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Chapter 3

"A Starsky and Hutch Reunion"
Teri Colosimo 

Chapter 4


Trini and Hutch were finishing breakfast when the phone rang. Hutch was already rising so he grabbed it. "Hello?" He frowned a little, confused. "Kat? no..."

Quickly, Trini motioned for the phone.

"Uh, I guess she is here, hold on."

He handed her the phone, and she covered the mouthpiece tightly. "I'll explain." Then a quick, "This is Kat. Yeah. Well, is it more money? Uh-huh. O.K. Yeah, yeah, I'll be right there." Trini hung up, and smiled at Hutch.

Hutch had already figured it out. "Sorry, I didn't think about your cover..."

"Stop always apologizing, Ken. You're only human, and there was no harm done." She turned and grabbed her purse to go. "I got offered an extra job at the club--singing one song, but it's something."

"You sing? You are a constant amazement," Hutch laughed.

"Yeah, well, you haven't heard me yet. Don't get amazed too quickly. Anyhow, I'll call Metro on my cell phone, and meet you two back here as soon as I can." Stopping at the door she turned to get her keys off the hook, then froze. "Shit! I have to take a cab, again. I've got a black and white downstairs, and my uncle still has mine." She turned back to look at Hutch. "If he shows up without my car again, kill him."

The sound of Hutch's laughter followed her out the door.

Starsky showed up about twenties minutes later. Letting himself into Trini's apartment, he saw Hutch at the kitchen sink washing dishes. Quietly, Starsky snuck up behind Hutch. Starsky leaned over to get close to Hutch's ear. "Hey, pal."

Hutch dropped the silverware he'd been rinsing, and smacked Starsky in the face with his washcloth. "Hey, asshole," Hutch answered.

Laughing and wiping his face with a dishtowel, Starsky made a clucking sound at Hutch. "Little henpecked, buddy?"

Hutch just shrugged. "I'm staying here for free, she's feeding me for free.... I can do the dishes."

"Hey Hutch--she practically fought me to have you here. She wanted you to be here. You're not a problem for her."

"Still, I'm freeloading, pal, and I don't like it."

Starsky smiled to himself. That's my friend--can't stand anyone to just give him somethin'. "Hey, Leslie has a meeting tonight, and the boys are staying with friends, so I plan on staying here tonight."

"That's great, Starsk. Now she'll have two mouths to feed instead of one."

"If you'd let me finish, dear Hutchinson, I figure we'll need a beer run. And just to make you feel better, I suppose we could buy some food, too."

Already, Hutch felt better. "You think we've got time to go before Trini gets back?"

"Sure. I've still got her car, and the cab'll take at least an hour."

Throwing down his washcloth and rinsing his hands quickly, Hutch felt he should inform his friend of something. "I'm warning you now, Gordo, I'm payin'."

Starsky held up his hands in mock defeat. "O.K., Blintz. It's your pocketbook that's gonna suffer."

"Shit. I forgot the way you eat, Starsky. Is it too late to change my mind?"

"You shoulda changed it a long time ago--this one don't work so well." Starsky laughed at his friend.

"Shut up, Einstein." Hutch tossed a notepad and pen at his friend. "You gonna write Trini a note or what?"

Starsky wrote the note quickly. "Let's go. We still gotta show our faces at Metro sometime today."

Starsky was extremely talkative and animated on the elevator ride down to the parking garage.

Hutch silently watched him with interested eyes. He's up to something. I can always tell. What's the surprise, Gordo?

As soon as the elevator doors opened, Starsky fairly jumped out into the parking garage. He reached up and threw his arm across Hutch's shoulders, pulling the taller man into a hunched position so he could talk directly into Hutch's ear.

"You know how you're supposed to pass on somethin' generation to generation?" Starsky didn't wait for acknowledgement. "Well, Dad's watch got broke, so I had nothin' 'Starsky' to give Trini when she graduated the Academy. Nicky didn't even bother to call, so I did the 'dad' thing he didn't do."

Poor Starsky, Hutch thought, still always "cleaning" up after Nick.

Suddenly, Starsky stopped walking, "Wait, wait wait. You gotta cover your eyes."

"Christ Starsky, we're middle aged...."

"If you don't play along, I ain't gonna show ya'," Starsky insisted.

Hutch smiled and sighed. Shaking his head he covered his eyes with one hand. Jesus, I hope nobody sees this.

Starsky wiggled his fingers in front of Hutch's face. "You can't see?"

"I can't see. Let's get this over with, idiot."

Leading his friend by his free hand, Starsky stopped after about 30 feet. "O.K. Blintz. You can open 'em."

Hutch opened his eyes and stared at the vehicle before him. He was so amazed and surprised he couldn't speak, and it gave Starsky the wrong impression.

"You think it's stupid, don't you? I worked really hard to fix her up." Starsky seemed hurt and more than a little disappointed until Hutch could finally speak.

Three little words made all of Starsky's fears and worries disappear. In a quiet and awe filled voice, Hutch sincerely stated, "Starsk--it's beautiful."

Starsky's chest puffed up proudly. "Yeah, she fixed up real nice, huh?"

Hutch nodded, trance-like and moved to rub his hands across the familiar car. "Starsky, I thought you were gonna sell the Torino?"

"I was, but...I don't know...too many good memories in the 'Zebra Three.' I just couldn't do it, man."

Hutch nodded his head in agreement. "Good memories are hard to come by." Still amazed, Hutch walked all around the car, looking at it from every angle. He could tell the interior had been redone, and a new paint job to boot, but it was still the car.

"I did add a couple extras for Trini, though," Starsky stated, pointing to the vanity plates that read "Zebra3."

Hutch laughed. "And...?"

"Well, I put a CD player in it for her," Starsky finished.

"What, you tired of AM radio?" Hutch teased. Almost reverently, he patted Starsky on the back. "I'm sure Trini's proud to have it--you did a good thing here, Starsk."

Starsky beamed, then reached to open the passenger door. "Your chariot, my lord." He bowed deeply and Hutch smacked the back of his head as he got in. Shutting the door quickly, Starsky almost ran to "his" side of the car.

Once both men were seated inside, neither one said a word for at least a full minute. Finally, Hutch placed a hand on Starsky's shoulder. Summing up the emotion, and the nostalgia that had overtaken them both, he stated, "This just feels right."

Nodding, Starsky started the car and roared it into life. "It always did feel right, partner."


Trini had beaten the two men back to her apartment, and she was now impatiently awaiting their arrival. Suddenly, Starsky pushed the door to her apartment open with his heel, struggling with the sacks in his arms. Trini rushed to help him before he dropped something. "What's all this?" she asked.

"Oh, Hutch felt like a freeloader and he made me take him to the store."

"Idiot," she laughed. "Does he need help?"

"Yeah, he's got a load, too."

Trini started for the door again, this time to go help Hutch. As she opened the door, a bouquet of flowers popped out, startling her. Taking the flowers, she grabbed the hand that had held them, and pulled. Hutch's body appeared from the other side of the door jamb, smiling sheepishly. "I forgot the 'hostess' gift, too," he explained.

"Hutchinson, you are a loveable idiot." She kissed his cheek and pulled him into the apartment.

Hutch shut the door, then looked at Trini. She was inhaling deeply of the flowers' perfume, and it made her glow a little. "I love flowers. Thank you so much."

"You're very welcome, Trini. But, I gotta warn you: you keep kissing me like that and I'll never want to leave. " He'd meant it only half jesting , but he hoped Trini didn't see through him that easily.

Trini's reply was so quiet, Hutch barely heard it. "Who said you ever had to leave?"

Hutch looked towards Starsky, but he was still buried in the fridge, putting away the groceries. He hadn't noticed their exchange. Hutch swallowed hard, then went to help Starsky unload the food.


The three friends had spent the day pouring over files, and planning their strategy for the upcoming case. Trini was telling them how she thought they should play it: "You two need to look like you have enough money to buy anything you want--and, not uptight like lawyers."

Starsky laughed and pointed at a glaring Hutch.

"I didn't become a lawyer, asshole, so knock it off."

Trini looked at Hutch a little strangely. "You were going to be a lawyer, but you became a cop?" He got ready to defend his choice, once again--like he had for so many years when Trini added, "Damn, you're smarter than I knew. "

Now, it was Hutch's turn to laugh.

Several hours later, Starsky stood and stretched. "Trini, I think Hutch's brain could use a rest. Memorizin' shit the way he does is gonna hurt his head one of these days."

"At least I got a brain," Hutch grunted at his friend.

Trini stretched, too. "It is getting late, and I'm hungry. Whadda ya' guys think about heading back to my place, we'll get cleaned up and go out?"

The thought of going out actually appealed to Hutch. "I'm game." He stood up and hit Starsky's arm. "Come on old man, see if you can keep up with me tonight."

"Is that a challenge, Blintz?"

The two men continued their friendly banter as they walked out of Trini's office.

"You got the money, I got the time."

"Well, you're gonna need money 'cuz you don't have looks anymore."

Trini shook her head and followed the men, wondering what she'd gotten herself into. A whole night of this "male bonding"? I must be nuts.

Once inside Trini's apartment, the men went one way and Trini the other. Hutch turned to look at Starsky following him. "You're not wearing anything of mine, so get lost."

"I've got clothes here, too. Just like I used to stash 'em at your place. It works better then wakin' Les and the boys all the time."

"For once, you actually make sense, pal," Hutch tormented.

Starsky playfully pushed him into the wall, walking around Hutch to the dresser. Starsky changed into jeans and a red, button-front shirt. Flopping himself onto the floor, he pulled off his leather loafers and put on a pair of well-worn Nikes.

Hutch took off the sports-coat he'd worn into work, but opted to keep the Polo and Dockers. He was comfortable now: ties and coats were for lawyers. Yet another reason not to be one, he thought to himself.

Trini came out of her bedroom wearing boots, black leggings, and a loose white blouse. For the first time since Hutch had arrived, she had on earrings and a necklace. They were tasteful silver hoops and a plain chain, but very nice.

Starsky whistled, and Trini looked the two men up and down in return.

Hutch smiled at her as she appraised them. Tit for tat, huh, Trini? Good for you, don't take any shit off him!

Trini feigned disinterest in the two men. "You two aren't lookin' so bad yourselves." She wasn't concealing her smile very well, though, and the love she had in her eyes was evident.

Hutch knew he must be imagining it, but he could swear she was looking at him the same way she looked at Starsky. You're reading far too much into this, Kenny old boy. She's just a nice person being nice. Let it go. Deciding to change his own train of thought, he motioned to his outfit. "Am I dressed alright? I'm not sure where we're going, but Starsky didn't exactly dress up."

"Hey, Blintz, I've got a wife. You need all the help you can get."

"As long as it's not one of your blind dates, I'll be fine."

Trini laughed and looked at her uncle. "That ain't no lie!" Turning to Hutch, she acknowledged his earlier question. "You look fine. It's come as you are, my man."

Hutch looked a little confused at Trini's terminology, but she just laughed.

Pointing in her direction, Starsky pretended to be apologetic. "She don't get out much."

Trini was already heading out the front door, but left her hand inside, nonchalantly giving her uncle "the finger."

Hutch smiled. He felt so at ease with these two friends. He loved these childlike games that were still fun to play--even at his age. He'd just forgotten that for awhile.


For at least the third time--Hutch looked at Trini as she drove the Torino. Seeing a different Starsky in the esteemed spot usually reserved for David Starsky would take some getting used to.

Starsky sat in the back seat, silent for once, watching his friend's confusion with amusement. Trini had been pretending not to notice, but suddenly surprised Hutch when she stopped at the next red light. Turning towards him, she put on her best David Michael Starsky impression. "Well, partner, you ready to see if the good guys can still win one?"

The loud guffaw of laughter Starsky let out was comical enough, but the way Hutch looked away like Trini was Medusa...well, that was priceless. Slowly, Hutch realized how strangely he must've been staring at her, and he started laughing, too.

Trini looked sideways at Hutch. "You seemed a little confused there, Hutchinson. Thought I'd try and ease your mind."

Hutch's smile faded a little, confusing Trini. There wasn't any time to think about it though, they had reached their destination.

Starsky pushed on Hutch's seat back. "Let me out and I'll see how long the wait is."

Hutch looked around and noticed the lot was full--he hadn't noticed before because he'd been lost in thought. "Sure, Starsk." He leaned forward and held the seat so Starsky could climb out. The door shut and Hutch watched Starsky depart, still in thought.

Trini was leaning up against the drivers-side door, intently watching Hutch as she wondered to herself: Everything was fine, then what...? What had bothered him?

Hutch knew she was watching him, and she wasn't pushing him to talk, just patiently waiting. "I know I'm always saying it but...sorry."

"You wanna tell me?" she questioned gently.

Hutch sighed heavily. "Just the part about 'easing my mind'. You guys have been so good to me--especially you. I haven't had peace of mind in so long, yet you guys continue to try so hard.... Aw, hell Trini. Don't mind me, I guess I'm just a moody bastard."

Leaning over to cup his face in her hands, Trini forced him to make eye contact with her. "Ken, you're only human. You haven't been any problem--you're a friend. And 'a friend in need'...."

He smiled a little at that.

She leaned even closer. "Besides," she whispered, "you're awfully cute when you're at a loss for words."

Then, much to Hutch's amazement and delight she kissed him. Not the quick "butterfly" kisses that merely graze the skin, but an achingly sweet and tender kiss.

Whatever else could've happened would have to wait, because Starsky was heading back towards the car.

Hutch quickly pulled away, like a teenager caught kissing his girl. Trini, on the other hand seemed calm. It was dark, and she knew her uncle couldn't have seen anything.

Hutch's hands shook a little--That was way too intense to just be "friendly." Jesus, I gotta talk to her.

Starsky opened the door and announced, "We've only got a ten minute wait, and the bar's got seats open in it."

Hutch was already climbing out of the car. "Good, I could use a drink."

Trini was walking ahead of the men, giving them a chance to talk when Starsky nodded in her direction.

"She turned out good, huh, Hutch?"

"Yeah, Starsk. You did a hell of a job."

Starsky's chest puffed out. "Yeah, I did, huh?"

Trini got to the door first and was holding it open for the two men. Hutch tried to relieve her of her duty, but she smiled and held fast to the door. "Not this time Prince Charming. " She pointed inside "The Cavern" and gently pushed him inside. For this to work out perfectly, he had to be first.

It worked.

The entire restaurant sprang to life at the sight of Hutch walking in.


Balloons were let loose, confetti was thrown, and a crowd of people rushed to greet the long-absent Hutch.

Starsky was smiling so big, Trini thought his face was going to split open.

Leslie came out of the crowd to kiss the still gaping Hutch's cheek. "Surprised?"

He looked at her sternly. "You're supposed to be at a meeting."

Starsky kissed his friend's other cheek. "She has to go back, but she couldn't resist sneakin' out to see you."

Hutch shook his head in disbelief "You got me, pal."

Starsky beamed. "I know. Let's have a beer." Starsky took Hutch straight to the bar and introduced him to "Lunk." "Lunk here owns this fine establishment," Starsky explained. "He took over the family business, and moved it uptown." He looked over his shoulder at Lunk. "Ain't that right, Teddy?"

The large black man behind the bar didn't seem amused by the use of his given name, and Hutch looked questioningly at Starsky.

"He's not too fond of 'Teddy Bear'--likes Lunk a whole lot more."

Hutch became extremely interested when he heard that. " 'Bear?" he questioned, "as in Huggy Bear's boy?"

A familiar voice came from behind Hutch. "One in the same--you know my name."

Hutch spun around and saw the wonderful sight of his old friend Huggy. Leaning across the bar, both men hugged, and laughed.

Huggy greeted him. "Good to have you back, brother. Better karma and balance, if you know what I mean."

Hutch was deliriously happy. "Yeah Hug, I know what you mean." Hutch pulled Huggy to him again, and kissed his cheek.

Huggy laughed, and pulled away. "Whoa, brother. You'll be givin' my lady here the wrong idea 'bout her all man-man." Huggy presented the pretty little Spanish woman behind him. "Goldilocks, this here is the reason Huggy keeps all his lovin' at home. My gorgeous, sensual wife, Candita. Candita--Hutch."

A petite, Spanish woman stepped out of Huggy's shadow to greet Hutch. Candita had the most beautiful eyes Hutch had ever seen--big, liquid pools of brown set in lush lashes. Although she was roughly Huggy's age, the woman could easily pass for Lunk's sister. She was stunning.

"Hola, Senor Hutch. I am grateful you are such a good friend to my Huggy. I am also grateful you have come to help us find the children."

Hutch looked to Huggy for answers.

"Uh, some of Candita's kinfolk lost their cubs in one of those trucks."

Starsky added, "She and Trini both got jobs at the strip joint as waitresses," he directed the next part at Candita, "even though I warned her against civilian involvement."

She was unaffected by Starsky's attempt at admonishing he., "You know I will help find the babies, and you love my help. Just like you love me."

Hutch laughed. "She's great, Huggy. You keep up the good work, Candita."

"Thank you, Hutch. I try my best, but these boys...." Candita rolled her eyes playfully.

Leslie came up then to tell Hutch she was leaving. "I have to get back to work, but I wanted to tell you goodbye, Ken."

Hutch caught her hand in his and kissed it. "Leslie, you're the best. Thank you."

Starsky reclaimed his wife's hand. "Come on, Les. I'll walk you--my wife--out to your car." Much to the delight of Hutch and the Bear family, Starsky loudly whined, "Geez, Les. Did you have to pretend you enjoy that hand-kissin' thing?"

Leslie's answer only added to their amusement. "I wasn't pretending, David." Leslie looked over her shoulder and winked at Hutch--he returned the wink, and raised his glass in toast to her.

Huggy couldn't resist commenting, "Man, I remember a time he'd kill you over a female of the species. You two must be growin' up."


Hutch had talked with old friends for hours--both on the force and on the streets. The crowd was starting to thin, and he had had plenty of drinks for free. It seemed everyone wanted to buy the wayward son a drink.

Huggy came up behind Hutch, all seriousness. "I have missed you, my brother. Been far too cold out here in the land of sunshine without the Golden One."

"God, I missed you too, Huggy."

Huggy nodded thoughtfully. "I guess that will have to do, for an apology that is due."

"You're right, Huggy. I was a prick."

"Damn straight, brother! All you have to do is ask Ma Bell to connect us."

"I know, Huggy. I truly am sorry."

Huggy punched Hutch's shoulder. "Don't be gone no more. We're all better around souls that are friendly to each other."

"I"m stayin', Hug. I promise."

Huggy nodded thoughtfully, then pointed Trini out across the bar. "She got somethin' to do with that?"

Whoa, Hug! Where'd that come from? Hutch cleared his throat and turned back to Huggy. "She's uh...letting me stay with her. In her spare room. She's been very nice to me."

Huggy raised questioning eyebrows at his friend. "Nice? You been with her, day-in day-out, and all you gots to say is 'she's nice'? Who are you? Hound-dog Hutch used to sniff at every pretty girl in the park. What's up, brother?"

Hutch shrugged his shoulders. "She's just a friend, Huggy."

The black man continued to eyeball Hutch. "Uh-huh. Well, you let me know when you find a better soul, because I would really like to know."

Hutch was a little flustered at his friend. "Huggy, I'm not sure what you're getting at here. She's one of the best people I know. She's kind and considerate. Beautiful--inside and out. From what I've seen, she's a damn good cop...."

Huggy was nodding at Hutch with that "see there" attitude that used to drive him crazy.

"Huggy, I'd never even look at her like that--I wouldn't do that to Starsky."

"Lots of sadness in that girl's past--who's to say our curly friend wouldn't thank you for the pursuance of said niece."

"Huggy, what the hell are you talking about?"

"I am just sayin', my brother, if I had a niece I loved more than the sun and moon--I'd want my best man keepin' an eye on her."

Hutch didn't have time for a reply since Starsky and Trini were heading off the dance floor, and directly at him.

Starsky gently pushed Trini into the chair beside Hutch. "Hutch, I gotta pee. Keep the creeps away from Jewel."

Huggy had to cough to cover his laughter, while Hutch pointedly ignored the man.

Trini smiled up at Hutch. "I'm 36 and the man still hovers over me. It's sweet, but..." Trini trailed off, then looked at Hutch and smiled, "You havin' a good time?"

He really had. "Yeah, thanks. Where you been all night?"

She pointed to Candita washing tables.


A slow song came on and Trini grabbed Hutch's hand. "Dance with me?" she asked.

Hutch felt something close to panic at her request, and shot for honesty. "I'm terrible." And, you're too young and I'm too old.

"I heard," she laughed, "The great Ramon says you're awful."

"Thanks," he winced.

"Oh, come on Hutchinson, I was just teasin'. It's a slow song--just hold on to me and you'll be just fine."

Hutch decided not to look into her last comment too deeply, and rose to lead her to the dance floor. He thought a little sadly, From any other woman on the planet, I'd accept what I think you're offering. But you, little one, are off limits.

But when Trini wrapped her arms around him and put her head on his chest--he was almost lost. She felt good there, and Hutch had to think of crime scenes and ex-wives to keep his libido in check.

For just this one dance, she could be his.

Finally, it was closing time.

Goodbyes were said, and the two men stumbled out to the car--using each other as support. Trini was right there for them, helping Starsky lie down in the backseat before rising to help Hutch.

"Alright, big guy. Let's get you home."

Hutch wasn't in any hurry to get in the car.

"You O.K., Ken?" She rubbed his shoulder. "You sick?"

Hutch shook his head, and clumsily looked in the car to check on Starsky who was already snoring. Hutch finally got up the nerve to ask Trini what he wanted to--even if he was slurring his words a little. "Trini, you know how people do things when they're drunk?"

"What kind of things, Ken?"

"Things that they think about when they're sober. Things that they're only brave enough--or dumb enough--to do when the liquor takes hold."

Smiling, she told him, "Ken, let's get you home. You're drunk, babe."

Hutch grabbed Trini as gently as he could and pulled her to him. "Please don't be mad at me later, Trini."

"Ken, I'm not mad. You just need me to help you home. There's nothing wrong with that."

Intently, Hutch asked, "Will you do that? Will you help me home? I've been lost for so long, Trini."

Suddenly, Trini realized Hutch was worried about more than getting back to her apartment. Gently, she rubbed her hand on his cheek. "If you want me, Ken," she whispered, "I'm here."

Hutch groaned like a man in great pain as her lips touched his. Tentatively, she pressed her body firmly against his. Hutch was wanting to kiss her this time, and that's exactly what he did. Placing one hand on the back of her head, he kissed her deeply. Trini moved her arms up to circle his neck, while Hutch's other hand journeyed down to grip her buttocks. A slight moan from Trini made Hutch's alcohol dulled brain realize exactly what he was doing.

Embarrassed, he pulled away.

Trini understood too well his hesitation, for she had also wondered how Starsky would take to them "dating." Hutch wouldn't look at Trini, so she put her head on his chest and held him. He hesitantly lifted his hand, then began to stroke her hair.

A few minutes passed before Trini took one step back. She held her hand out to him. "Come on, let's get you two into bed."

Hutch seemed relieved she was letting him off the hook, and gratefully climbed into the car. Don't mess with young hearts, Hutchinson. Don't make promises you can't keep.

Trini started the car then reached over to grab Hutch's hand. He looked at her a little sadly. "The choice is yours, Ken," she whispered. "But, no matter what, we'll always be friends."

He kissed her hand and sighed. "Trini, you're too good for me. Find a nice man and settle down." Hutch dropped her hand and looked out his window--then down at the hand she'd just placed on his thigh.

"You are a good man," she whispered.

He sure as hell hoped she was right.


Helping two drunken men up to her apartment was not Trini's idea of a good time. Trying to hold up Starsky was bad enough, but now Hutch was fading fast. Grunting under their weight, Trini finally made it to the apartment. She helped Starsky to the couch, then supported Hutch all the way to his room. He fell onto the bed, and Trini removed his shoes for him.

"Thanks," he mumbled.

Trini covered him up then turned to walk away, but Hutch somehow managed to catch her hand in his. "Trini, I'm so sorry."

"You only have to be sorry if you aren't going to remember in the morning." She was trying hard to joke--the alternative of crying didn't seem like much fun.

He gently dropped her hand, and rolled over--curling up like a small child. Trini started to go when she heard him speak again. "I'll remember, Trini, but I don't think I should."

Trini stopped at his door to look back at the now innocently sleeping form. Oh my, Katrina Starsky. You've got a man with conscience here.

Chapter 5