Archivist's Note:

Teri White was one of the first of S&H's fandom's classic zine writers to give us permission to post all her fanfiction to the Archive. Her only caveat was that we include the art as well. With permission of those artists, that has been done. I never anticipated that it would take us all this time to bring Teri's stories to the Net, but finally, Teri's work will be seen by fans of Starsky & Hutch all over the world. And what a treasure trove it is. It is with great respect and appreciation that we present the zine, Hopscotch. This is the second in a series of three novels -- CopKiller, Hopscotch, and My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys -- that share the same "universe." In an attempt to maintain the flavor of the zine, we have presented the first few pages just as they appeared. However, since most people download story files and reformat them to their preference, the body of the work will be set in the standard Times New Roman.

As usual, there are many people to thank when a zine has been translated for the net. Classic Starsky & Hutch fiction, in particular, starts on paper, has to be scanned or typed, proof-read and corrected, turned into html, proof-read again, then set up on the Archive. Many people are involved in this labor of love. I want to thank, in particular, Cindy L. who did the scanning, Rosemary who did the proofreading, and Anne, for providing unlimited technical expertise and for having to live with the havoc Starsky & Hutch has caused in our lives. I especially want to thank Ruth Kurz for granting us approval to post her art. And of course, many thanks to Teri for graciously allowing us to bring her work to a whole new audience.