Writing Assignment # 2 This was written as a challenge to write a story from a Beatles Song. Comments can be sent to: Pegasus42179@hotmail.com

Babe, You Can Drive My Car!

Hutch was smiling to himself as he stood over the unconscious perp thinking, No use reading rights to this guy for a while. Just then the sound of squealing tires, as they came to a halt at the end of the alley, brought him out of his thoughts and a frown started to appear on his face. How do I tell Starsky about his car?

Earlier in the evening as they where leaving work, Hutch had been headed out on a date with a new lady, when his car wouldn't start. As he had sat frowning at the wheel a familiar voice had said, "Hey, Babe, you can drive my car."

To say Hutch was surprised was an understatement, but as he looked at his watch and realized he would be late if he didn't get moving, he said, "Thanks, Buddy, I owe you one."

"You owe me more than one!" was the response. "I'll get this bucket of bolts started and we can trade back tomorrow, sometime. And you owe me a big one! You get to pick up your new lady in style."

Hutch rolled his eyes in response but only said, "Thanks, I'll call you tomorrow when I get up." Smiling at Starsky as he drove away. He had not fallen into Starsky's trap to pick on him about his car this time.

Starsky watched Hutch drive away thinking, I hope she knows how lucky she is. You have been so excited all day about this date. I only hope she is worth it.' As Hutch and his car turned the corner out of site, Starsky shook his head and stared at the LTD talking to it as if it could respond, "Now what is wrong with you?" He popped the hood and looked for something loose.

Hutch had only driven a few blocks when all hell broke loose. He was crossing the last big intersection before entering the small community where his date lived, when a bright red Mustang with a white rose on its side ran the red light and hit Starsky's car.

The Mustang clipped the rear end of the Torino causing it to spin a 360.

"What the...!" Was all Hutch got out as he fought to get the car back under control. Once the car had stopped its spin, he grabbed the mike and called for back up as he started pursuit of the Mustang.

The Mustang had only gone a few feet when it started to steam. Hutch hadn't even had time to put the light out yet. Hutch, smiled to himself, knowing the suspect needed to find new transportation; he was as good as caught.

As Hutch watched, the car pulled up in front of a flower shop, the door flew open and a figure ran into the shop.

Hutch slid the Torino to a stop to follow the suspect; he thought to himself as he got out in pursuit, Even when Starsky isn't driving the Torino, it still tries to kill me and why is it always flower shops lately?

Hutch heard the sounds of sirens in the distance as he followed the suspect into the flower shop. When he opened the door, a bullet splintered the doorsill next to his head, so he ducked and rolled behind the counter, where a wide-eyed sales girl greeted him. Hutch showed her his badge as he pulled his gun and yelled, "Police. You are under arrest; give your self up. It will go easier on you."

In response a male voice was heard to say, "OH, shit, it's a cop." Followed by the sounds of retreating feet.

Hutch started to rise slowly to pear over the counter, when the sales girl said, "I think he is trying to go out the back door."

"Ok, you stay down. Police are on the way; stay put and tell them I went out the back door in pursuit." Hutch patted her shoulder and gave her a grin before he left her to follow the perp.

As he entered the back of the shop, he heard a loud bang and raced to the open back door. He slowed just before he exited the shop; he peeked out to see if he could see anyone in the alley. He couldn't see anyone. He looked up and down the alley twice before he noticed the pair of legs next to the dumpsite and the open lid. He looked around once more before he exited the shop and moved over to the fallen man.

Could this be his perp? He was out cold! What happened? was running through his head as he moved slowly out of the shop.

Once outside, what had happen was self evident, with the lid of the dumpster open there was not enough room to get down the steps without running into it. So in his haste to get away, the suspect had ran into the dumpster lid and knocked himself out! That was the bang he had heard from inside the shop.

As loud as the sound had been Hutch figured the man would be out for a good while and have one very large headache when he did wake up.

Hutch move forward to check the man's pulse and secure the gun; it was still warm.

Internal affairs would be happy. He was starting to chuckle. They couldn't say I used unnecessary force to subdue this guy. What a strange idea: happiness is a warm gun.

Hutch was smiling to himself as he stood over the man. No use reading rights to this guy for a while.

Just then the sound of squealing tires as they came to a halt at the end of the alley, brought him out of his thoughts and a frown started to appear on his face. Now, how do I tell Starsky about his car?

The End