Date: September 14, 2000
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With This Ring



All Souls Church September 14, 1980 7:00 P.M.

    "Dearly beloved we are gathered here today before God and these witnesses to join Kenneth Richard Hutchinson and David Michael Starsky in holy matrimony. This is a holy state not to be entered into unadvisedly or unwisely but solemnly and reverently. In lieu of the standard vows, Kenneth and David would like to share their thoughts and feelings on this occasion. And their two best men and David's mother have asked to also share their feelings with Kenneth and David. Kenneth."

    "Well, Starsk, here we are! It sure took us long enough, didn't it? We danced around our feelings for each other since the day we met. But, when I almost lost you to Gunther, I realized I had to tell you how I really felt. I have to wonder now why I put it off so long. No that's not true, I know why. After the way things went down with Vanessa and me, I never thought I would get married again. But I stand here at the altar as nervous as a cat, wondering if I'm ready to take the plunge again. Then I turn and look at you; you smile at me and I can't believe my good fortune. I found what I had been looking for all my life in the place I least expected to find it; my five-foot eleven, one hundred sixty-five pound, crazy partner; my male partner at that! And I thank God I found you!

    "Can you believe how many people are here? I was so afraid to tell our friends and family. I was afraid they wouldn't understand, that they would turn their backs on us and you would be hurt. Our real friends showed up. Huggy's here, Captain Dobey and his wife, even your mom flew in from New York! When your mom put her arms around me this morning and told me that she wanted to welcome her new son into the family I felt like crying. You know, Starsk, there are people who would say we could never be joined in 'Holy Matrimony'. I would probably have thought the same thing before I met you. But I truly believe a higher power brought us together. What we have together is too right, too good, too beautiful to be anything but a gift from God."


    "Part of me just can't believe this is actually happening. That I am actually getting married. There were times when I came close. Girls I really liked, girls I really cared about. Then there was Terrie. I really loved her, but then she was taken and I decided I was never going to let anyone get that close again. I was never going to give my heart again. But then I realized that there was already someone that close to me, closer even. Someone who already had my heart. That was you, Babe. You're the one who stood by me through it all. At first I didn't want to admit that my feelings for you had grown, that we had gone from partners, to best friends, to brothers and then something so much more. I almost died without your knowing how I felt. I realized then I had to tell you. In our line of work you never know what's going to happen. Life is much to short to play games. So while I was still in the hospital I told you how I felt. I knew I was running a risk of losing you, but you had to know in case I didn't make it. You looked at me with tears in your eyes and said, `Oh, Starsk, I love you, too. I always have!'

    "I look at you and I wonder what you are thinking. I wonder if you are as nervous as I am. But, I know without asking that there are no doubts, that you're as sure of this as I am. That you know, as well as I, everything that has happened has been leading up to this moment. And, I thank God we're finally here.

    "So, I stand here in front of God, these witnesses and the world and declare my love for you. If I could I would like to take out a full-page ad. David Starsky and Kenneth Hutchinson are in love and they are getting married. At first you weren't going to tell anyone. You just wanted to have a quiet commitment ceremony. You said you liked your privacy, that you didn't want a lot of people involved. I was hurt, I wanted our family and friends to be here, to share this moment. But then I realized you were just trying to protect me from disappointment. You knew if we told our friends and they reacted badly, I would be deeply hurt by it. That's when I said, `Hutch, our real friends will be there, and the others just don't matter,' and you agreed.

    "I know how hurt you were that none of your family came. They just couldn't understand and accept our love. I just hope someday, blondie, you'll realize not having them share this moment with you, hell share your life with you, is their loss and not yours. Now, babe, for the first time in your life you have, a real family.

"I think about those words `Holy Matrimony' and I think yeah, Hutch, that's what it is `Holy matrimony'. Two people brought together by God. I know what we have together is such a beautiful gift it could only have come from God!"


    "Well first, I am standing here thinking, here I am. Me, Harold Dobey, with my strict Baptist up bringing, attending the wedding of these two men. I still can't believe it. When they told me they were in love and wanted to have a marriage ceremony as a sign of their commitment to each other, I went into shock! I still can't believe it. These two men, my two best detectives are getting married to each other, and I'm Hutch's best man! When I told Edith I wasn't sure what her reaction would be. But she just looked at me and smiled in that way she has and said, `I know.' She said she had suspected it for a long time, but she `knew' when Starsky was in the hospital after Gunther's men shot him. She said when she thought about it, that's when she knew they realized it for themselves. When I look back I think I realized it then, too, even though I never admitted it to myself.

    "One thing I know for sure, if Starsky hadn't made it, Hutch wouldn't have been far behind. Hutch would never make it through life without Starsky by his side. I will always believe Starsky fought his way back after the shooting just so he could be with Hutch. Starsky knew Hutch couldn't go on without him. So he fought his way back from the dead to be by Hutch's side.

    "I look around and I can't believe how many people are here. Not just friends and Starsky's family, but so many of their fellow officers showed up. I knew they were respected on the force. Why wouldn't they be respected? Sure, they have never played by the book, they've bent all the rules and broke a couple of them. Still, they are the best damn cops I know. But, I never thought their relationship would be accepted. I'm overwhelmed as I look around and see so many of their fellow officers here to offer their friendship and support and I don't think I've ever been more proud of my people.

    "As the two of you stand here today and say your vows to each other I think, `a holy state sanctified by God, how can that be? ' Up until I saw the love you two men have for each other I would have been the first to argue with that. I would never have believed the marriage of two men would ever be `holy'. But to have gone through everything the two of you have and still come out of it alive, tells me Somebody up there is really looking out for you. And, the depth of love I see is so strong, so right, it couldn't be anything but Divine intervention that brought you two together. Yes, you've been through it all. You've been suspended from the force, you've been fugitives, and you've been hospitalized with everything from the plague to gunshot wounds. You've nearly died more times than I want to remember. But you made it through it all, because you had each other to lean on. If that isn't love then I don't know what love is. There isn't a doubt in my mind that they'll stand by each other no matter what comes their way.

    "When Hutch asked me to come here today to be his best man I couldn't understand why they would want to advertise to the world that they were in love. But these two will never feel the need to hide their love. And why should they? True love is such a rare and special gift that when you do find it, when you are as blessed as I have been with Edith, you should declare it in front of the world. May God continue to bless you and keep you in his love."


    "Man, I just don't believe it. These two dudes are actually gettin' married. I always kinda figured the way these two hot dog it on the streets I would end up going to their funeral. Man, I sure never planned on goin' to their weddin' at least not to `each other'. Man, I just ain't believin' this! When you guys come to me and told me you were gettin' married well naturally I asked, `Okay guys, who are the poor unfortunate females you two are inflictin' yourselves on?' Then Starsky comes right back at me and says, `No unfortunate females Hug, we're inflicting our selves on each other.'

    "Well, I thought it was a joke and I started laughin'. That's when Hutch looks at me dead serious and says, `It's no joke Hug and if that's the way you feel we'll see you around.' Well you coulda' knocked me over with a feather. Of course I apologized and said as how they are always comin' in and pullin' some kinda prank on me I thought this was one of `em. When they asked me to come to their wedding. I said `Man, you guys are gonna have a real wedding? If you do then everyone will know the two of you are together.' Hutch looked at me and said, `That's the whole idea Hug. We want them to know. We're not ashamed of loving each other. I'd like to shout it from the rooftops.' Then Starsky says, `Yeah, and I'll take out a full page add in the newspaper.' Well, I realized right then that these two are serious. Well it wasn't a joke, here we are and these two are actually `getting' married!

    "Well now, there are those who would say that this union would be anything but `holy'. But if `holy' means the good Lord is lookin' down today and givin' them the go-ahead then I guess that's exactly what this is. `Cause I for one think he's sayin', `Yeah now this is all right!' Come hell or high water, through fire, feast or famine, these two are gonna' stick together like glue. Man, if Starsky was in trouble Hutch would walk over hot coals to get to him! He would lay down his life for him. Starsky will spend the rest of his life watchin' Hutch's back. You can be sure of that! Why ol' Starsky come back from the dead to keep from leavin' Hutch alone. Man that's what I call love! All I got to say now is `Way to go man. Way to go!"


    "Getting married! My David is getting married. I always wanted him to find someone and settle down. I certainly never thought it would be another man. When he first called me and told me he was going to marry Kenneth I am ashamed to say I asked myself, `How could this be? What have I done wrong? That is not the way David was raised. Maybe it was because his father died when he was so young, or maybe I was too protective. I don't know.' But then I sat down and really thought about it. The person you marry should be someone who loves and respects you, someone who will stand by you no matter what happens. Kenneth has done that. When Terrie died, Kenneth was there for him. When David was shot and almost died, I don't think Kenneth left David's side. When Kenneth took David home from the hospital he wouldn't let a nurse come in to take care of him. No, he moved in and took care of him by himself. Kenneth loves my son that much.

"David made Kenneth realize that your family is not always the ones you're related to by blood. True families are the ones who are held together by love. This is my family standing here in this church today. David has brought me another son and I know Kenneth has finally found a home!

    "I have also thought, can two men be joined in `Holy Matrimony'? Can a marriage between two men be sanctified by God? But then who am I to judge? Who am I to say what God can, or can not do. Maybe this is meant to be. Maybe Kenneth was sent by God to watch over David.

    "This is such a rare and beautiful thing, this unconditional love the two of you share. I can't see anything ever coming between you. The two of you have already been through so much together that I know the two of you will never part. You will go through eternity loving each other. The two of you have committed themselves to each other; heart, body and soul. Yes, I think this is the way it was meant to be. One person, only complete because each has found the other. God bless you my sons."

    "Do you, Kenneth Richard Hutchinson, take David Michael Starsky to have and to hold from this day forward to love honor cherish and keep him in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, for better or for worse, until death do you part?"

    "Yes, I'll have him, I'll hold him and I'll never let him go. This man is my life! Love him? I love him with all my heart. He owns my heart. I could never love anyone else. Cherish him? This beautiful gift from God is the most precious treasure on earth. Keep him? I couldn't live without him! For better or for worse, well, Buddy, I think we covered those haven't we? In spite of the plague, me being pinned under that car for days, you being poisoned, and our being beaten up more times than I can count, we got through it all together! I will love you to death and beyond. Through this life and the next; throughout all eternity."

    "Do you, David Michael Starsky, take Kenneth Richard Hutchinson to have and to hold from this day forward, to love, honor, cherish and keep him, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer for better or for worse, until death do you part?"

    "Yes, I'll take him, have him, and hold him, I'll spend everyday for the rest of my life loving him. I would have no life without him! I love him, with all my heart, my soul my very being. This beautiful golden angel is worth more to me than all the earthly treasures combined. As long as he'll have me, I'll stand by his side. I'll never leave him. Through bullets, beatings, poisons, car wrecks, explosions, even the plague we've seen it all. But with our guardian angel watching over us, we made it. Together!

    For the rest of my life, even unto death. Beyond death and through eternity, I will love him. The commitment to love, honor, cherish and keep each other was a commitment we made the first time we were partnered together. Without partners having that kind of commitment, they couldn't survive out on the streets. That's what kept us together as friends no matter what happened. No matter what came down, we knew we loved each other and were there for each other. But God, how the love and commitment have grown!"

    "What do you give as an outward sign of this love for all to see?"

    Starsky and Hutch answer in unison: "A ring."

    "Kenneth, please place this ring on David's hand and repeat after me. With this ring I thee wed, and I give it to you as a symbol of my love. For from this day forward unto you I plight my troth."

    Hutch responds, "With this ring I thee wed, and I give it to you as a symbol of my love. For from this day forward unto you I plight my troth.

    "Starsk, this ring is a symbol that I have given you my love, my heart and my life and I know they are in safe keeping. And I will wear it proudly, Starsk, for all the world to see that I love you; for the world to know that I have been blessed by your loving me."

    "David, please place this ring on Kenneth's finger and repeat after me. With this ring I thee wed and I give it to you as a symbol of my love for from this day forward unto you I plight my troth."

    David responds, "With this ring I thee wed and I give it to you as a symbol of my love, for from this day forward unto you I plight my troth.

    "Hutch, I give you this band of gold. A perfect circle, with no beginning and no end. Just like my love for you. This ring, my heart, and my soul, I give to you."

    "For in as much as this couple has come here today in front of God and these witness and declared their love for each other with the giving and receiving of rings as an outward sign of their love they have declared their commitment to one another. For from this day forward where two have walked, now there walks one; one heart one life, one love. I now pronounce you wed. You may seal your vows with a kiss."

    They come together and share a tender kiss. As they slowly pull apart they whisper: "Always, me and thee."


    The End? On the Contrary! This is Only the Beginning!