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My Partner's Eyes
Musings from Sweet Revenge

    My partner's eyes are azure
   like storm clouds heavy with rain
   I see the tortured soul inside
   haunted by unanswered pain.

   My partner's eyes are twilight
   gentled by his smile
   The shadow to my sunlight
   entwined by countless miles.

   My partner's eyes are seascape
   changing with the light
   Dancing with a child's mirth
   a tired heart takes flight.

   My partner's eyes are daybreak
   forgiving my selfish soul
   A glance that heals my brokenness
   restoring what pride has stole.

   My partner's eyes are cerulean
   fear and anger take their toll
   Threatening like a stormed-tossed sea
   mirroring the billow's roll.

   My partner's eyes are closed now
   shut tight against suffering's rain
   I'll stand as guardian till healing comes
   and I bring him home again.