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 How Do I Say Goodbye?
 Musings from Starsky's Lady
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   You came like sparrow's gentle flight
   Alighting on my windowsill
   Drawing the morning sun with song
   How do I say goodbye?
   You woke me with your tender words
   As if I slept eternal sleep
   And never knew the world was waiting
   How do I say goodbye?
   You stirred my heart with a tenderness
   That I had never known
   And gentled my storm-tossed soul with a kiss
   How do I say goodbye?
   You taught me bravery
   Though my world was tainted with fervent blood
   I never knew what courage was
   How do I say goodbye?
   The splendor of your soul made roses pale
   Though you never took notice
   Because beauty comes from the spirit within
   How do I say goodbye?
   It's only in the losing of you
   That I begin to understand what could have been
   What should have been
   How do I say goodbye?
   And now the sparrow has again taken flight
   And life's most precious gift is stolen
   From trembling, callused hands
   How do I say goodbye?
   I never realized there was an emptiness inside
   Where a shadow of a man lived
   Waiting for your hand in mine
   How do I say goodbye?
   A final kiss on sleep-chilled lips
   An errant lock brushed aside
   I know that you're gone, that you'll wait for me
   How do I say goodbye?
   A brother's love pulls me away
   His tender grip steadies me
   And holds me to the promise to never change
   And to never say goodbye

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