Disclaimers: The faces are familiar and so are the names, but the setting seems a little strange? I kidnapped a few cuties from television land. I accept that they never did and never will belong to me, but I am having oh so much fun while I have them.

Notes: This is a prequel to the series of stories in "The Coming Home Series". This precedes "He Comes Home To Me" by several years. Whereas, "He Comes Home To Me" takes place several months after the Gunther shooting, "Stealing Home" takes place at the police academy when the boys first meet.

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Creed Cascade & T.J.


            Starsky leaned against the wall watching the other cadets wander out of the building, but his main focus was the tall blonde standing in front of him. Hutch always looked good, but in his faded jeans and butter-colored shirt, he looked good enough to eat. Starsky had to quell a groan at that thought. God, he would dearly love to wrap his mouth around a certain part of the big Midwesterner.

            Starsky had wanted Hutch from the moment he saw him and he would have him. It was just a matter of time. Too long in Starsky's opinion. Hutch was always a little jumpy around him, perhaps unconsciously reacting to the sexual spark between the two of them. He had already waited a week, knowing the object of his desire was obviously new to this. But "straight" virgins were always the most fun to seduce, so the wait made the hunt all the more sweet.

            Hutch knew there was something going on between him and the dark-haired New Yorker, but be damned if he knew what it was. What he did know was that he was more comfortable in the presence of his new friend than he was with his own wife. For whatever reason, he and Starsky had hit it off from the start and Hutch was not looking forward to spending the weekend without him.

            Shuffling from foot to foot, he looked up apprehensively at Starsky. "I was wondering what you were doing this weekend?"

            Hopefully, you. "Not much. Hangin' around here, I guess," Starsky said, trying his best to sound both nonchalant and put out at the same time. "Why, what you got planned?"

            "Well, I was wondering..." Hutch stammered, "...maybe you wanna come over to my place for a beer, supper and maybe watch some TV, but only if you want to. I mean..."

            "Sure," Starsky said, hoping he didn't sound too eager.

            "Oh..." Hutch smiled, "That's great."

            The drive to Hutch's passed quickly with the two men discussing the various things they'd learned over the week. Starsky found himself glancing at the blonde as he drove and reminded himself that he needed to play this cool if he didn't want to scare his friend off.

            Hutch pointed to an older brick building at the end of the street. "That's it. Not much, but it's all we can afford right now."

            "Don't sweat it, buddy. We live in a dorm," Starsky said. "If you hadn't invited me over I'd be spending the whole weekend there."

            "That's not anyway to spend your time off. Besides, I'm surprised you haven't kicked me out of the room yet. My wife says I'm terrible to live with," Hutch commented as he got out of the car and walked towards his building.

            "You ain't terrible to live with," Starsky said as he followed his friend. "Hell, you're the best roommate I've ever had. We get along great."

            "I know." Hutch kind of blushed and shoved the keys into the main door, fumbling with the lock. "The connection we made would have be scary if it wasn't so much fun."

            "Hey, you sure your wife's not gonna mind you invitin' me over?"

            "Oh, Van? I kinda forgot about her." Hutch started up the stairs. "To tell the truth, she's not here much. Don't expect she'll change her habits just because I'm coming home for the weekend."

            Starsky didn't say anything as he followed Hutch up the stairs. He had never met his friend's wife but he disliked her already. It seemed as if every time he turned around she was bashing Hutch's ego again. If Starsky were in her place, he'd make sure his blonde knew just how much he was appreciated.

            "This is my place." Hutch stopped in front of apartment 304. He went to put his keys into the door, but noticed it was unlocked. "Guess Van forgot to lock it again. Not like we have any valuable stuff. Besides she keeps telling me she'd wish most of my stuff would disappear, especially my guitar." Hutch smiled weakly and walked into the small apartment.

            "Well, look what the cat dragged in," Vanessa said as she picked up her coat. She was dressed to go out in the tightest pair of jeans she owned. Hutch felt his face flush as Starsky stepped into the apartment and got a good look at his wife.

            "I'm Dave Starsky, Hutch's new friend," he said as he offered his hand. There was the slightest hint of innuendo in his words and he saw Vanessa stiffen.

            "What did you call him? Hutch?" Vanessa turned to her husband, "Since when do you let people call you nick names?"

            "What, you want me to call him Kenneth?" Starsky asked, the tone of his voice matching the disdainful tone of Vanessa's.

            Hutch looked like a deer catch in headlights. He shifted closer to Starsky and began to strip the other man's jacket off without thinking, hoping he wouldn't leave because of his wife's display. "I asked Starsky over for dinner."

            Vanessa glared her husband, surprised he was touching this man, even to take his jacket off. He was usually so aloof and cautious with physical contact. He had only known this man a week or so and he was already touching him casually. She didn't like this Starsky person at all. "Then you'd better cook it yourself because there's no dinner in the fridge," she snapped.

            "Why not?" Hutch questioned.

            "I didn't make any for you," Vanessa said, throwing her hair back as she headed for the door past Starsky. "I'm going out."

            "That's fine," Starsky said. "I make a pretty mean pizza, can dial all by myself too. Just point me to the phone."

            "Low life," Vanessa muttered under her breath so only Starsky could hear.

            "Bitch," Starsky muttered back, just as low. The slight hesitation in Vanessa's step let him know she had heard him just before she slammed the door.

            "Sorry about that." Hutch was looking down at his feet. "Sometimes she just gets so..."

            "Forget it," Starsky said. And forget her, too. "I came here to spend some time with you, not your wife."

            Hutch moved nervously towards the living room, looking out the window. "Umm, would you like to order the pizza or see what's on the tube?"

            "Why don't we just sit and talk for a while," Starsky said, following his friend into the living room. "Or you could play your guitar..."

            "It's just a hobby, I'm not very good at it."

            "Come on, Hutch. I've heard you sing in the shower. You've got a great voice." Starsky rebuked himself immediate for bringing up the image of Hutch in the shower. The mere idea of water cascading down all that golden perfection made him shift in his pants.

            Hutch actually blushed, noticing Starsky's eyes traveling over his body. "Sorry I had to subject you to that."

            "Hey, didn't I just say I thought you had a great voice?" Starsky said. He closed the short distance between them and laid his hand on his friend's arm. He felt the muscle jump but Hutch didn't pull his arm away. "She always do this much of a number on you?"

            "I don't know what you mean." Hutch got defensive.

            "Sorry, buddy," Starsky said, releasing Hutch's arm and backing off quickly. "Not my business."

            "Wait, Starsk..." Hutch called, he didn't want Starsky to leave. "You're right. Sometimes she likes to mess with my head. I'm sorry, if I got snippy."

            "No apology necessary." Starsky stopped moving toward the door, but didn't move back to Hutch's side either. This time, the blonde would have to come to him. "It really isn't any of my business."

            Hutch's face immediately creased with worry lines and he flopped down onto the couch, his head in his hands. "I know, it's my mess and I should deal with. You can leave if you want, I understand."

            Hutch felt his heart sink as he watched his friend walk toward the door. But instead of walking out of it, Starsky turned the lock and put the chain in place. No one was getting in that door short of kicking it down. He moved back to the couch, rebuking himself for his remarks and for not noticing how vulnerable Hutch really was.

            "Hey, we're partners, right?" Starsky said, sitting down next to the blonde. He reached out and gripped the back of Hutch's neck, rubbing the tense muscles. "Your problems are my problems. I'm here for you, buddy. But I don't wanna overstep any boundaries."

            Hutch leaned in to Starsky's kneading hand. "Realistically, I don't feel like I have any boundaries around you."

            "Good. I don't want you to have any boundaries with me. I want you to feel like you can tell me anything. Ask me anything. Come to me for whatever you need."

            Hutch shivered at the husky tone of Starsky's voice. His breath quickened. He looked up at Starsky, their eyes meeting briefly, before he had to close them to escape their intensity.


            "Easy, buddy," Starsky soothed. "No need to get spooked. It's just me and thee."

            "What's happening here, Starsky?"

            "Whatever you want to..."

            "Starsky, I..." Hutch trailed off, unsure what it was he wanted to say.

            "How long's it been since she let you touch her, Hutch?" Starsky asked, his voice pitched soft and low as his hand continued to caress the blonde's neck. "How long's it been since she let you love her?"

            "Too long..." was the soft reply. Hutch was finding it hard to think with Starsky's fingers creeping under his collar and his thumb rubbing a sweet spot just under his ear.

            "A man deserves to be loved, Hutch," Starsky continued. "You deserve to be loved. Not sniped at and abandoned. God, Hutch, I could love you so good."

            Hutch froze and his haze was shattered. "Whaaa?" he babbled. He pulled away from Starsky's touch and moved quickly to the other side of the couch.

            Starsky stayed where he was, letting his quarry settle on the other end of the couch. He waited until Hutch was breathing normally again before sliding over to sit beside him once more. "I meant what I said," Starsky pressed. "I could love you so much better than she ever could."

            "But, you're a man..." was the most intelligent thing Hutch could manage to say.

            Starsky smiled and replied, "Glad to see you noticed the dick."

            "But, I'm not a fag. I didn't think you were... I mean... oh, shit..."

            "I like girls just as much as the next guy, Hutch. You oughtta know that. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a beautiful man when I see one. Labels are pointless. It's the people who matter. People who make each other feel and I think we feel something for each other. Or am I just imagining it?"

            Starsky reached over and laid his hand of Hutch's thigh, waiting for the other to react. He didn't have to wait long. As soon as Hutch registered the warm hand on his thigh he bolted from the couch to begin pacing back and forth in front of the window. His head was spinning. He'd never even considered taking a man as a sexual partner before. And now, Starsky, his new best friend, was propositioning him. The scariest part of all was that he was actually considering it.

            Starsky smiled secretively. This was promising. Hutch hadn't hit him or stormed out of the building. He could see the red tinge to the other's skin and he knew now this was the first sign the blonde was turned on. It was always lovely to find out new things about lovers. Getting up, he moved slowly to the window and pulled the drapes shut.

            "Starsky... I've never done this before," Hutch tried to explain, hoping to make his friend understand that what he was suggesting was impossible. "I've never even considered it. Besides that, I'm married."

            "Uh huh," Starsky agreed and began to prowl towards Hutch. "Doesn't matter."

            "M-my marriage vows don't matter to you?" Hutch stammered as he took a step back.

            "Nope." Starsky moved even closer. "Not when you're married to that bitch. She treats you like shit, babe. You realize she's probably cheatin' on you right now. I'd make a bet and I'm sure I wouldn't lose."

            "So that makes it alright for me to do the same thing?" Hutch shot back.

            "Like I said, a man like you deserves to be loved. If your wife won't do it..."

            "Then you will?"

            "Now you're getting with the program. You're the hottest thing I've ever seen," Starsky said. "And this thing between us... it's something special, Hutch."

            Starsky was effectively stalking Hutch, following him as he backed out of the living room and down the hall. Hutch stumbled when he reached the doorframe of the master bedroom.

            "Tell me you don't want me, Hutch, and we'll forget all about this," Starsky purred. "But I don't think you can do that. I don't think you can do that without lying to me and we both know you won't do that. You won't betray us like that."

            "I need time to think..."

            Hutch backed farther into the bedroom, followed closely by Starsky who was now unbuttoning his already low cut red shirt. This passionate predator was the complete opposite of the room's pink frilly decor that screamed of Vanessa.

            "You need time to think about how much I want you, or the things we can do together? Maybe you need to think about how you're hard for me?"

            Hutch's hand went automatically to his groin and he was shocked to find that Starsky was right. He hadn't even realized it, but he was as hard as a rock. Hutch moaned as he backed further into the bedroom. Starsky was closing in on him and Hutch was fast running out of places to run.

            "Starsky, we shouldn't do this..." Hutch tried a last ditch effort to get his friend's attention. He didn't like the way Starsky was looking at him... the other man's eyes were flashing dangerously.

            "Why shouldn't we?" Starsky pressed as he continued to stalk forward. He had Hutch backed against the bed now. There was nowhere for his friend to go except back onto the big bed. "Give me one good reason why we shouldn't."

            Hutch's mind whirled. He already knew that Starsky didn't care that they were men, in fact he seemed to relish the fact. And they'd already been over the fact that he was married. Grasping at straws, he tried, "Because this is Vanessa's room, everything here reminds me of her... I mean she'll know..."

            "Maybe it'd do her good to know," Starsky said. He was standing directly in front of Hutch. He could see the fine tremors that were wracking the lean body in front of him and reached out to run a gentle hand along Hutch's arm. "Maybe she'd finally see what she's throwin' away. Personally, I hope she stays just as blind and stupid as she's been all along."

            Starsky reached up slowly, slipping his palm beneath Hutch's open collar and directly onto the other's skin. He could feel the heat radiating from Hutch's body. Hutch was blushing and turning funny colors of red. Starsky couldn't help but get off on his partner's excitement and from the very idea of doing it on Vanessa's bed... showing her up.

            "God, Hutch. I wanna love you so bad," Starsky whispered, stroking Hutch's neck. "I'll make it so good for you. Better than you've ever had it before."

            "Fuck..." Hutch moaned softly. He knew he shouldn't give in to Starsky, but he wanted to so badly. His best friend was every incarnation of his deepest fantasies.

            "Oh yeah," Starsky said as he leaned forward to brush his lips over Hutch's. "That's just what I had in mind."

            Hutch gasped in shock at the light contact, the caress of Starsky's lips on his own. Starsky smiled, knowing he'd get this response from the blonde. Taking advantage of his planned strategy, he traced his tongue lightly around the opened mouth. Hutch tried to pull back but Starsky tightened his grip on his neck and held him in place. He couldn't help but groan when Starsky's agile tongue slipped inside his mouth to lightly caress his own before slipping back out again. This time Hutch's moaned in disappointment. He wanted more. Starsky chuckled at the sight of his oh so reserved friend looking nearly wide-eyed with desire. Starsky started to say something, but was cut off by Hutch's mouth coming down to claim his own.

            Starsky's grip on Hutch's neck tightened more and his free hand slipped onto the other man's hip. A gentle shove was all it took to send Hutch falling backward onto the bed. With a smile, Starsky followed his would-be lover, straddling Hutch's thighs in the process.

            Hutch could help but feel how much Starsky wanted him. He could feel his own hard cock pressed against the other man. There was no doubt now, only a growing sense of panic. Starsky leaned down to cover Hutch's mouth again. He felt the blonde squirming beneath him and moaned into his mouth. He was so turned on he thought he might cum in his pants.

            Hutch raised his hands with the intention of pushing Starsky off. He just needed time to think. But when Starsky felt Hutch move, he captured Hutch's arms and pinned them over his head, holding both of the man's hands in with one of his own and using his body weight to pin Hutch to the bed.

            "N-mmphhh..." Hutch tried to protest as Starsky kept their mouths glued together.

            He struggled to free himself from Starsky's weight, but the more he squirmed the more it seemed to excite his friend. He could feel Starsky's erection grinding into him and felt powerless to get away. The kisses grew harder and longer, tongues dancing together. Hutch couldn't help but respond after a moment's hesitation. It seemed he couldn't refuse Starsky anything.

            Starsky felt the fight go out of Hutch and knew he had won. His friend was his for the taking now. All he had to do was reach out and take it. Needing to breath he finally pulled away and was gratified to see Hutch's head follow his departing lips.

            "Poor Hutch..." Starsky whispered, "You don't get what you need. I don't think anyone has taken full advantage of what you have to offer. You're so responsive and so damn beautiful..."

            "Starsk..." Hutch moaned as he felt his friend's hand slowly unbuttoning his shirt, the other still holding his arms taunt above his head. "I... I'm scared, Starsk."

            "Nothin' to be scared of," Starsky said distantly, his eyes focused on every inch of pale flesh that was revealed. When he got Hutch's shirt open just enough, he reached over and began to rub a rosy nipple.

            "Oh God, Starsky..." Hutch couldn't help but writhe as the skilled fingers of his best friend worked his body. It had been months since Vanessa had let him touch her. He was starved for affection and what his friend was doing should have been illegal.

            "S'okay, blondie," Starsky soothed, "Just give in." Starsky could help himself and he shifted, leaning down to take the now peaked nipple into his mouth.

            "Yes... please... do it..." Hutch cried out as he arched up into that hot wet mouth. He felt his cock twitch and knew if Starsky kept this up he would cum in his pants.

            Oh yeah, his blonde was certainly responsive and Starsky wanted to test his limits. Gently, he bit the nub in his mouth. Hutch screamed and thrust upward with his hips hard enough to nearly unseat his tormenting lover. His balls were tight against his body. He was right on the edge. Then, before he could even think about it, he was cumming, his cock pulsing in his jeans as it released his pent up passions.

            Starsky couldn't help but moan, enjoying watching his lover riding the explosive orgasm. Watching and feeling Hutch writhe under him was almost enough to make him cum, but held it off with a strength he never knew he possessed. He wanted... no he needed something else, something more.

            "Oh god, Hutch, you cum so beautifully," he managed to whisper, his lips barely off the wet nipple.

            "Kiss me. Please, kiss me," Hutch begged once he could speak again. He needed to feel his lover's lips on his own. He needed to taste more of this incredible man that was loving him so well.

            There was no need to think about the request. Starsky let go of Hutch's wrists and shifted so he could deeply kiss the slightly swollen lips. Kissing Hutch felt so good. No man ever tasted like this. No man ever felt this good in his arms. Starsky could all too easily lose himself in this blonde god spread out before him. And oh how he wanted to.

            "You came in your pants, Hutch," Starsky teased gently.

            "I... I couldn't help it," Hutch stammered, his face flushing in embarrassment. "It's been awhile..."

            "It was one of the best compliments I've ever had, lover."

            "But you didn't... I mean, I can still feel you..."

            "No, I didn't cum yet, babe," Starsky said, grinding his hips down to press his insistent erection into Hutch more firmly. "But it was close. You moanin' and squirmin' under me nearly did me in. You're so damn hot you outta be on fire."

            Hutch looked embarrassed and he was starting to turn a deeper shade of red. "Don't lie to me, Starsk."

            "Hey! I would never lie to you, blondie," Starsky said emphatically. "My fucking cock feels like it's gonna burst and that's all because of you. I want you so bad right now I ache for you."

            "I don't know what to do," Hutch confessed.

            "You don't have to do anything, Hutch. Just let me love you."

            "That's just it," Hutch struggled again to put some space between him and Starsky, "I've never been loved like that. I've never been with a man."

            Starsky stopped Hutch's squirming with a firm hand on the middle of his chest. "I know. It's pretty easy to tell you're a virgin. But that's also a big turn on, knowing I'll be the first to touch you. The first to teach you... to possess you. And honestly, Hutch, once I've had ya, I don't think I'll be able to let ya go. But you know that, don't ya? That's why you're with me... you want it just as badly."

            "Starsky, I'm married," Hutch said in exasperation. "We can't do this. No matter what we want, we can't."

            "Sure we can and we will. Can't you feel what's between us? What we've had from the moment we first met. You know I've wanted you from the first, don't ya?"

            "Please, buddy. Don't do this," Hutch pleaded. "I don't think I could take it when you get tired of me."

            Starsky was still perched on top of Hutch. He reached down and continued to unbutton Hutch's shirt, finally pulling it away from his body. Hutch though Starsky was ignoring him, when he finally spoke quietly and seriously. "Really, Hutch. I don't think that's gonna happen." He caressed the newly exposed flesh, his touch drifting up around the ribcage and back to his navel. "I've never felt this way before about anyone. Don't care about anyone else you sleep with, wife or not, I want you."

            "Wh-what about the n-next pr-pre-pretty blond that comes a-along?" Hutch stammered as Starsky continued to touch and fondle him.

            "She won't be my partner, babe. With women it's just sex, but with you I think it's love. For the first time, I want something more than a one night stand." Starsky reached down and began to unbutton Hutch's fly. "I want all of you."

            "Promise me you mean that," Hutch insisted as he grabbed Starsky's hand to halt his progress. "Promise me this is more to you than just fucking a virgin. Give me something to hold onto here, buddy."

            "We'll be more than partners in the academy, babe. I swear I'll do everything in my power to be your partner on the force. I won't trust anyone else to watch your back. This will all be an added bonus to what I know we can be. We'll be the best. Me and thee."

            "Then tell me what you want from me, Starsk," Hutch said at last, giving in completely. "Whatever it is, I'll give it to you."

            "I wanna be inside you, so deep inside you'll never forget me." Starsky purred, his hand sneaking inside Hutch's briefs. He palmed Hutch's half hard cock, enjoying the shocked look on his partners face. He knew Hutch would give him what he needed; there was no doubt in his mind.

            "Will... will it hurt?" Hutch managed to ask. The feel of Starsky stroking his member sent shivers down his spine and he felt his body responding faster than he thought possible.

            "I won't lie. It will a bit at first, but then I'll make you fly."

            "I trust you, partner," was all Hutch managed to say as Starsky set about doing just that. Hutch lifted his hips when Starsky tugged at his pants, eager to be rid of the restrictive garments. Then he lay back and watched as Starsky began to take his own clothes off. It was hard to believe that this beautiful man had driven him nearly insane with lust while still fully clothed.

            Hutch watch the body revealed to him, so different from the soft curves of his wife. Starsky was dark, muscled and dusted with hair. The package was so different from what he knew, but he knew he already belonged to the soul of this man. It was just a matter of being claimed physically.

            Hutch tried not to shake at the sight of Starsky's naked body. The large phallus that jutted from the trim hips looked positively huge and Hutch felt his fear stir again. Determinedly, he forced it back. Starsky was his friend... his best friend. He would give him this. Hutch wanted this for some unknown reason, maybe because the idea of submitting to Starsky was thrilling.

            Starsky looked down at his naked lover and grinned. Hutch's own erection was standing tall and proud once more, a tribute to the blonde's own desire for their union. Moving slowly, he lay down beside Hutch. The feel of all that naked blondness pressed against him was almost too much and Starsky had to clamp down on his desire to keep from rolling Hutch over and taking him on the spot.

            "I need to know what you've done before, so I can make this easier on you..." Starsky hedged.

            "I told you I've never been with a man before..."

            "No, not that," Starsky interrupted. "I mean how adventurous have you been with women?"

            "Starsky, I'm married to Vanessa. Exactly how adventurous do you think I've been?"

            Starsky snorted, loving that they could even be playful now. "I'll take that as a no then."

            "No to what?"

            "That she's never played with your ass before?"

            Hutch just stared at him for long seconds then burst out laughing. "Ex-ex-excuse me... bu-but you m-must n-not have m-met my wife..."

            "Yeah, I think I did," Starsky grinned sliding closer. "She's the bitchy brunette too blind or too stupid to resist a piece of meat like this..." Starsky grabbed Hutch's cock. "...and fleshy beauties like these." He finished his point by slipping his hand underneath Hutch and grabbing a handful of his ass.

            Hutch could only moan as Starsky manipulated his body once more. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been this hot for it. Even the prospect of rolling over and submitting to his lover was appealing to him now. Anything sounded good as long as they got on with it. He didn't know how much more of this he could take.

            "You got anything?" Starsky asked as he began to slowly pump Hutch's heavy erection. "I need to get it before we start, because once we do, it ain't likely I'll be thinking 'straight'." He couldn't help but leer at Hutch, wiggling his eyebrows with the play on words.

            "Funny, Starsk," Hutch barked, "In the bathroom... There's some baby oil on the shelf."

            Starsky groaned in complaint. "Gotta be all the way over there." He shifted away from Hutch, getting off the bed. "Get on all fours, babe, in the middle of the bed. Wait for me and I'll make you forget you ever liked girls."

            "Oh God," Hutch breathed as he hastened to comply. He was shaking again by the time Starsky returned from the bathroom, bottle in hand. The only difference this time was the cause. Desire, not fear, ruled him now.

            Starsky moved swiftly behind his lover, running his palms from his ass, then in sweeping strokes over his back. "You're sure, Hutch?" he questioned in a shaky voice.

            "Yes. I'm yours, babe. All you gotta do is claim me."

            There was no more holding back and no need to. Starsky uncapped the baby oil slipping it over his fingers, accidentally dripping on the pink bedspread. Hutch tensed at the first touch of fingers at his anus. Starsky waited until the tense body relaxed before slipping a single digit inside. Hutch couldn't keep silent as Starsky's blunt finger worked its way inside him. No one had ever touched him like this. He felt his body start to burn and pushed back against the invader.

            "That's right, Hutch. Let me in," Starsky purred.

            Hutch stilled as a second finger joined the first, but Starsky soon had him thrusting back to meet them. He could feel his body being stretched... being readied for his lover and it just made him hotter. Starsky added more baby oil, helping his fingers slide more freely, especially with the addition of his third finger. Smiling, Starsky crooked his fingers, brushing against that oh so secret spot.

            "Starsky!" Hutch cried out, bucking hard on the invading digits.

            "I said I'd make you fly, babe."

            "Yes, please," Hutch mewled. "I want it. Oh God, I really want it."

            Starsky groaned at his partner's wanton display. He couldn't take it anymore, he had to have him. Pulling his fingers from Hutch's body, Starsky covered his erection with the oil then leaned forward to position the head of his cock.

            "I'm gonna take you now, Hutch. You gotta do what you did with my fingers. Push back and remember to breath."

            "Please..." was all Hutch managed to say then Starsky was there pushing forward and entering him.

            Hutch gasped as the flared head eased inside him. Pain shot up his spine and he moaned at the invasion. Starsky stopped when he heard Hutch hiss in pain. He ran reassuring caresses over his back and sides. It took a few moments, but finally Hutch was able to relax. Starsky felt the pressure on his cock ease and slowly slid the rest of the way inside.

            "I'm all the way in you..." Starsky said, "You're so sweet and tight."

            "I... I can feel you... inside me... so big..."

            "You'll never forget me, Hutch..." Starsky growled. "Never..." To emphasize his point, he pulled back and thrust gently for the first time.

            "Yes..." Hutch cried out with the first thrust. He had never felt anything like this. He'd never felt this claimed... this owned... this loved... Not in his entire life. Not by anyone before.

            Starsky couldn't believe how responsive and vocal his normally subdued partner was. He wanted to see more and there was no resisting his urge to plunged harder and faster into his lover's body. Hutch felt Starsky begin to thrust in earnest and bit his lip to hold back another moan. The next time his lover surged forward he pushed back to meet him and was rewarded with a strangled shout from the other man. Together they created a rhythm that had them both growling their pleasure.

            Starsky's hand sneaked from his death grip on Hutch's hip, to grasp Hutch's thick cock. Starsky pressed even closer to Hutch, matching the rhythm of his cock to his stroking. He couldn't help himself, when he began to kiss Hutch's shoulder, sucking gently.

            "Don't mark me," Hutch gasped. Vanessa would find out and take Starsky away from him.

            "Don't matter... You're mine now."

            Starsky bit gently, leaving his mark on the flushed skin despite his lover's protest. Hutch was now marked as his. This had moved far beyond trust, this was easily becoming an obsession for both men. In this moment of supreme bliss, neither would be able leave this behind. Possession and belonging merged in the birth of a deeper connection.

            "Starsk... I'm gonna come," Hutch warned his lover. He was thrusting back hard now, determined to get every bit of Starsky inside him that he could, even as the man did magical things to his cock.

            Starsky felt Hutch's body start to clench around him a second before he cried out and came. The sensations, along with the knowledge that he had just brought Hutch to orgasm, was enough to push him over the edge as well. With a shout, Starsky slammed forward and came, pumping burst after burst of his seed deep inside his lover.

            Starsky was finally home. He would never leave Hutch alone now; they belonged together. In exhaustion, both men collapsed onto the bed, breathing heavily, limbs entangled and still joined. It took a little while for Starsky to realize that his lover was shaking. It had started off as fine tremors and had gradually increased. Alarmed, Starsky rolled Hutch over and was shocked to see tears running down the blonde's face.

            "Oh, babe, did I hurt you?" Starsky blurted out. He pulled Hutch into his arms, wiping away the tears with his fingers.

            For some reason Starsky's words and actions only made Hutch cry harder. The silent tears quickly turned into harsh sobs as he clutched his friend to him like a lifeline.

            Hutch's tears tore at Starsky's heart. "I'm so sorry..." he muttered stroking the blonde's hair. "I'll never touch you again, I swear. But we can still be friends... I hope. I mean I don't think I can give you up completely. I'm too selfish."

            "No," Hutch forced out, barely able to speak.

            The single word knifed through Starsky and he felt his heart die a little. This had never been his intention. He had never wanted to hurt this beautiful man. All he'd wanted to do was love him.

            "Don't leave me, Starsk," Hutch finally managed to say. "No one... no one ever... ever loved me like that."

            "Shush..." Starsky comforted, pulling Hutch as close as possible. For one terrible moment he had been sure he'd ruined everything. "I won't leave you. Couldn't bear it."

            "Love you..." Hutch murmured as he burrowed into the dark chest. "Only you.  Not her. Never her again. Just you."

            Starsky stroked the head on his chest, running his fingers through the fine hair. Hutch was his. Life was good. Starsky grinned and kissed the top of his lover's head.

            "That's the way it should be. The way I want it," Starsky assured Hutch. "But we gotta get up before that wife of yours comes back. Maybe have a shower together."

            Hutch grunted his assent, sniffling a bit. As they left the bed, Hutch spied the deep stains on the pink comforter. Baby oil as well as semen marred the once pristine fabric. He thought about throwing it into the washer, but Starsky was waiting for him and he had better things to do.

            Several hours later, Vanessa walked in the front door, only to be surprised by the sight that greeted her. There on the couch was her husband... and his friend. The worst part, though, was the way they were sitting - pressed next to each other with Starsky's arm around Ken's shoulder.

            "Well isn't this cozy?" she hissed. "What a way to welcome me home."

            "Who says you're welcome," Starsky muttered under his breath so only Hutch

could hear him. "Home's where the heart is after all, huh babe?"



Next story in the series: "He Comes Home To Me"