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The Real Thing


Peruvian Gypsy

Dave Starsky wiped wet palms on his new black dress jeans, chastising himself on his strange case of nervousness. Then he smiled.

It's kinda okay. Yeah, I like it. Fitting, after all. I got a right to be. Never thought I'd...

Huggy Bear gave the grinning cop a suspicious glance. "Man smiling to himself like that - definitely a bad sign." A calculated teasing glint appeared in the elfin eyes. "Thinkin' about tonight?"

Starsky, who never blushed, felt the heat rise in his cheeks. "Goddamn you, Huggy..."

The Bear gave him a smile and a wink, then headed toward the door. "I better get Blondie to hustle it up, got people waitin'."

Starsky cursed himself, beginning to wonder if this had been such a good idea after all. If he couldn't even face Huggy without embarrassment...

This is it, Starsky. Irrevocable step. Got ya scared shitless too.

He'd never felt that way before. The realization that all the other supposed loves of his life were just a game, had come months ago. This time - the real thing.

He shook his head in wonder at finding himself in such a situation. Suddenly, all the things he'd never been able to understand made sense: how a lover could really also be a friend: wanting to give someone all of himself, without holding back - he'd always been guilty of that. And nervous grooms. All the things a person was supposed to feel when totally in love for keeps, he was feeling finally, now. But all directed at a tall, blonde man. His partner.

Who better?

It was awe-inspiring.

He fidgeted, wondering if Hutch was almost ready, needing to do something besides stand there and wait.

We joked about who'd keep who waiting - I think ya did this on purpose, babe.

After a few moments that seemed like forever, Huggy raced in. "Okay, fellas, show time."

He was followed closely by a blonde vision. Starsky noted, with some surprise, the almost innocent shyness about his partner. Starsky approvingly appraised the familiar body, which was clothed in a white silk shirt and matching jeans.


"You're crass, Hutchinson."

"You're the one's always said you like me in white."

Huggy grabbed Starsky's arm. "If you and the blushing virgin are ready..."

"Huggy?!" They spoke in unison, both turning beseeching eyes on him, but the skinny best man remained immobile outside the door, oblivious to any discomfort he had caused.

"Ready?" Starsky gestured toward the door.

One side of Hutch's mouth turned up in a slight smile. "Always figured we'd each be best man at the other's wedding, huh?"

Starsky drank in the smile. And suddenly it felt right. "I like it better this way."

This is it, babe.

Before starting down to the beach, they paused a moment to survey the scene. This was to be no bizarre travesty of a wedding. A few close friends, carefully selected special words. An affirmation of their commitment.

Starsky gazed at Hutch. The sunlight seemed to seek him out purposely. The center of the universe. And in that space of time, no one else existed for David Michael Starsky. Yet he knew in the deepest part of his heart, that no one else ever had.

He was no longer nervous or doubtful. Whatever was to come, they would face it together - had long ago, even just as friends, vowed to tackle life together. This day was the realization of all their years. And he wanted this. He did feel it.

Hutch smiled again, and Starsky found himself matching it. Their hands slipped together as they made their way down to the beach. Toward their future.

For you, Hutch... everything.