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Zebra Three

    "Damn, can you believe that chase? I thought I'd really bou..." Before Starsky could finish the sentence, much less remove his jacket, he found himself slammed against the door, a hot mouth pressed to his, seeking entrance.

    The desperate need in that kiss struck a flame that shot straight through to his groin. Parting his lips, he felt a hungry tongue plunder his mouth, while accomplished hands pulled at his shirt. The kiss broke only for the brief span of time it took to pull his shirt, complete with jacket, over his head. Mouths sealed in passion once again, Starsky found himself being maneuvered toward the bedroom door.

    Seconds later, he was flat on his back lying across the bed. His beautiful golden lover perched over him, tugging at the zipper of his jeans.

    "How in the hell did you get these on?" Hutch growled as he wrestled the tight denim.

    Starsky laughed, wrapping his arms around the man above and pulling him down. "I thought you liked 'em that way?" he said seductively, before taking the mouth ravenously.

    Hutch complied, kissing his partner thoroughly, while his hands continued to battle the jeans. A few moments later, finally maneuvering them over Starsky's firm, rounded ass, he broke the kiss and removed both the jeans and briefs. He sat back, gazing at the wonderful sight of his naked lover. His eyes traveled over the solid legs, the tight abdomen, the firm, sculpted chest and strong shoulders, roaming back down to gaze at the magnificent erection awaiting his touch. "Beautiful," he whispered in awe.

    "And all yours, babe," Starsky whispered, his deep blue eyes half hidden by the dark lashes framing them. "All ya gotta do is come take it."

    "God, Starsk, do you have any idea what you do to me?" Hutch groaned as he crawled back up the length of Starsky's body, planting soft kisses across the chiseled chest, "You wreck me." He nipped lightly at an exposed nipple, "You destroy me." His lips followed the path of Starsky's collar bone, "All you have to do is look at me in a certain way and the ache in my chest is so strong I think I'll die if I can't touch you right then."

    "So touch me." Starsky's hand ghosted across his cheek. "All ya ever gotta do is reach out and I'll always be here. Always."

    Hutch regarded the sultry eyes staring up into his own, seeming to get lost in their depth. Suddenly without warning, he bent low and began ravaging the willing mouth, pressing roughly against the tender lips. All gentleness abandoned, he was driven by the stark need to possess this dark, passionate, wonder.

    Starsky moaned, his kiss matching Hutch's in its intensity. He pushed his hips upwards, desperately seeking contact, grinding against the denim-clad thigh that pressed firmly between his legs. Overcome with desire, out of control with need, he gathered all of the force that he could and abruptly flipped his partner, stretching out on top. "Need you so bad...Hutch," he panted, his tone relaying the urgency.

    Somewhere in his lust-fogged mind, the blond understood his partner's compelling need for control. He willingly relinquished the lead, allowing the other to take over. "I'm all yours, babe."

    Starsky sat back, struggling momentarily with the buttons of the jeans. "First, we have to do something about these." In very little time, the remaining articles of clothing were removed. With a murmur of appreciation, he placed his hand on the massive, rigid organ before him.

    Hutch bit his lip to stifle the groan that built in the back of his throat when Starsky touched him. That was all it took, just a simple touch of this man's hand, and all rational thought fled, leaving him a primal creature with only one instinct coming to the fore, the need to couple with his mate, to merge with the other half of his soul. Then Starsky moved his hand, gliding it slowly downward and then sweeping it up with increasing pressure, and even instinct abandoned him in the face of the overpowering, all consuming need, the need to hold, to touch, to fill and be filled, to consume until there was nothing left of either.

    Starsky watched Hutch's face, his eyes hooded with desire, his breath coming in heaving gasps, and fell in love all over again. It was so easy to do every time he looked at this golden angel who had given his love so easily, not caring what society or convention dictated, only listening to the callings of his heart.

    Wrapping his second hand around Hutch's penis, he concentrated solely on bring pleasure to the one he loved, knowing that being allowed to touch Hutch like this, to bring him to these heights of ecstasy was the greatest gift he'd ever been given. He could feel Hutch growing in his hands, his length hardening beneath Starsky's adroit ministrations.

    "Starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsky!" Hutch cried out, nearly frantic with joy, "Oh god, Starsky, not yet. Not...inside...want...inside..."

    "You want to be inside me, babe?" Starsky asked with obvious glee. "Is that what ya want?"

    "N-no." Hutch shook his head from side to side, hands clutching desperately at the sheets as he strove to form just one last coherent thought. "You. Want you, in me."

    Starsky's eyes darkened with desire and a feral snarl purred out of him. "Oh God, babe, you sure?"

    "YES!" Hutch raised his hips in a silent offering. "Now."

    Starsky stroked his hand across Hutch's chest as he reached across him and opened the drawer in the nightstand. The impatience was clearly evident in the blue eyes that watched him as he lovingly warmed the lube in the palms of his hands.

    The darker blue eyes twinkled with a hint of amusement, able to tell by just a glance how close the other was to the edge. Reaching underneath his love, Starsky rubbed the lube in and around. Teasing, stroking, getting the tight opening relaxed and hungry for what only he could give it. Beneath his skilled hands, Hutch whimpered, pushing against him in wanton abandon, begging for the painful pleasure that would fill and fulfill him as no other ever could....

    "Shhh...easy babe," the dark-haired one whispered, his voice husky with desire as he continued to slowly torture the blond beneath him.

    "I c-can't," the blond moaned, arching back, his powerful thighs spread as he offered himself to his love. "I need you, all of you, now. P-please, I can't wait any... Oh god," he groaned as the practiced fingers delved into his core, brushing teasingly against the sacred spot that set his soul on fire. "More," he begged, "more."

    Chuckling softly, Starsky continued to stroke the hot needy place inside of Hutch, watching the play of emotions on his face.

    "Starsk, babe, please," Hutch moaned, beginning to writhe harder under the hands that controlled him. Slowly, Starsky removed his fingers and replaced them with his hot, moist tongue, rimming the hungry portal over and over again, before ramming the tip of his tongue as deep inside of Hutch as he could.

    Hutch let out a strangled cry of frustration at the sudden feeling of loss, but immediately hissed in pleasure at the new sensation. "Oh God, Starsk," he panted, feeling himself nearing the edge.

    The dark-haired tormentor, thoroughly pleased with himself, continued his unrelenting ministrations, while the object of his desire twisted and writhed, almost seeming as if he were trying to escape.

    Starsky raised his head and whispered quietly, "Roll over, babe," and nipped softly at the newly exposed skin of Hutch's back as he reached in front to wrap his hand around Hutch's rock hard shaft. Stroking it firmly, he let Hutch's guttural moans and inarticulate growls of pleasure wash over him, the sound driving fingers of pure pleasure down his spine.

    "God, Hutch, do you know what you do to me?" Starsky hissed as the need overtook him. "I could come just from the sound of your voice. So good," his free hand slid down Hutch's ass, caressing it as it went, "and all for me. All for me." Positioning himself behind Hutch, Starsky pushed thighs apart and leaned forward. "And I want to give it all back to you. All of me."

    "Oh God, babe, I want it, I want it so bad." Hutch cried as his ass rose slightly to give Starsky better access, to let him reach every burning part of him. Slowly at first, so slowly that Hutch gnawed the pillow under his head in frustration, Starsk entered him, just the head, and rocked back and forth, teasing, still teasing, letting him know that he was in control and would set the pace of Hutch's pleasure.

    Unable to stand it anymore, Hutch let out a growl and pushed himself backwards until his lover was fully sheathed inside of him. He heard a gasp and then felt the weight of Starsky's trembling body pressing against his back. With every shred of control the two had left, they held completely still, savoring the intimate moment.

    But then the need became too much, overtaking them again. Starsky pulled back, moaning at the loss of contact, and grasped Hutch's hips firmly. Using all his power, he slammed forward again, angling his hips to rub against Hutch's prostate. A howl of pleasure was his reward as Hutch pushed mindlessly against him, seeking to recreate the sensation that thrummed through his body.

    Starsky fought to maintain control, to not lose himself in the perfect white-hot heat that surrounded him, engulfed him. But it was too good, too much, the connection he felt when this beautiful man allowed him to take him like this. Their bodies joined together in the ultimate synchronicity, becoming one being.

    It was so good, so good that Hutch thought he might faint before he finally came. When Starsky gently rolled his heated testicles in his palm, all the while thrusting harder and harder into the blond, Hutch shivered and his balls drew up hard against the onslaught, seeking the release that was so close.

    "Come on babe, come on, give it to me now, give me all that ya got," Starsky breathed into Hutch's ear, stroking him hard. Finally, with a loud roar, Hutch reared his head backwards, briefly resting his head on Starsky's shoulder, and came in a stream of thick hot fluid.

    Hutch's body went rigid, his muscles clenching around his lover again and again, pulling Starsky over the edge with a loud animalistic growl.

    Panting, Starsky collapsed on top of his partner in a daze. His heart was beating so wildly, it threatened to pound through his chest. He felt completely obliterated, unable to move.

    Starsky clung tightly to Hutch as he waited for his pulse to slow, not wanting to lose this intimate contact. His hands drew lazy circles across the smooth skin of Hutch's chest. Brushing his lips across Hutch's shoulder, he tasted the sheen of salty sweat that their lovemaking had raised. "No one else," he whispered, catching Hutch's earlobe between his teeth and nibbling. "No one else has ever made me feel like this. I love you so much, babe, so much that sometimes, it feels like I could explode from it."

    "I think you just did," Hutch laughed gently, capturing one of Starsky's roaming hands and bringing it to his lips. Running his tongue down one of the surprisingly delicate fingers, Hutch could feel Starsky shiver with pleasure both behind and inside of him.

    Starsky's softened organ gently slid out of Hutch, as his pulse began to return to normal. "Aw babe, I just can't ever get enough of you," he purred, rolling the blond over so that he could capture his lips in a gentle kiss, then brushed the soft fine hair off of Hutch's forehead.

    Hutch smiled up at Starsky, as always feeling so lucky that this man was his. "That's how I feel, Starsk. I can't ever get enough of you. You're so good for me; we're so good together."

    The two partners lay in each other's arms, gently touching, enjoying the simple pleasure of simply holding one another. Soon, however, Hutch's hands began to move from a gentle touch to a more possessive stroke of Starsky's ass, that beautiful round ass. Running his fingers up and down the crevasse, Hutch whispered in Starsky's ear, "In a little while, babe, I'm going to show you again how much I love you."

    Starsky chuckled softly. "Is'at right?"

    The blond lifted his head to look at his partner's face. Starsky's eyes were closed, a smile of contentment softened his features. A wave of tenderness washed over Hutch. Continuing his fondling, he feathered kisses on the beautiful face, enjoying their peaceful and quiet reprieve from the outside world.

    "If you don't stop that, Hutch, I swear I'm gonna take you again right now," the dark-haired man warned, breaking the silence. He peered up with one eye, but made no movement.

    "You think so, do ya?" Hutch responded with amusement, obviously not heeding the threat. "I've got a better idea. Why don't we both hit the shower and then we can discuss who is going to be doing the taking."

    "So, ya wanna hit the shower, huh?" a husky voice whispered in Hutch's ear, "I think that can be arranged." Starsky rose from the bed in one swift motion, stopping in the doorway to shake his ass at Hutch, "Ya want it, ya gotta catch it, lover boy."

    "Starsk!" Hutch fumbled out of the bed, tripping over a tangled sheet, "You're going to pay for that."

    "Make me." A finger peeked out between the shower curtains, beckoning.

    Smiling slyly, Hutch stepped into the shower, fully intending to take his pound of flesh, but the sight that met his eyes stopped him short. Starsky looked at him through half-closed eyes, leaning back into the water's caress. It plastered the dark curls to his skin, running rivulets down his chest and through the coarse curls there. Following its path downward, Hutch became captivated by the thick shaft rising up to greet him.

    Hutch caught his breath, transfixed for a moment at the site of his gorgeous lover, drinking him in with his eyes. Reaching for the soap and sponge, he made a rich lather and began soaping Starsky's chest in slow circles, pausing slightly over each tender nipple. The tiny buds became hard and Starsky gasped slightly, then felt his knees weaken when Hutch replaced the sponge with his fingers and mouth, pulling, sucking, nipping, torturing each tiny bud in its turn.

    "Oh man, oh babe, s'good," Starsk murmured, his voice thick.

    Hutch raised his head and captured Starsky's mouth, drawing his tongue in deep and writing swirls of pleasure with his own, tasting every inch of his lover's mouth. Without breaking the kiss, Hutch reached for the sponge again and brought it between Starsky's legs.

    Starsky shuddered and his knees betrayed him, giving out for a moment under the sensation of pleasure. He caught himself, gripping his talented lover by the shoulders.

    Hutch pulled back from the kiss, gazing at Starsky with sultry eyes. He reveled in watching the helpless response that only he could generate in this man.

    "Huuuutch." A plaintive whisper as the sponge was abandoned and replaced with a large, masterful hand.

    Hutch bit his lip to suppress a groan of his own as his hand wrapped around flesh-encased steel. Starsky's erection throbbed within his hand, growing harder still as Hutch stroked it firmly, leaping upward as if possessed of a mind of its own. Starsky's whimper of pleasure drew Hutch's gaze away from the magnificent sight and what he saw stole his breath away. Starsky stood in the water's path, his head thrown back in passion, eyes closed, moist lips parted as he leaned into Hutch's miraculous grip.

    The sight was too much and Hutch could no longer suppress his own need as he lunged forward to capture Starsky's Adam's apple beneath his mouth, nipping lightly at the tender skin before working his way up Starsky's throat to the mouth he coveted. Hutch wrapped his free hand around Starsky's neck, his fingers tangling in the wild curls as he pulled Starsky's mouth to his. He plunged his tongue inside the welcoming warmth, both possessing and being possessed by it.

    Releasing Starsky's cock in order to press and grind his own against it, both of their burning erections bobbed as Hutch continued to plummet the depths of Starsky's mouth. Starsky ran his hands up and down the blond's back and muscled rear, stroking and rubbing; thrilling to the sound of the whimpers that Hutch was giving off while kissing him so strongly. Hutch finally pulled away from that delicious mouth and purred, "More, I need more of you, babe." Then he ran his hands down Starsky's chest while sliding to his knees. The water poured down, as Hutch massaged the sides of Starsky's hips, then gripped them tightly, and pulled his love towards his open, hungry mouth.

    Starsky gasped at the sensation of being taken in to the warmth of the other man's mouth. He felt the lips and then the teeth graze over his erection and threw his head back, banging it against the tiles, ignoring the white spots suddenly floating before his eyes. Taking a deep, ragged breath, he looked down at his blond lover, becoming instantly mesmerized.

    Hutch's mouth slid over the crown and he tasted the familiar essence of this man he loved, causing his own organ to harden even further. He glanced upwards, catching the deep blue, lust filled eyes, watching him through heavy lids.

    Starsky leaned against the tiles, his chest heaving, legs trembling. "Oh Jeeeez..." he hissed as Hutch took hold of his ass, pulling him in even deeper.

    Hutch ran his tongue over the achingly hard treat that filled his mouth, sucking greedily at it. He couldn't get enough of it, of the taste of it, the feel of it, the pure essence of Starsky, all for him and only him. Pulling Starsky deeper still, Hutch listened with unabandoned glee to Starsky's keening wails of pleasure. Raising his eyes to the heavenly sight above him, Hutch ran his finger lightly over Starsky's opening, watching the sensual gasp of surprise that escaped those full, luscious lips. Only I can do this to you, Hutch crowed silently, his finger rubbing teasingly around that sacred center.

    Above him, Starsky moaned, thrusting downward into that perfect heat while at the same time seeking the digit that taunted him with the promise of untold delights. "Huuuutch, oh God, Hutch, p-please," he begged, all pride washed away in the erotic onslaught of his lover's skilled hands and inviting mouth.

    Hutch just chuckled as he continued to torture the very gate to both their pleasures. Removing his finger as quickly as he had inserted it, Hutch used both hands to spread Starsky's cheeks wide, and began to rim him again, lapping gently at first and then with a concentrated force. Starsky was in real danger of no longer being able to stand and he grabbed the shower rod desperately.

    "Hang on tight, babe." Hutch whispered, while reaching for the bath oil on the shelf. Quickly dousing his lover's ass with the silky oil and massaging some into his hands, Hutch brought two fingers into play, and entered Starsky with a sudden, unexpected move that made him writhe and scream his name.

    "Damn you...Huuuutch..." What started as a curse almost instantly turned to a plea, as he was once again taken in to his partner's mouth. One of Starsky's hands entwined itself in the blond hair, while the other held firmly to the curtain rod.

    Although captivated by the effect that his efforts were bringing forth, Hutch couldn't help but notice that the baby oil was making the floor of the shower slippery. Wanting to draw their encounter out as long as possible, he somehow he managed to pull himself together and began kissing his way back up Starsky's abdomen and chest, lingering over the collarbone and slowly moving up the neck, feeling the dark-haired man shudder before capturing his mouth and turning off the shower.

    "Hutch," he whispered, his voice filled with need. "Wh-what are you doin'?"

    "Shh...come on," Hutch replied, kissing him hungrily as he pulled him from the shower.

    Hutch maneuvered his overeager partner toward the bed, never once breaking the kiss that bound them. Hooking a foot behind an unsuspecting Starsky's foot, he knocked him off balance and into the welcoming embrace of the feather bed. A sound eerily similar to the cry of a wild cat escaped Hutch's lips as he pounced, not allowing Starsky time to recover before sealing their bond with another kiss.

    Hutch's tongue slid between Starsky's lips to plunder the hot, moist space within, colliding with his partner's in an intimate mating dance. Each of them vied for supremacy, testing the limits of their control and surpassing them, until finally, breathless, they fell away, each of them both victor and vanquished.

    Listening to Starsky's ragged breaths, Hutch rose on one elbow to gaze down into the face of his beloved. His hand drifted slowly down Starsky's chest, tracing random patterns through the course hair, pausing to tweak a sensitive nipple before traveling even lower and once again claiming the throbbing member that was his alone to command. Stroking it firmly, Hutch gazed into Starsky's face. "You know that there'll never be another. I won't allow it. I'll never allow anyone to touch you like this. Tell me you know it."

    "Hutch!" Starsky gasped, thrusting up into the sweet pressure, "Oh God, Hutch, please."

    "Say it!" Hutch hissed, latching his mouth around a dusky nipple, grazing it lightly with his teeth before beginning to suckle it, increasing the pressure of his stroke at the same time, until Starsky was writhing beneath him, begging for release. "Say it!" Hutch surrendered his treat with one last nibble, only pausing to issue his decree before falling on its mate.

    "Only you, Hutch! Oh, God, only you, babe, only you." Starsky cried out, his voice breaking as his body quivered beneath Hutch's exquisite torture. "I know, oh God, I swear I know. Please, babe, please."

    "No," Hutch whispered tauntingly, "I don't think you do." He moved his hand away, crawling to the end of the bed and pushing Starsky's thighs apart, "but you will. When I'm done with you, you won't remember that anyone ever touched you before me. And anyone else's touch will pale in comparison to mine." Pulling Starsky's legs up over his own, Hutch once again lowered his mouth to the rigid penis, enveloping it.

    Starsky's eyes rolled back and his thighs quivered, "God damn you, Hutch," he cried, unable to believe the lightening that soared up and down his spine, settling in his groin and enflaming it so raw, so hot.

    "What, Starsk, what?" Hutch asked wickedly, briefly moving his lips and tongue off the engorged member of his partner to taunt him, to make him beg for what only he could give him.

    "Hutch, please, I need to come, I need it so bad." Starsky tried to reach for his own cock, to stroke it, to gentle it, but Hutch slapped his hand away.

    "Only when I say so, babe, only when I say." Hutch then went back to his sublime torture, wickedly teasing his love by just sucking the tip of Starsky's cock while rolling the heated balls under his palm.

    "Now! Hutch! Oh God, now," Starsky pleaded, and knowing that his partner was close to the end of his endurance, Hutch gently flipped him onto his stomach and spread his legs wide.

    Reaching for the lube on the nightstand, he squeezed a liberal amount on to his hand and purposely began anointing himself, at the same time massaging Starsky's still slick opening with the fingers of his other hand.

    Starsky pleaded incoherently into the pillow, both hands clutching at the sheets while trying arduously to push himself against the tormenting fingers.

    Finally, Hutch leaned over him, blazing a trail of hot kisses up his spine and began guiding his thick erection between his partner's cheeks. He pressed forward, breaching the tight opening and slowly continuing the journey until his lover was fully impaled.

    Taking deep breaths, Hutch held himself there, arms wrapped tightly around the man beneath him. He was determined to keep some control.

    Starsky was trapped and held firmly under the weight of his lover. Any ability of rational thought long since depleted, he was able to do nothing but whimper his conveyance of desperation.

    Hutch held firm, trying to ignore the throaty moans coming from beneath and shivers of pure pleasure they sent up his spine. Holding Starsky in his arms, feeling himself buried deep inside his partner's welcoming heat, Hutch knew that nothing else in his life would approach the sheer joy of loving this man, of devoting himself fully to the love they shared. Closing his eyes, he held Starsky tighter and bent to whisper in his ear, "I love you. God, babe, I love you."

    "I love you, too, Hutch," Starsky grunted, throwing his head back against Hutch's shoulder, "but if you don't move soon, I'm gonna explode."

    Clear laughter bubbled up out of Hutch as he kissed Starsky's exposed throat. Slowly, he pulled back, withdrawing until just his crown remained inside. Then with an almost punishing stroke he drove back into Starsky, listening with wanton glee to the howl of pleasure that Starsky gave birth to as Hutch expertly rubbed against his prostate.

    "Oh God, oh God. Oh... Oh..." Starsky screamed, bucking against Hutch, "touch me, oh God, babe, touch me. I need... Oh God."

    Hutch thrust into Starsky again and again, losing himself in the perfect rhythm, the poetic give and take between their bodies as Starsky accepted him fully, closing around him and holding tight as if unwilling to give up even a fraction of the merging of their bodies, the fulfillment of their souls.

    Hutch didn't want it to end, but too soon he felt the climax building within him, a storm erupting and threatening to shatter him with its power. "Babe, you close?" he whispered in Starsky's ear, but his only answer was a keening wail as Starsky came in thundering waves, spasming over and over again, taking Hutch along as he clenched down tighter on the hungry organ buried deep within him.

    "Oh God," Hutch screamed as he filled Starsky up with his thick hot fluid and gathered him close in his arms. "Oh babe, what you do to me." The two lovers clung to each other as their bodies reveled in the joy given and received.

    Somewhere between awake and asleep, with Starsky nestled securely in his arms, a memory of the day's events flashed through the blond detective's tired mind.

    A frantic chase. Himself, running down an alley attempting to cut the assailant off from one direction. Watching his partner rounding the corner from the other direction, oblivious to the danger hidden behind the dumpster. A desperate shout..."Starsky!" as he spotted the suspect taking aim. A shot ringing out at the exact moment Starsky dove. Another shot, this time from his own gun and the suspect going down. Everything had happened so fast. He remembered the gripping feeling in his stomach as he scanned the area where he'd seen Starsky land and detecting no movement. God, please let him be okay. He hurried over to the suspect. Picked up the weapon...checked for a pulse... "Is he dead?" The memory of absolute relief flooding over him at the sound of the voice. Looking up in to the familiar blue eyes, wide with a trace of fear.

    He sighed, pulling his love a little closer and planting a kiss in the dark damp curls.

    Soft murmurs pulled at Starsky's consciousness. At first he tried to ignore them, burrowing deeper into the welcoming warmth wrapped around him. But soon they began to increase in both frequency and volume, taking on a frantic tone. Suppressing a groan of irritation, he peeled open an eye, tuning into the room around him. Above him, Hutch shook his head in a sudden, jerky motion, a plaintive "no" escaping his lips.

    "Hutch," Starsky drew his hand slowly across his lover's cheek, whispering his name, "Hutch, babe, wake up."

    "Starsky!" Hutch sat bolt upright, knocking his startled partner off his chest.

    "Hey, hey, take it easy." Starsky reached up to grab Hutch's arm, "I'm right here."

    "Oh God." Hutch closed his eyes, falling back against the sweat soaked sheets.

    "What is it?" Starsky asked, hovering over his partner, "What's wrong?"

    "Nothing." Hutch's voice shook with repressed emotion, "Nothing. Everything. It's just..." His eyes flew open and he gazed at Starsky's gratefully for a moment before wrapping a hand around his neck and pulling him downward. "Just kiss me."

    "But, Hutch," Starsky protested, even as Hutch's lips closed over his. For a moment he thought to pull away, to demand the answers he wanted, but then Hutch's tongue slipped past his defenses. Reason fled beneath the desperate hunger that sought to consume him.

    Starsky sighed into the kiss, as always equally hungry for the mouth that caressed him so perfectly, so strongly. Allowing himself to be distracted by the probing tongue and lips engulfing his, Starsky rubbed his hands up and down the length of Hutch's back, feeling its strength, but feeling something else, too. Hutch was shaking and not just from passion. There was more.

    Starsky pulled away from the lips that were engulfing him, needing to know now what was going on, what had put fear into his love, because Starsky knew it was fear, he could feel it in every tremor of Hutch's body.

    Cradling him close, Starsky pulled the blond head to his chest. "Okay babe, out with it, what's got ya spooked?"

    Hutch couldn't reply, he just leaned into the comforting warmth of that furred chest, felt Starsky's heartbeat. The steady beat began to soothe him and his breathing relaxed a little.

    Starsky continued to run his hand gently up and down Hutch's back, in long, soothing strokes. "It's okay...everything's okay. Musta been some dream, huh?" He cocked his head sideways, to look into the blond man's face.

    Hutch ran his fingers through the soft hair that adorned the muscular chest, bringing forth a contented sigh from deep inside of Starsky. "I'm sorry," the blond finally said softly. "I guess that whole scene in the alley got to me a little more than I thought."

    Starsky tightened his embrace, resting his cheek against the blond head. "Ahhh babe, there's nothin' to be sorry for. Just try to relax, everything turned out okay." His voice was calm and soothing as he reassured Hutch.

    The two men relaxed, their bodies melting in to one another. Each taking pleasure in the warmth and security offered, thankful for each other and for every peaceful moment they were able to share together.

    Starsky was dozing with Hutch in his arms, lost in the feeling of his partner's gentle caress. He was suddenly brought out of the reverie, feeling a surge course through his body. An errant thumb pressed into one nipple, working it steadily, while a moist tongue swirled around the other. "H-Huutch..."

    "Yes?" a husky voice purred against his chest.

    "God, what're ya tryin' ta do ta me?" Starsky groaned, grabbing a hold of Hutch's shoulders and pulling him upward.

    "You complaining?" Hutch teased as he swooped down to capture Starsky's lip between his teeth, sucking it tenderly into his mouth.

    "Mmm mmmm," Starsky moaned into his mouth, his body arching into the hand that roamed his chest, "Never, babe, never. But a man's gotta eat sometime." With a quick move that caught Hutch off guard, Starsky reversed their positions, pinning his partner to the bed, "Don't move."

    "Starsk, where are...?" Hutch's mouth fell open as Starsky scrambled off the bed and towards the door.

    "I mean it, don't move." Starsky shook a warning finger toward the bed. "Not an inch."

    Hutch lay alone on the bed, exasperation and frustration warring with curiosity, "Starsky, what are you doing?" he finally called out.

    "Just wait a sec. I'll be right back." A crashing sound came from outside the room, followed by a muffled, "Damn".

    "You all right?" Hutch sat up suddenly in the bed, alarmed, "Starsk?"

    "I'm fine, I'm fine. Don't move." The voice made its way closer to the room. "Just had a little kitchen mishap." Starsky pushed the door open with his foot, his arms laden with a large bowl and several other objects.

    "Starsky, what is all this?" Hutch leaned forward, trying to get a peek into the bowls.

    "Yer movin'." Starsky fixed him with a pointed glare until Hutch lay back down, then went back to his preparations, "Now, I realize this is a bit hokey, but," Starsky climbed back onto the bed, straddling Hutch as he fished around in the bowl, "well, I was at the grocery store and I saw these and I kinda thoughta ya."

    "You kind of thought of me?" Hutch rolled his eyes. "How romantic."

    "Shut up and open yer mouth." Starsky popped something into Hutch's mouth.

    Hutch bit down, finding his mouth flooded with the sweet taste of strawberry and the even sweeter taste of Starsky's mouth pressing down against his.

    Mmmmmm, Hutch could only sigh as the sweet juice rolled down his throat and chin, invading his tastebuds even as Starsky was invading his mouth. Starsky pulled back slightly and Hutch swallowed the berry as Starsky used his tongue to lap at the sweet juice on his chin, and then enveloped his mouth again.

    "See, I told ya we had to eat." Starsk chuckled at his blond, filling his mouth with another berry and tasting it with him as his tongue again followed the berry into Hutch's mouth.

    Hutch felt his cock begin to fill once again as that possessive tongue worked its magic, and those fingers worked his hips and flanks, stroking until his flesh burned.

    Still straddling Hutch, and thrilling at the touch of his hard shaft pressing against the cheeks of his ass, Starsk said, "Wait babe, I have a little more dinner for you," and he reached behind him.

    Hutch was focused on the feel of Starsky's ass above him, fondling the two mounds and drawing hisses of pleasure from his partner, but he looked up at Starsky and saw the can of whip cream and his partner shaking the can with a leer on his face.

    "Uh...uh...j-just wh-what are y-you planning to do with that, buddy?" Hutch asked nervously, knowing all too well what his curly-haired, impish lover had in mind.

    "Close your eyes, baby blue," Starsky crooned, still shaking the can.


    "I mean it! Close 'em, Hutch." He held the can in front of him, finger poised on the nozzle.


    "I'll give you 'til the count o' five." Starsky started a slow grind over his partners hips.


    Starsky snorted, continuing his movements. "One...two...."

    "All right! All right!" Hutch raised his hands in surrender, closing his eyes.

    "No peeking," Starsky admonished firmly, "I mean it, or no dessert for you."

    Hutch held his breath, worrying his lower lip as he waited for what was to come when a moan came to his ears.

    "Ya gotta quit doin' that , babe," Starsky's thumb ran across his mouth, freeing his lower lip. "Can't think when ya do that." Starsky kissed him quickly, sucking Hutch's lip into his mouth and releasing it just as quickly.

    A moment later Hutch heard a soft hiss as something cold came in contact with his chest. "Starsk?" he questioned, feeling the cold drift lower and lower down his abdomen, "Babe, what are you...?" He gasped as a hot mouth latched around his nipple, tracing swirling patterns in the pool of whipped cream it found waiting there. "Oh God, Starsk."

    Starsky ignored the carnal cries coming from above him, his whole being focused on the chore at hand. His tongue laved the sensitive nub of flesh as he endeavored to cleanse every trace of the sweet treat from it before moving on to the next. Feeling it grow hard beneath his ministration inflamed him, reminded once again that only he could bring forth these reactions from his lover, and he doubled his efforts, falling on its mate like a child with a piece of hard candy, sucking, licking, worrying it with his teeth.

    "Oh God, Starsk." Hutch's whimpers grew in volume. "Oh God, I'm gonna come if you don't..."

    "NO!" Starsky's head shot up and he looked Hutch in the eye fiercely. "Not yet. That's for me. All for me." His hand snaked down between Hutch's legs, squeezing his balls lightly. "Not until I tell you."

    Order delivered, Starsky lowered his head once more to the sweet trail that lead down his lover's chest, his tongue sliding lower and lower, skimming across Hutch's skin. "S'good. S'good," Starsky murmured, feeling that hard ripples of Hutch's abdomen beneath his tongue. "You taste s'good." He nipped at the tender skin around Hutch's navel, lapping at the cream he found there. "Taste s'good, smell s'sweet."

    He pushed down even further, positioning himself between Hutch's legs, his eyes alight as he reached out to fondle the proud, firm feast that waited for him. Squirting a dab of whipped cream in his hand, Starsky smeared it around Hutch's penis, giving it a strong, stroke as he did. Looking up into Hutch's dazed eyes, Starsky felt another wave of passion flow through him and fell upon the treat before him.

    Starsky swirled his tongue across the tip, tasting the bittersweet combination of Hutch's precum and whipped cream and it was nearly his undoing as he own penis filled, growing rock hard between his thighs. He took Hutch deeper into his throat, using his teeth to lightly graze the vein that ran beneath it.

    Hutch roared his pleasure, bucking into Starsky's mouth, mindlessly seeking the hot, moist space, the incredible suction that was trying to draw his very essence from inside of him. Reaching out blindly, his fingers threaded through the wild tangle of curls he found nestled in his groin.

    Starsky gripped his lover's hips hard as he bucked and writhed underneath him. I'm gonna make you crazy, babe, he thought to himself, sucking harder on the shaft that couldn't possibly be getting bigger in his mouth but somehow was.

    Feeling the head at the back of his throat broaden, Starsky drew in air through his nose, and relaxed his jaw slightly making it expand and he swallowed the head completely, deep-throating the blond as one hand released a hip and rolled Hutch's balls provocatively in his palm.

    "Starsk, Starsk!" Hutch was a wild thing beneath him, his hands everywhere, clenching the mounds of Starsky's ass, then flailing against his back as he felt the orgasm roll to the surface about to explode.

    Still holding one hand heavily against Hutch's hip, slowing the bucking body down, Starsky removed the other hand from the over sensitized balls and reached under Hutch.

    In a bold, unexpected move Starsky pierced Hutch with two fingers all the while never moving his mouth from the swelling organ or his eyes from the beloved body beneath him.

    "Starsky!" Hutch screamed, unable to hold it back and he came in a hot rush filling his lover's throat. Starsky swallowed and swallowed, needing every salty drop as much as he needed the air to breathe, and still held on to the shrinking cock.

    Desperately Hutch tried to pull air into his shattered lungs. He was destroyed, Starsky had destroyed him, and he only wished he could relive it.

    "Come here, babe," he called in a soft spent voice. "Come here." And he pulled the dark head off his groin and rocked it against his chest.

    "Aw, David, oh babe," he cried still finding speech difficult, and Starsky was well pleased with what he had wrought.

    "Babe," Hutch whispered into his ear, "I just gotta get even."

    He sighed happily, tightening the embrace he had on Starsky. "Just when I think I couldn't possibly love you more..." He waited for a few minutes, expecting some response from the man in his arms. The apartment was quiet, the only audible sound was the deep, even breathing from the body draped across his chest. It didn't take him long to realize that Starsky had fallen asleep. Gingerly, he turned sideways, letting the limp body slide off of him. He studied the relaxed features, the long dark eyelashes and the tousled curls, when animated, added to the mischievous persona, but now...asleep, they made him seem almost angelic. Unable to resist, he brushed a kiss over each eye. "God, I love you," he whispered. He watched his partner sleep for quite awhile. He knew that he could never get enough of this man.

    Although he felt tired, for some reason sleep eluded him and after an undeterminable amount of time, he finally gave up. He rubbed a hand over his face and glanced around the partially lit room. His eyes immediately spotted the discarded can of whipping cream and an evil thought popped in to his mind. Nah...I couldn't, he told himself, looking at the peaceful, beloved face lying next to him. That would be cruel.

    But even as this thought crossed his mind, the whipped cream seem to beckon to him, taunting him with its mere presence. You know you want to, it seemed to whisper to him. You know he'd do the same. Without forming the conscious thought to do so, Hutch found himself holding the inverted can over his sleeping lover.

    Depressing the lever, Hutch watch as the thick white substance spilled out, causing a flash of hunger to pierce his core even as his eyes drifted downward. "Damn, Hutchinson," he chuckled quietly as he continued to trace patterns with the whip cream, "can't you ever get enough?"

    Leaning back to inspect his handiwork, Hutch felt a yawn build in the back of his throat as his eyes grew heavier. Grinning smugly, he snuggled up behind Starsky, gracing the wild curls with a last kiss and carefully wrapping one arm beneath his lover while placing his hand possessively between Starsky's thighs. As he drifted off, Hutch couldn't resist one last stroke, marveling at how, even in sleep, Starsky responded instantly to his touch.

    "Love you," he murmured surrendering at last to Morpheus.

The End