 8:00 AM. The guy had long scraggly hair, a bushy beard and moustache. He looked like Neanderthal man. Starsky had copies of the picture made and distributed them to every precinct.

By the week's end, Starsky finally had every possible accounted for. They all washed out. There were still no sightings of Neanderthal man either.

Starsky decided to have lunch with his partner. He was surprised but very happy to see Abby sitting by her fiancé's bedside. When Starsky came in, she got up to leave.

"Please, don't leave on my account."

"Oh no. I have to get back to work. I just came by to have lunch with him." She noticed the bag from Milton's Diner that Starsky was carrying. "I guess you had the same idea."

"Yeah. Any change?" Starsky asked.

"With me or his condition?" Abby countered.

"Well his condition, but since you brought it up, what about you?"

"His condition is the same. I just hope he wakes up in time for the wedding."

Starsky was thrilled to hear her say that. "I am sure he will. Abby I am so glad you reconsidered. But are you sure you can go through with it."

"Very sure. I don't want to live without him. Let's just say I wasn't myself for a few days. Dave, you won't say anything to him, will you?"

"What's to say? Like you said, you weren't yourself."

She kissed Hutch on the lips. "Darn, I was hoping the kiss would wake Sleeping Beauty."

"Any day now." Starsky tried to sound convincing.

She kissed him on the cheek and left.

Starsky was beginning to get very worried about his partner's condition. Hutch had been in a coma for three weeks. That was three weeks longer than Starsky had expected. A physical therapist showed Abby and Starsky exercises to maintain muscle strength in Hutch's arms and legs and to prevent the muscles from tightening. Starsky wanted his partner awake now. It was time to give Hutch a stern talking too.

"Listen buddy enough is enough. It's time to wake up. You have had enough beauty sleep to last you a lifetime." Starsky shook him. "I mean it now, wake up, wake up. Wake up Hutch!"

Hutch's eyes opened. He looked at Starsky who screamed, "You're awake!"

"Of course I'm awake dummy. Weren't you the one who was just yelling for me to wake up? So now I'm awake."

"Hutch you have been in a coma for three weeks. Do you remember what happened to you?

"Yeah, I remember going down the basement stairs and then nothing."

"Well buddy you were electrocuted and went into cardiac arrest. You also sustained a severe blow to your head. This combination of things is what the doc says put you into a coma."

"Electrocuted hmm, shocking." Hutch deadpanned.

"Hardy Ha Ha. So you're a comedian now huh pal?"

"Where's Abby?"

"She had to go back to work."

"You don't look too good Starsk."

"I'm a lot better now partner then I was ten minutes ago. I think I'd better go get a doctor to check you out. Be right back."

The doctor came in and examined Hutch. He was very pleased. Hutch's burns were healing nicely. His biggest obstacle would be regaining muscle strength in his arms and legs.

Starsky ate his lunch and he and Hutch talked about the stalled investigation.

"You know Hutch, we ran down all the possibles and zip."

"Starsky, we knew it was possible the guy had no priors."

"But then how would he know Prudhomme? He would have to have been in prison with him at some point. Right?"

Hutch nodded in agreement.

Starsky continued, "The first murder occurred, man it will be a year the end of the month. Then the second one was in May. Then we know he took a break and struck again in November. I ran a list of everyone that had been in San Quentin up until last March that fit our criteria of the killer. Nothing partner." Starsky rubbed his eyes. "We're missing something Hutch I know it. Murders in March, May, November, January and February." Starsky was trying to find a pattern.

"Starsk, he was in prison alright, for six months between May and November. That's why the murders stopped and that's when he met Prudhomme."

"That's it buddy. It was staring me right in the face. You got it! I knew that if we brainstormed we'd figure it out."

"Glad I could be of assistance."

"So am I partner, so am I."

Starsky immediately picked up the phone and called Dobey. "Captain I need the files pulled of everyone that was in San Quentin from May to November of last year. I'll be there shortly."


The files were on Starsky's desk when he arrived back at the station. He was expecting to find Neanderthal man. Instead he found the baby-faced electrician, Kevin Sullivan. He called Huggy and got the number of the electrical contractor. The contractor gave Starsky Kevin's address.

Dobey went to the DA for a search warrant. Judge Halperin signed it without hesitation.

Starsky and two other officers arrived at Kevin's apartment. Unfortunately he wasn't there. But they found all the evidence they needed. There was copper wire, ski masks, index cards with executioner written on them. Pictures of the victims, their addresses and on a calendar all the dates of the murders circled and with "execution of (the name of the victim)" written next to the date. Starsky also found what was obviously a family photo album. He found a picture of Kevin's mother. She looked just like the victims. Starsky told the officers to collect everything and mark it as evidence.

Starsky had all the evidence he needed. But he still didn't have Kevin.

Kevin was out looking for his next victim. He would find them at various places, supermarkets, banks, the post office, and bus stops. Then he would follow them. For weeks if that's how long it took, until he knew every move they made. This night he came up empty. He headed home.

Starsky waited in Kevin's apartment in the dark. Kevin entered and flipped the light switch but the light didn't come on. He walked over and tried a lamp. That wouldn't come on either. He heard the door slam.

"Maybe you should call an electrician, Sully." Starsky shone a flashlight in his face. Kevin froze like a deer caught in the headlights.

"You are under arrest." Starsky pushed him up against a wall, patted him down, cuffed him and read him his rights.

Kevin wept, "She was a tramp, never trust a beautiful woman. An adulterer, that is a sin against God. God told me to be judge, jury and executioner because she sinned against Him!" Kevin let out a deep anguished moan. "I had to kill them, they were just like her."

Starsky led him out of the apartment.

"George is going to be mad you know. He won't like this."

"No Sully, George will be happy to see you."

"My name is not Sully, it's Gary. Gary Prudhomme."

"Sure, whatever you say."

Kevin Sullivan pleaded guilty on all counts. He was sentence to life in prison without parole.


On June 28th Hutch danced and danced and danced with his new wife and quite well too.

Hutch took a break from dancing and collapsed in a chair next to Starsky who was gleefully devouring his fifth plate of food.

"You know Hutch, this Norwegian smorgasbord ain't bad. I never thought I'd say it, but I like pate and the reindeer is great."

"Oh you like the reindeer huh Starsk. I guess Santa better keep Donder and Blitzkrieg away from your house this year." Hutch laughed.

Dobey approached them. "Starsky, Hutchinson. Great wedding Hutchinson. The food is delicious. I especially like the Norwegian chicken."

"Norwegian chicken, Captain? I think you are referring to the reindeer." Hutch informed him.

"Reindeer, as in Rudolph?" Dobey looked like he was going to be sick.

"Yes sir." Starsky confirmed.

Huggy came over with a bottle of champagne and four glasses. "Well gentlemen, time for a toast. Starsky you're on."

"Huh?" Starsky said confused.

"Starsky, the best man always makes a toast." Huggy reminded him.

"Oh yeah right."

Hutch went over to sit by Abby.

Starsky grabbed Huggy, "Huggy, why didn't you remind me? I didn't prepare anything."

"Starsky just say what comes naturally. You'll do fine."

Starsky walked up to the microphone on the bandstand.

"Everyone knows that Hutch and I have been partners for eight years. Hutch is my best friend. I don't know if many of you know that Abby was supposed to be my date. But Hutch intercepted her and well the rest is, as they say, history. Hutch and Abby are a match made in heaven. I love him and today am I thrilled to toast his marriage to this wonderful and beautiful lady, Abigail. To Hutch and Abby, I hope you have a long and wonderful life together. I hope that your love grows stronger every day and when life isn't kind, you will have more than enough love and happiness to carry you through. Remember today is just the first of many happy days to come because the best is yet to be. I love you both."

With that said Starsky walked over to his wife and took her by the hand and joined Hutch and Abby and the foursome clicked glasses.

The rest of the guests clicked their glasses and said a resounding, "Here, here!"