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Now dawn light is rising,
      the deep clear blue of trusting eyes,
            fading out the horrors of the day and night gone by.

Too early yet for city streets to stream
     with all those cars
           that aren’t bright red Torinos.

Too early for a twisted grin,
  a breakfast of cold tacos
           and warm beer.

Too early ... damn!

Almost too late for him, forever!

Bitter poison almost stole
  his vibrant life away from me.

Did I really say it’s toughest
  on the one that's left behind?

It didn’t happen, this time.

Lady Luck redeemed us,
  very late in what nearly was
          the last day of his life.

And I’m not sure that I could face
  another deep blue dawn
          if I knew I’d never see it in his eyes.

< small>                                                                       Rachel Duncan
                                                    Hanky Panky 1