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What Word?
Musings from The Plague




    What picture could I paint
that would show what's in my heart
that could comfort you as much
as my hand upon your shoulder?

   What standard could I fly
to challenge you to bravery yet again
entreat you to hang on for me - for us,
and beg you not to slip away?

   What promise could I make
to surpass the barrier between us
that keeps me from holding you
when you need me the most?

   What message could I leave
that would make you understand
that you are not alone, never alone
because I'm intertwined within your heart?

   What word could I speak
to give you hope
to make you understand
that I will die before I give up?


   The dark-haired detective uncapped the scarlet lipstick and with a tremulous hand began to draw on the isolation ward window.





   Later, when Hutch's eyes slitted open, his attention was drawn to the room's sole window. The blonde tried to focus as he continued his struggle to draw breath.

   A solitary tear escaped as the failing man's heart filled with comfort and hope.