Starsky my man you had me scared
Ain't never felt that way before
I really thought – I was so sure
That you were gonna die.

I stood and watched them pump your heart
I watched them fight to save ya
And man I've never prayed so
Hard as wot I done today.

And all the time I watched that
Line run flat across the screen
I thought 'bout that look I'd seen
On your partner's face today

See he knew back then – he told me
So – said you were gonna die
And as I looked into his eyes
I knew one thing for sure.

That it ain't just your life on
The line – it ain't just you
Could die here, see Starsky man you
Gotta know exactly how it is.

Cause Curly if we lose ya man
If you fail to make it through
Then we're gonna lose your partner too
Blondie's gonna fall apart.

So you gotta carry on the fight
You gotta hang on in there
Cause you gotta prove The Bear
Was right – there is a chance.


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