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In a bleak back alley
      in the City of the Angels,
Ice-blue eyes and those of twilight hue
      meet, in perfect understanding,
At the still point before action,
      before the running,
Between the sirens of the backup,
      still too far away,
And the silence of the quarry
      the unknown, waiting danger.

Two minds know, by instinct,
      who will be the first to move,
           and who might be the first to die.

Two hearts speed up their beat
      in fierce determination.

And with ever-present fear,
      the clear blue gazes say
             the price of failure simply is too high.

So two good cops race in, together,
      where wiser others fear to tread,
Into the sewers and the soulless dark
      of the city of lost angels.
Rachel Duncan
                                                   HALF YOU, HALF ME 2