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  1. S: "Wait till I show you this; you are gonna flip. Picture this. Hey: Peanut butter burritos con jelly."

  2. Dobey: "I thought I'd come down and pick myself up some chump change."

  3. H: "I'm not gonna be any pinup boy for the Better Business Bureau."

  4. H: "I think it's about time you made a choice between this piece of junk and me."
    S: "Don't make me choose."

  5. S: "Four guys getting out of a plumbing truck. That's about as subtle as an elephant knitting in Times Square."

  6. D: "You two couldn't write a straight report if your lives depended on it."

  7. D: "Pina Coladas. You can look at me and tell I love 'em, can't ya?"

  8. S: "Oh, uh. . . . You take the dead body. I'll take the one that's breathing."
    H: "Naturally."

  9. D: "Starsky, this scribbling on a cocktail napkin is not what the auditing department had in mind when they asked for receipts."
    S:"They don't take credit cards at the Bucket of Blood, Cap'n."

  10. H: "Starsky, are you asking me to live with you?"

  11. Huggy: "Starsky, if your other half is there, I'd like to meet with the whole package."

  12. S: "We just got beeped."
    Woman: "Does it hurt?"

  13. S: "Yeah, well fools and only greenhorns try to predict the weather!"

  14. H: "I feel like I've been trapped for five hours with a dying lounge act."

  15. S: "Don't walk on my car."

  16. Huggy: "Take heart, my man. You're in luck. Huggy's about to make a very special delivery."

  17. S: "Don't change the subject. You trust me or not?"
    H: "With my life, yes. With your choice of women, no.

  18. S: "Okay, killer. Jump over this chair."

  19. H: "Well now let me tell you something, Merle. Even fo' free, you ain't for me!"

  20. S: "Watch your hands, clown. I ain't that kind of girl!"

  21. S: "I'm startin' to feel like salt in the sugar bowl."

  22. H: "Yes, I'll hold. I've been holding for 20 minutes; I'm getting good at it!"

  23. H: "You know something, Starsk? When they do your autopsy they're going to find a petrified bean burrito."
    S: "With onions."

  24. S: "Hey! You can't read my mail!"

  25. S: "Oh, I love it when you get so angry."