This story is an amateur publication and does not intend to infringe upon copyrights held by any party. No reproductions without permission. Originally published in the Starsky & Hutch zine Half You, Half Me 1, in 1982. A longtime fan generously donated digital scanning, typing and proofreading for the archive. Enjoy! Comments on this story can be sent to Flamingo who will forward them to the author.

I'm Not Junior, Anymore

Reach out to me, kid

I understand your pain.

I've been where you sit now,

Alone, angry, and yes, afraid.

Get down to it, let it out,

Before it turns into something

That one day might kill ya,

I know, 'cause I've been there too.

You hafta go on living,

Hafta trust and love again.

Don't put up a wall around you.

Won't protect ya anyway.

Sooner or later the loneliness'll

Drown ya.

Ya gotta climb out, or

Let somebody in.

Let's you 'n me together

Go pay our respects to your dad.

But understand, some of the tears

Will be for mine.