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Starsky's Fix

Starsky sat shaking on the hood of the Torino as Hutch loaded the perp into the back of a black and white. He could still see it. The look in his partner's eyes as a gun was shoved in his face and the trigger pulled. Starsky knew the sound of that hammer hitting an empty chamber would haunt his dreams for weeks.

Hutch stole a glance at his partner. He was still sitting where he had left him, though the shaking had calmed. He was pretty shook up himself. It wasn't every day that he nearly got his head blown off. And it wasn't every day that his partner had to watch it from twenty feet away, knowing it was too damn far for him to do anything.

Hutch gave the uniforms some last instructions and sent them on their way. He'd call Dobey on the way to Starsky's and tell him they'd be in tomorrow to fill out the reports. Starsky was in no shape to handle the formalities right now.

Hutch made his way over to the car slowly. The last thing he wanted to do was to frighten his already shocky partner. "C'mon, buddy," Hutch said as he reached out and took Starsky by the arm. "Let's go home."

Starsky let Hutch guide him to his feet then around to the passenger side of the car. Without warning, he reached out and jerked the blond into his arms, holding him as tight as he could, desperate for the physical reassurance that Hutch was okay.

Hutch wrapped his arms around his partner and held on. Starsky was shaking so bad again they were both vibrating with the force of it. Hutch lowered his head down to the face that was buried in his chest and crooned into his partner's ear. It had been too damn close this time.

At last Starsky's shaking began to subside and Hutch was able to help him into the car. He drove slowly, aware of the fragile state of the man next to him. When he pulled up in front of the apartment, Starsky didn't move and Hutch had to coax him out of the car. He was seriously considering taking the man to the hospital when he spoke.

"I'll be okay, Hutch," he said as they walked toward the stairs. "I just need a few minutes."

"Whatever you need, partner," Hutch replied as they walked up the stairs and into Starsky's place.

Once inside, Starsky seemed to regain a little of his composure, taking off his jacket and gun then dropping onto the couch without prompting. Hutch breathed a sigh of relief. He had been getting ready to panic.

"I was so scared," Starsky muttered, his head thrown back on the couch. "I thought he was gonna kill ya and there wasn't shit I could do about it."

"I know what you mean," Hutch said. "I was pretty scared myself."

"Oh, God!" Starsky moaned as he started to shake again. The adrenaline that had surged through him when he saw Hutch in danger wouldn't dissipate. It was coursing through his body making him hot and cold and scared and angry all at once.

"Easy, Starsk," Hutch said as he sat down beside him and pulled him into his arms. "It's okay. I'm all right."


"What? What is it?" Hutch asked, desperate to soothe his partner's fear. "What do you need?"

"You," Starsky whispered. "I need you."

"You got me, lover," Hutch replied. "I'm right here and I'm not going anywhere."

"Hutch, I need..." Starsky trailed off, unsure of how to voice what it was he needed and equally unsure if he even knew what that something was.

"I know what you need," Hutch replied. And he did. He could see it in his partner's eyes. In that moment, he could picture the young man Starsky had been in Viet Nam. Young and scared and in terrible need.


"You need your control back," Hutch said. "It was taken from you when that asshole shoved a gun in my face. You need to take it back again."

"Do you know what you're saying?" Starsky asked. He could already feel his body responding to his lover's words. His body knew even if his mind hadn't figured it out yet. But did Hutch truly understand?

"I know exactly what I'm saying," Hutch replied. "We almost lost each other today. You need to prove to both of us that I'm still alive and whole and yours."

"I didn't want the first time to be like this," Starsky tried to argue. "I won't be able to be easy on you. I'll hurt you."

"I don't want you to be easy on me," Hutch stated. "I want you to show me that I'm alive and that I belong to you."

A low growl was Hutch's only warning before he found himself pinned under his partner being kissed hard. Starsky's strong grip held his head in place as the man's agile tongue invaded his mouth. Hutch moaned at the sudden intense sensation and felt himself growing hard. All too soon, Starsky was breaking the kiss and moving off of him to sit at the far end of the couch.

"Stand up and strip for me," Starsky ordered before Hutch could question his abrupt departure.

Without a word Hutch stood up and walked to the middle of the room. He began to slowly undress. He could feel his lover's eyes on him as he unveiled himself. Starsky always enjoyed watching him strip. It was quite a turn-on for him and Hutch wanted to make it as hot for his lover as he could.

Starsky watched as Hutch carefully removed each piece of clothing. He truly loved watching his lover undress. Watching each piece of clothing as it came off, revealing more and more of the beautiful golden body beneath. It was one of his favorite forms of foreplay. It looked like Hutch was learning to enjoy it, too.

"You're fucking gorgeous," Starsky said as the last article of clothing was removed. "Turn around slow. I wanna look at ya."

Hutch did as he was told, blushing slightly at the scrutiny. The weight of Starsky's eyes was like a caress he could feel all over his body. It made him hard. And it pleased him deeply. No other lover had ever made him feel this wanted...this desired.

"I can't wait to fuck you," Starsky said. He stood then and walked over to his lover. The look of naked lust in Starsky's eyes made Hutch blush all over again. "Last chance to back out, lover."

"I'm yours, Starsk," Hutch said, knowing it was far too late for backing out. "Do what you want."

"If it gets too much, just say 'Dobey' an' I'll stop," Starsky instructed. "Now go into the kitchen and bend over the table."

Hutch had to bite back a moan as he walked into Starsky's kitchen. He felt horribly exposed as he bent over the table, his ass in the air. His arousal surged as the wanton picture he made flashed through his mind. For a moment he didn't think he'd be able to do this. But the memory of his lover shaking on the couch told him different. This was for Starsky. And there wasn't anything he wouldn't, or couldn't, do for his partner.

"You look hot," Starsky said when he walked into the kitchen. "So fucking hot with your ass in the air. Spread your legs. I wanna see what's mine."

"Oh, God," Hutch breathed as he complied. Spreading his legs lowered his ass some but left him feeling even more exposed.

Hutch jumped when he felt a damp finger push inside his body. It didn't go in far, but it was enough to nearly send him off the table.

"Stay!" Starsky snapped as he pushed his finger in a bit more. "Don't you move. You belong to me, Hutchinson, and it's about time you learned that."

"Starsk..." Hutch moaned as the finger slid in deeper still. He pushed back, trying to get more of that tantalizing finger inside and was rewarded with a stinging slap to his backside.

"I said DON'T MOVE," Starsky repeated, the last two words each punctuated with another slap to Hutch's behind. The blond was holding still now and Starsky smiled at the sight. Pushing his finger in all the way, he found his lover's prostate and stroked it.

Hutch tried not to move, but the sensations were too much and he ground back against Starsky's hand. As soon as he did Starsky brought his hand down again leaving a bright red palm print in his wake. Hutch yelped at the pain but managed to stay where he was.

"You're such a good boy, Hutch," Starsky whispered as he bent over his lover's back. "You make me really proud."

"I...I do?" Hutch whispered back, his whole body shaking with the effort of not moving while Starsky's finger continued to torment him.

"Yeah," Starsky said. "You're tryin' so hard not to move. I can tell how bad you want to. How bad you want to grind your ass back on my finger. How bad you want to thrust that hard cock of yours into something."

"Staaarsky..." Hutch cried out when the man pressed down hard on his prostate.

"I need more, Hutch," Starsky said as he pulled out his finger.

"What...whatever you need," Hutch stammered, fighting to remain still. "I love you."

"I love you, too, beautiful," Starsky said.

"What do you need, Starsk?" Hutch managed to ask.

"Fight me," Starsky whispered in his ear.

Hutch shivered as those two little words sank in. He felt his cock grow harder and wondered for a moment which one of them needed this more. Leave it to Starsky to know just what to do to give them both what they craved. Tensing his muscles, Hutch waited a heartbeat before lunging up and back. He succeeded in throwing his lover off him, but he knew he only had seconds before Starsky was on him again. Using his longer legs to his advantage, Hutch dashed toward the bedroom, seeking the illusionary safety of the other room.

He didn't even get the door closed before Starsky barreled into it knocking him to the floor. Before Hutch could make it to his knees, Starsky had one hand fisted in his hair and the other wrapped around his throat. Arousal surged through Hutch as Starsky manhandled him onto the bed.

"Get off!" Hutch snarled as his lover pushed his face into the mattress and shoved a pillow under his hips. Hutch tried to rear up again and knock Starsky off, but a vice-like grip on his testicles stilled him.

"That's a good boy," Starsky purred as he gave the tender orbs a harsh squeeze. He laughed at Hutch's gasp of pain and surprise. His own cock was strangling in his jeans as the adrenaline surged through him again. Keeping one hand on Hutch's balls, he undid his own pants and pulled his hard cock out.

"Starsky, let me go," Hutch demanded.

"No," Starsky replied as he gave the balls another squeeze. "I'm gonna fuck you until you scream, blondie. I'm gonna fuck you so hard you won't be able to sit for days."

"God damnit, Starsky. I said no. Now let me go," Hutch yelled, though he was careful not to move his body.

"I don't give a shit what you said," Starsky yelled back. "I'm gonna have you and there ain't fuck all you can do about it, partner."

"Damn it! You son of a bitch, let me go!" Hutch yelled. The pain in his testicles was making his eyes water. He wasn't sure how much more of this he could take.

"What did you just call my mother?" Starsky spat. He jerked back on Hutch's balls and smiled at the shriek of pain it caused.

"No... Nothing," Hutch stammered as he fought the pain rolling through him.

"Apologize," came the deadly serious reply.

"I'm sorry," Hutch said immediately.

"That's better." Starsky relented and eased his grip on his partner's now bruised testicles. "Now I think someone here needs a little lesson in who's in control. And since I'm not the one cryin' over his balls being crushed, I don't think that someone's me. Am I right?"

"Yes," Hutch replied quickly. "You're right."

"What am I right about?" Starsky pressed.

"That I need a lesson in who's in...in c-control," Hutch stammered.

Starsky reached out and ran his hands over his partner's back. Hutch was shaking now, his body confused amid the cacophony of signals flooding through it. He rubbed slowly, easing the worst of it. This was, after all, Hutch and he would never truly hurt this man.

"That's right, babe," Starsky said. "Now tell me. Who's in control here?"

"You are, Starsk," Hutch replied.

"And what am I gonna do to prove that to ya?" Starsky pressed.

"Fuck me," Hutch said, his face flushing in unanticipated embarrassment. "You're gonna fuck me."

"What's wrong, babe?" Starsky asked when he saw Hutch flush. "Don't wanna be my pussy tonight?"

Hutch went beet red at his lover's use of...that word. Never in all their lovemaking had he ever thought of himself as that. Now here was Starsky telling him that was all he really was. A pussy. A pussy for his partner to fuck.

"That's what you are tonight, Hutch," Starsky continued unaware of the impact his words were having. "You're my little pussy. And I'm gonna fuck you. I'm gonna shove my cock all the way up you. And you're gonna take it. Just like a hungry little pussy."

"Is that h-how you s-see me?" Hutch asked, his voice breaking. Hearing those softly stammered words, Starsky realized he had gone too far.

"Damn," Starsky swore softly as he moved around to sit beside his kneeling partner. He grabbed Hutch by the chin and forced the man to look at him. The tears, barely held in check, seemed to magnify the doubt reflected there.

"Hutch, I love you," Starsky said, completely serious now. He was not going to let some stupid game hurt his lover like this. Hutch had enough doubts of his own about their relationship. He didn't need his lover adding to it.

"I love you, too," Hutch said. "I swear I do. With all my heart."

"I know that," Starsky assured him. "Right now, though, I need you to pay careful attention. I am only going to say this once. Ready?"

Hutch nodded, not trusting himself to speak right now.

"Okay," Starsky went on. "You. Are. Not. A. Substitute." He enunciated each word clearly and his eyes never left those of his partner. "I do not see you as a woman. I NEVER have and I never will. You are the MAN I make love to. You are the MAN who is brave enough and strong enough to let me take possession of his body. You are also the same man I willingly submit to. Understood?"

"Yeah," Hutch smiled sheepishly. "I'm sorry, Starsk. I just... What you said..."

"I know," Starsky said, his voice holding a hint of self-ridicule. "Like I told ya. I can be a real bastard when I want to be. But Hutch, ya gotta know, stuff I may say when we're...playin'...I don't necessarily mean. Just like you didn't mean it when you said no to me. We were both pretendin'. I guess I took it too far."

"No," Hutch argued. "It's my fault. My insecurities. You couldn't have known saying that..."

"Couldn't I?" Starsky broke in. "You think I didn't know just what I was sayin' and to who? I knew I was pushin' a button of yours. I did it on purpose."

"Why?" Hutch asked, his confusion showing.

"To piss you off and make you fight," Starsky explained.

"Oh," was Hutch's soft reply and Starsky laughed out loud. Hutch looked at his lover as he laughed, letting his gaze travel down the much-loved body. He was surprised when he encountered Starsky's erection. Through all the talk, all the explanations, Starsky was still rock hard. He was definitely going to have to do something about that.

"So how do we get back to where we were?" Hutch asked.

"We don't have to do that, babe," Starsky said. He appreciated the offer but it didn't look like this was something Hutch was going to be able to give him.

"Yes. We do," Hutch insisted. "If we don't, you'll never try this with me again. I know you. You'll worry that something will upset me or I won't be able to take it or, worst of all, that I'll hold it against you. You said I needed to learn who was in control. So show me."

"All right," Starsky acquiesced. "But if anything else bothers you like that, you tell me. Okay?"


"Good. Now undress me, nice and slow," Starsky commanded.

Hutch did as his lover bid and lovingly undressed him. Starsky lay completely quiescent, making Hutch raise and lower his body to get his clothes off. Hutch took his time, caressing each bit of bared flesh, knowing how much Starsky enjoyed being touched. He was almost reverent in his ministrations, his touch as light as if he were caressing a tiny bird. After all, this was Starsky. His Starsky. The man that owned him body and soul. He would rather die than have his touch cause this man pain.

At last Hutch looked up from his task. He found Starsky's eyes burning with passion and felt his body respond. He opened his mouth to say something, but a shake of Starsky's head silenced him. He stayed still, kneeling by his lover's side, as Starsky's eyes raked over him. Starsky lingered at his groin and Hutch flushed, earning him a grin and a chuckle from the other man.

"So fucking gorgeous," Starsky said. "And so hot. I love knowing your cock is hard and that I'm the reason for it. I love knowing you want me so bad you ache for me. That if I rolled you over and fucked you right now you'd scream and howl from the joy of it."

Hutch moaned at his lover's truthful words. He started to reach for his aching cock, but Starsky batted his hands away. Obediently, Hutch dropped his hands back down to his sides and waited.

"No touching yourself," Starsky said. "I own that. Just like I own every other part of you. And I don't want anyone touching what's mine. Not even you."

"Yes, Sir," Hutch whispered.

Starsky felt those two softly spoken words slam into him. Sir. He called me "Sir".

"Suck me," Starsky growled, the need once more taking over. "Now!"

Hutch scooted back and leaned down to take Starsky's cock into his mouth. Starsky's fist in his hair stopped him. He looked up and the dark desire he saw on his partner's face froze him.

"On your knees on the floor," Starsky commanded. "You suck me from there. If you do a good job, maybe I'll let you back on the bed."

Hutch waited for Starsky to release him then hustled to obey. Starsky scooted down toward the foot of the bed until his feet rested on the floor. As soon as he settled himself, Hutch was kneeling between his legs and taking his cock in his mouth.

Starsky moaned as Hutch took him almost all the way in at once. His mouth was hot and wet and felt better on his cock than anything else ever had. This was heaven. Or as close to it as one David Michael Starsky ever cared to get. He loved taking Hutch, no doubt about that, but this was even better than sinking his cock into the blonde's tight ass. When he claimed him, all Hutch had to do was feel it. When Hutch sucked him, though, he had to feel it, taste it, smell it, even breath it. To Starsky, the act of willingly taking a lover's cock into his mouth was the most intimate act there was.

Hutch continued using his mouth on his lover. He licked and sucked the hard phallus, running his tongue over the head and gently pushing inside the slit. Starsky moaned under the onslaught and Hutch smiled as he took him down as far as he could again. He would gladly spend all day on his knees sucking his lover's cock just to hear him moan like that and know that he was the reason.

"Enough," Starsky said as he raised up and pushed Hutch back. He pulled Hutch up to kiss him deeply then stood. Fisting his hand in Hutch's hair once more, he moved the other man until he was on his knees with his back against the end of the bed, effectively trapping him.

Hutch allowed himself to be maneuvered. The sharp pain in his skull from Starsky's tight grip on his hair only added to his arousal. It was as if everything his lover did only heightened things, bringing both the pleasure and the pain into sharper focus.

"Now suck me," Starsky said as he closed the short distance between them. Hutch immediately opened his mouth and took his lover back inside. It was made even more erotic by the feel of the bed pressing into his back. This time, he had nowhere to go. All he could do was take it.

Starsky kept inching forward until Hutch was forced to lean his head back on the bed to keep from choking. He stopped then and looked down at his lover. Slowly, he pulled his cock almost all the way out then began to push back in. He took his time, enjoying the feel of his cock slowly moving past Hutch's lips. He stopped once more when he reached the point where he knew his lover would start to gag. Blue eyes met and both men understood what was coming next.

Hutch tried to relax his throat as Starsky began to ease forward. He fought back the urge to gag as he felt the thick, blunt head invading him. He blinked back tears as his eyes watered under the strain and had to force himself not to panic as his air was cut off. He trembled as he tried to hold still and allow his lover to take what he wanted. Only when he felt Starsky's pubic hair tickling his nose did the cock in his mouth stop moving.

Starsky held himself stock-still as his cock was finally buried to the hilt in his lover's mouth. He could feel Hutch shaking and struggling not to fight it as his airway was blocked. This was the ultimate in trust. Starsky stayed in the fiery cavern of his lover's mouth for a moment more, then pulled back just as slowly as he had entered.

Hutch took several deep breaths when the cock in his mouth finally slid free. He made sure to keep his head leaned back on the bed. His lover had not told him he could move yet, nor made any indication that the previous act was not about to be repeated. Only when his lover knelt down and pulled him into an embrace did he allow his head to roll forward and onto Starsky's shoulder.

"You did so good, babe," Starsky whispered as he petted and stroked Hutch's back. "Took me all the way in, just like I wanted you to."

"Anything for you," Hutch whispered back, his throat strained and hoarse.

"I'm gonna fuck you now, lover," Starsky purred. "Hard and fast and deep until you think you're gonna die from it. You ready?"

"Anything for you," Hutch repeated.

"Love you so much," Starsky said as he helped the shaky man to his feet. "Now get up in the center of the bed on your hands and knees."

Wordlessly, Hutch followed the instructions. He positioned himself as close to the exact center of bed as he could manage then laid his head down on his crossed arms, his ass in the air for his lover's use. He wondered how long Starsky was going to make him wait like this. It embarrassed him to display himself so wantonly, even to Starsky. He needn't have worried. Starsky was right behind him moving up onto the bed and running his hands over his upraised ass.

"Gonna fuck you now, Hutch," Starsky said as he shoved an oiled finger into his lover's waiting body. Hutch grunted at the intrusion but made no other sound. The oiling was rudimentary at best and Starsky was soon oiling his cock and placing it where his finger had been.

"It's gonna hurt, Hutch," Starsky said. "You won't be able to sit down tomorrow at all."

"Please," Hutch forced out, understanding that Starsky needed to hear him say the words. "Fuck me. Please."

Starsky gripped Hutch's hips hard and pulled back as he lunged forward. Hutch couldn't help but cry out at the brutal treatment, though whether it was from pain or pleasure even he couldn't have said. Starsky lunged forward again and he was buried to the hilt. Without missing a beat, he pulled back and slammed forward again, setting a vicious rhythm.

Over and over he pounded his flesh into Hutch. He could hear Hutch's screams as his body was taken more violently than he ever thought possible. But there was no turning back now. There was no way he could stop this. When he felt his own orgasm approaching, he reached down to stroke his lover, surprised to find Hutch rock-hard and dripping. When his hand closed over the hard flesh, the added stimulation pushed Hutch over the edge and he came, writhing and screaming on Starsky's cock.

The feel of Hutch coming, both in his hand and around his cock, pushed Starsky over the edge, too. He thrust forward one last time, burying himself completely, and came.

"HUTCH!" Starsky screamed as he filled his lover's body with his cum.

"Yes. Yes. Oh, God. Yes," Hutch panted. He could feel Starsky's cum filling him and he wanted to weep with the joy of it.

When Starsky came back to reality it was to find himself draped over his exhausted lover. He quickly rose up and pulled his softening cock from Hutch. He grimaced at the blood that coated it, but pushed his worry away for now. As gently as he could, he wrapped his arms around Hutch's middle and pulled him over onto his side.

The blond groaned as his weight was finally taken off his abused knees. He whimpered when he stretched his legs out, the cramped muscles protesting. Starsky was right. There was no way he would be able to sit tomorrow. Just lying on his side was putting more weight on his tortured backside than he liked.

"Just take it easy, babe," Starsky soothed. "I'm gonna hold ya for a sec. Then I'm gonna go run you a nice hot bath. That'll help ease the cramps. And it'll wash most of the blood away so I can see how bad I mighta hurt ya."

"You didn't hurt me," Hutch croaked, his throat raw from his screams. "Gave me just what I needed. What both of us needed."

"Maybe so," Starsky said, not wanting to argue right now. "But I still need to check you out. There's a good bit of blood. I coulda really hurt ya."

"I love you, David," Hutch whispered as sleep threatened to delay his lover's plans.

"I love you, too, babe," Starsky whispered back. "More than anything else in this whole miserable world. I love you. Sleep now lover. You can have that bath when you wake up."

"Hold me," Hutch murmured.

"For the rest of my life."


6th story in The Fix series: Mr. Fix-it