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"Starsky?" Hutch closed the door and shrugged out of his coat. "There's something I need to tell you. I hope it doesn't ruin the friendship we have, but if I have to keep this bottled up any longer it will eventually drive a wedge between us."

"Come on, buddy. You know there ain't nothin' you can't tell me." Starsky's look radiated concern for his partner.

"I guess we'll find out, won't we?" Hutch caught his lower lip between his teeth and tried to center himself. "We're friends, right? Best friends?"

"The best." agreed Starsky.

"Partners. Me and thee." Hutch passed a hand through his blonde hair.

"Always." said Starsky, wishing Hutch would just get to the point.

"Even if I told you I love you?" asked Hutch. There. He said it. Now he would know if his life was going to blow up in his face.

"Love you too, Hutch." said Starsky. "Now that we've covered all that. What do ya need to tell me?"

Hutch blinked, then shook his head. "No. I mean, I love you. Am in love with you."

"Goes both ways." said Starsky, a grin plastered on his face. He had been waiting for what seemed like forever for Hutch to finally realize this. But knowing Hutch, the man had to figure it out for himself first.

"You mean, you feel the same way?" asked Hutch.

Starsky nodded and looked Hutch up and down.

"I've always wondered, but to actually know that you love me." Hutch plopped down on the couch, a look of amazement on his face.

Starsky lowered himself onto the couch next to him.

"How is this going to change things between us? I mean, we're partners, but now we're partners." Hutch turned to face Starsky.

With as much patience as he could, Starsky carefully placed a hand on the back of Hutch's neck, tugging him closer.

Hutch parted his mouth in astonishment as firm lips pressed against him. Starsky teased him with the tip of his tongue before pulling back. "Wait," gasped Hutch, his tight jeans suddenly growing tighter.

Starsky sat back and gazed at his friend, waiting for Hutch to get on with it.

"We need to figure out who's going to do what," said Hutch, licking his lips to recapture Starsky's taste. "Do you want to catch or receive? Or should we wait until we're more comfortable with this situation? How fast or slow should we take this?"

Starsky huffed and silenced him by sealing his lips with his own. Slowly, Starsky snaked a hand down Hutch's chest and cupped the straining flesh beneath the belt buckle. Hutch's sudden jerk was all Starsky needed to guide him flat on the couch. Carefully, he undid Hutch's belt and zipper.

Hutch's eyes flew open in surprise as Starsky manhandled him. The strong, sure grip made his hips buck upward against Starsky's weight. "Starsk!"

"Yeah, Blondie?" Starsky raised his head from the long, slender neck he had been kissing.

"Have you, I mean, do you know...?" Hutch was having trouble concentrating with Starsky's hand stroking him.

"No, and yes, I have a pretty good idea." Starsky lowered his head back to Hutch's neck and gave him a playful nip. He attacked the buttons on Hutch's shirt and exposed the smooth chest to his delight. He moved a little further down to suckle at the rosy peaks.

"How?" gasped Hutch, sharp jolts of pleasure shot from his chest to his groin.

Starsky sighed and sat up, his hand still encircling Hutch, but his movements reduced to more of a steady holding than any attempt to increase pleasure. "You're not the only one who goes around reading stuff, ya know."

"But gay sex, Starsk?" Hutch blinked as his mind raced trying to remember ever seeing Starsk with a book.

"Well, not exactly gay sex." admitted Starsky. "More like those stories they write in those magazines. The process is the same whether for a man or woman when you, uh, go in there."


"How about we move this to bed, huh? A little more room would be nice," said Starsky, standing and tugging Hutch up by his arm. He led Hutch into the bedroom and started to pull of his own shirt as Hutch slipped his own unbuttoned shirt off.

Hutch watched transfixed as Starsky pushed down his jeans and boxers without a moment's hesitation, then stood proud and naked before him. Oblivious to the fact he was standing shirtless and his pants open and hanging precariously on his hips.

Taking the few steps that separated them, Starsky took the waist of Hutch's jeans and pulled them down. "Step up, Hutch." Slowly, as in a dream, Hutch lifted his feet and Starsky removed his pants and briefs.

Starsky wrapped an arm around Hutch and pressed them skin to skin, sealing their lips together. In a fluid move, Starsky eased Hutch onto the bed and covered him with his body. "Shit! Hold on a sec."

Hutch reached for Starsky to pull him back, but he had already darted out the bedroom door. He heard him in the bathroom, then a few moments later, Starsky returned, baby oil in hand.

"Wouldn't have gotten far without this." smiled Starsky, practically knocking Hutch back down flat as he resumed where he had left off.

Hutch's mind raced at the turn of events. He had been agonizing over his partner's reaction to his confession, and now he was experiencing a fantasy come true. He couldn't keep up with Starsky, the man was everywhere and he felt like he was being consumed.

"You don't know how long I've dreamed of this," crooned Starsky, nipping and kissing down Hutch's chest and stomach. He engulfed the head of Hutch's erection and sucked. The result was breathtaking.

Hutch sat up abruptly, Starsky's name yelled from his lips as he was taken inside the hot cavern of Starsky's mouth. His stomach tightened as his impending orgasm built toward explosion. He gasped his partner's name in disappointment when he was released.

"Easy there," soothed Starsky. "Don't want it end before we even get started."

"Who, uh, which of us...?" Hutch stammered, his fair skin blushing.

"I figured I'd be the one who entered you," answered Starsky, resigned to having to talk this through. "I have a better idea of what do to, and then you'll know from experience when you do me."

Hutch could only nod. It made sense, he guessed. The fact that Starsky didn't have any actual experience either never crossed his mind. "So, what do I do?"

"Well, the most common position is hand and knees." said Starsky. "Is that okay with you?"

Again Hutch could only nod.

Starsky waited then gently eased Hutch over onto his stomach. He sat back and took in Hutch waiting in position. "Can you lower your head onto your arms?"

Hutch did as Starsky asked, a wave of embarrassment washed over him. He could just imagine how he looked. Angled downward with his ass high in the air.

"Beautiful." sighed Starsky. He shuffled on his knees behind Hutch, and as an after thought, pushed a pillow under Hutch. He wasn't sure why, but in the articles they always mentioned placing a pillow underneath the person that was going to be on bottom. He opened the baby oil and poured it into the palm of his hand. He misjudged and some of the oil fell onto the bedding. He shot a quick glance at Hutch, but his friend, now lover, hadn't seen it.

Hutch lifted his head to see what Starsky was doing, when Starsky's oil slicked hand slipped between his legs and took hold of his half hard erection. He gasped in surprise, and pushed into the fist surrounding him.

Starsky pumped Hutch's manhood until it was once again hard in his hand. He slid his hand back, cupping the heavy sacs that hung toward the mattress. He rolled and massaged the baby oil into the sensitive skin. He took the opportunity to view the dusky portal that was his goal. The small tight bud didn't look like it could ever take his thick shaft that was throbbing for attention. Determined to do exactly what he had learned, and not cause Hutch any undue pain, he ran his other hand down the crevasse between Hutch's cheeks. The shiny trail of oil caught the light and glistened over the tender skin.

Hutch sucked in air as Starsky's fingers brushed over his most intimate spot. The feeling was weird, but erotic at the same time.

Starsky gently pressed the tip of his finger against the small entrance. The oil made penetration easy and his finger slipped in with little resistance. He slowly pushed until his finger was inside Hutch, then withdrew it slowly.

Hutch shivered at the sensation of being entered and the feel of Starsky's finger sliding over the sensitive nerve endings. If one finger felt like this, what would it feel like when Starsky entered him for real?

Starsky moved in and out until his finger slid easily, then pushed two fingers inside. He watched as the bud stretched without difficulty to accept the extra finger. He twisted his hand back and forth, loosening the tight muscles that clung to him. He started to scissor them and push in and out, thinking this was really going to work. He looked at his hard cock, then back to Hutch's opening. He withdrew his two fingers and came back with three. This time, Hutch's muscles clenched down tight. He held still, not sure whether to continue or stop.

Hutch couldn't believe the intensity of being stretched. He gripped the pillow he had pulled under his head as he felt Starsky stop. He knew all he had to say was stop, and Starsky would immediately. But he wanted this. As much, if not more than Starsky. With a conscious effort, he tried to relax.

The slight easing of the muscles encouraged Starsky to try and push a little further. He slowly wiggled his fingers, until the muscles released their hold and gradually allowed him to move more freely. He took more time at this stage, wanting to make sure Hutch was ready. Finally, he pulled his fingers free and poured more oil into his hand and coated his erection. Nudging closer, he placed the head of his cock against the virgin hole.

"You sure, Hutch?" Starsky wanted, no needed, to know that Hutch was committed to this.

"Yes," came Hutch's quiet reply.

Holding onto Hutch's hip, he pressed forward. At first, he thought he hadn't stretch Hutch enough, but suddenly the head of his cock pushed inside. He held still, when he heard a groan escape from Hutch.

The pain of Starsky entering him flared, but before he could protest, he felt the barrier that seemed determined to keep his lover out, give way. His breath increased as a slight burn hummed around the shaft impaling him.

"Okay?" Starsky started to rub small circles on Hutch's back. His other hand found Hutch's softening cock and gently worked it with his fist.

The pleasure of Starsky's hand distracted him from the discomfort from his backside. He instinctively pushed into the warm hand, and when he pulled back, he shoved Starsky's cock further inside. A tremor of excitement raced along his nerve endings. "Don't stop," was all the answer he could give to Starsky's inquiry.

Starsky eased a little more inside. He let Hutch set the pace, as he moved between his hand and cock. The tight passage was like a hot, velvet glove gripping him. He leaned forward and rested his forehead against Hutch's back, trying to contain the urge to pound inside the intoxicating channel.

Not even in Hutch's best imagination, had he dreamed it would be this good. He shifted a little to widen his stance, to balance himself to move harder and faster. The result was mind blowing. When Starsky pushed back inside, sparks shot from his center. "Shit!"

Starsky froze. He didn't know what he did, but the fear of hurting Hutch was in the forefront of his mind. "What? Did I hurt you?"

"No," panted Hutch, collecting himself. "Whatever you just did, do it again." Hutch met Starsky's tentative thrust and was rewarded with another mind blowing burst of pleasure. "Again!"

Starsky moved to enter Hutch in the same angle and felt him arch into him. He straightened and held Hutch's hips with his hands to maintain the position.

"Faster," groaned Hutch, his orgasm building deep inside him.

Gripping Hutch's pale skin, he increased his rhythm and force. Soon he was fairly pounding inside his lover. He knew he was close to falling over the edge. Suddenly, Hutch stiffened and the warm fluid of Hutch's seed coated his hand. The soft walls of the hot passage clamped down on him, pulling his climax from his body.

Both men shook as they soared together. An eternity later, they collapsed onto the bed, panting and hearts pounding.

"God, Starsk," groaned Hutch. He had never experienced anything like that. His rear ached, but it was nothing compared to the pleasure he had just received.

"Yeah." Starsky eased himself off Hutch, his softened cock slipping easily from its home inside his lover.

"That was fantastic," mumbled Hutch, carefully rolling onto his side to face Starsky.

"You ain't kiddin'." Starsky snuggled closer to Hutch and wrapped his arms around him.

"Is this going to affect our working relationship?" asked Hutch, after a few minutes of silence.


"Cause you mean more to me than anything. I won't risk our friendship," said Hutch, worrying that he should have discussed this with Starsky before the man pounced on him.

"No risk. Love you."

"But what are we going to do? What will happen now that we've done this?" Hutch tilted his head up to face Starsky.

With an exasperated sigh, Starsky captured Hutch's lips to silence him. Hadn't the man learned that actions speak louder than words? Breaking the kiss, he looked Hutch in the eye. "Me and thee. Then. Now. Always." He bent down to recapture Hutch's mouth, silencing any possible protest the blonde could come up with to continue.

Hutch's head was swimming when Starsky finally lifted his head away. He gazed into the face of the man he loved and whispered, "Me and thee." He grinned as Starsky pounced.

The ability to think was soon lost to Hutch. As the night progressed, he soon discovered that thinking things through wasn't always in the best of interest for him. Or Starsky.

The End