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Misjudged Love
Musings From "A Coffin For Starsky"

   I've misjudged love before.  This isn't the first time, but I pray to God it will be the last. 

   I once thought love was passion, but now I know that passion can come in a will to live.

   I once thought love was holding on, but now I know it's giving it all away.

   I once thought love was suffering, but now I know it's given me life.

   I once thought love was an unobtainable dream, but now I know I had it all along.

   Love is what I see before me, dying on a hospital gurney.  Unable to swallow, unable to speak.  Unable to hold my hand, unable to tell me goodbye.

   I've misjudged love before, but never again.  Hold on, buddy, hold on.