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The Love of Me and Thee/Hutch
I was born into money and privilege,
sculpted, polished, refined,
groomed to follow in my father's footsteps.
I had all the things money could by,
Yet my life was empty, void.
I grew up alone, with walls around my heart to protect me
from the pain of my Mother's coldness,
and my Father's indifference.
For with all the wealth I had,
I lacked the most precious treasure of all; love. 
When I became a man, I built the walls thicker
higher to hide the emptiness inside.
I went through life searching, seeking that
elusive thing called happiness.
Yet, I never found it, for
I was afraid to allow anyone inside those walls,
I was afraid to let down my guard,
I was afraid to give my heart;
afraid it would be broken. 
Even when I married Vanessa,
I never allowed her inside.
I never allowed her to even glimpse my heart.
So, she left, walked away,
saying I was cold and uncaring,
that I wasn't capable of love, leaving me alone; again.
 You see, I never let her see the man I truly was.
I never let her see that it was only fear
that caused me to keep her at a distance. 
But there you were, with your crooked grin
and cocky attitude, knocking on my heart's door.
I didn't want to let you in.
But, in you came and before I knew it,
 you're ready smile, your kind ways and loving heart
had knocked down all my walls.
And captured my heart. 
As we lie here in bed holding each other after
love making, I look forward to the future
in wonder and anticipation.
A future that I could not possibly have seen before I met you.
A future full of joy, promise,
And love beyond my imagining.
But, I also look to the future in fear,
wondering how I would survive if I ever
lost your love. 
But then, you stir in your sleep, whisper my
and I know that you will never leave me.
As, I pull you closer I breathe a silent prayer
of thanks for,
The Love of Me and Thee.