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Hey, old Blue Seven Mystic,
      how can I thank you
            for winning the game
      and saving my life?
Or are we even since you
      baked my Buddy Holly album?

Your psychic powers aren’t telling you
      why I asked you
             to associate with "closet"
                               are they?

You have never been as beautiful
             as you are tonight --
       your half-belligerent remorse
             makes me want to touch you
                    in a way
                       I’ve never done before.
I feel you near me
      as we drink our beer in silence
             and wait for that expensive pizza
                  finally to get warm.
These thin pajamas and this robe
       aren't armor enough
             against your innocence,
                  and I won’t be responsible if --

No, I’m not angry, babe.

       I wanted you to win, anyway,
             you know.
       Two days without you
             is never my idea of fun.

< strong>                                   Rachel Duncan
(Hanky Panky 3)