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The Fix The Lesson (13KB) (12/9/00)
Shootout Prints (3KB) (12/9/00)
Unconscious Comfort (3KB) (12/9/00)
A Coffin for Starsky Misjudged Love (3KB) (12/9/00)
The Words that I Can't Say (14KB) (12/9/00)
Safe (3KB) (12/9/00)
The Rooftop (4KB) (12/9/00)
Bloodbath Polaris (4KB) (12/9/00)
The Psychic I Thought My Heart Would Burst (4KB) (12/9/00)
Survival First Tears (6KB) (12/9/00)
Battle Scars (24KB) (12/9/00)
Echoes of the Canyon (5KB) (12/9/00
Starsky's Lady How Do I Say Goodbye? (6KB) (12/9/00
Robby (10KB) (12/9/00
Wait For Me (6KB) (12/9/00
I Love You, Rosie Malone Rosie's Song (2KB) (12/9/00
The Plague The Promise of a Name (4KB) (12/9/00)
What Word? (3KB) (12/9/00)
Manchild on the Streets Paying Some Respect to Love (17KB) (12/9/00)
Starsky's Brother The Home Team (7KB) (12/9/00)
Blindfold Through My Eyes (4KB) (5/30/01)
Starsky Vs Hutch Rules of the Assignment (7KB) (12/9/00)
Doth We Not Bleed?
(37KB) (12/9/00)
I Never Hated Myself More (6KB) (12/9/00)
Sweet Revenge My Partner's Eyes (3KB) (12/9/00)
Only Courage Remains (4KB) (12/9/00)
The Bond of the Prodigal Son Pt 1(55KB)
The Bond of the Prodigal Son Pt 2(66KB)  
The Call (5KB) (12/9/00)
This I Will Remember (7KB) (12/9/00)
The Toast (6KB)
Enough (16KB) (3/17/04)


And I'll Call You Friend (3KB) (12/9/00)
I Once (4KB) (12/9/00)
How Much More? (4KB) (12/9/00)
I Can't Remember a Time(3KB) (12/9/00)
One Day More(4KB) (12/9/00)
Me and Thee (3KB) (12/9/00)
It's a Private Thing(14KB) (12/9/00)
The Card (8KB) (12/9/00)
The Parade (14KB) (12/9/00)
The Unyielding Bond (3KB) (12/9/00)
Words (3KB) (12/9/00)
Christmas Wish (8KB) (12/27/00)
I'm Not So Good With Words (3KB)
The Precious Present (27KB) (5/30/01)
What Do I Want? (3KB) (5/30/01)
The Sacrifice, Pt 1 (67KB) (5/30/01)
The Sacrifice, Pt 2 (61KB) (5/30/01)
The Sacrifice, Pt 3 (68KB) (5/30/01)
The Sacrifice, Pt 4 (73KB) (5/30/01)
The Sacrifice, Pt 5 (69KB) (5/30/01)
Heart Sight  (109KB) (2/07/02)
Heart Song, Sequel to Heart Sight (49KB) (3/17/04)

The Storm  (75KB) (3/17/04)

The Endless Knight  (12KB) (3/17/04)
Home Through the Night (11K) (3/18/04)
Shields of Gold (3K) (3/18/04)