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This is just for giggles. I couldn't resist. This conversation between the guys shouldn't really be called a missing scene, but it does follow Starsky and Hutch Are Guilty.

Obligatory disclaimer: This story is written for entertainment purposes only. No profit is being made from it. No infringement on anyone's copyrights is intended.

Chase, Spin, Repeat
Sue David

After they finished booking the two guys who were running around their beat making them look bad, Starsky and Hutch decided to go down to Huggy's for dinner. They were sitting in the back waiting for their food when Starsky noticed a troubled look on Hutch's face.

"Somethin' wrong, Blondie?"


"Looks like it to me."

"Well, I was just trying to remember something."


Hutch thought for a few seconds, taking a sip of his beer while he reflected.

"I think I noticed something today that I wasn't supposed to notice."

This sounded pretty heavy. He had Starsky's full attention.

"Oh yeah? What do you think it was?"

"Starsk, have you ever noticed how often we see the same cars on the road?"

"Not really, why?"

"Well, you are usually driving so maybe you've just never noticed."

"Noticed what? I don't get it."

"Today is a perfect example. When we were chasin' the bad guys, we passed the same ten or fifteen cars several times. Kinda felt like we were in a time loop or something."

"Maybe we were just driving in circles."

"Maybe. You would think the bad guys would want to get away from us chasin' them though. Hard to do that when you're just driving around and around the same few blocks."

"Hey, come to think of it, we did almost run into that black '63 Chevy twice."

This was a pretty creepy conversation. Starsky had goosebumps and Hutch looked uncomfortable.

"Starsk, I think it's not just today either. I've noticed it a lot, but I never really thought about it much until today. Musta' been that Chevy, not to mention the Torino twin. Now I can think of several cars that we see everywhere. In parking lots, on the streets, driving by, sitting in front of restaurants where we eat, oh just everywhere. I've seen them at the airport, by the docks, here near Huggy's, all over the place."

"What cars?"

"For example, an off-white VW bug, maroon sedan with a dark top, that black '63 Chevy, a green MG, two VW Busses, one is all white and the other one is turquoise on the bottom and white on the top, lime green sedan with a light vinyl top, kinda looks like Dobey's car, yellow Mercedes convertible, oh and there's a big Ford station wagon with that icky fake wood paneling on it. I know there are more, shall I continue?"

"Geez, Hutch. I think you might be right. What do you suppose it means? This is a pretty big town for all of that to be a coincidence. Funny how we never noticed before now."

Hutch took another sip of his beer. "Like I said, Starsky, for some reason I think we are not supposed to notice."

Yep, heavy thought.

They sat in troubled silence for a few minutes. Finally, Starsky broke the quiet by saying, "Hey. Another thing. Ever notice how many people in Bay City look alike?"

Hutch looked a little stunned at the question. He started to reply, "Uh, well, uh..."

Then he shook his head and put one finger up in the air and continued, "Don't!"

"But, Hutch, you started it, I just thought..."

"Nope. Don't. I think we'd better drop it while we're ahead."

They looked at each other wondering what to do next. Starsky knew what he wanted to do. At the same time, they said, "Hey, Huggy, can we get a couple of shots of tequila back here?"

The End