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Unconscious Comfort
Musings from The Shootout



    Cradled safe in my father's arms
held securely against his chest
His heart beats a cadence that comforts me
sings to me a song that tells me I am secure
cradled safe in my father's arms

   Nestled in his strong embrace
here I take refuge against all that can harm
here is my shelter against the storm
The world and its concerns fade away
as I rest here safe in my father's arms

   Starsky's thoughts were muddled as he drifted in and out of consciousness, pain bleeding into his deliberation as swiftly as the blood fled from his body. Hutch steeled himself against his partner's anguished moans and gasps for breath, knowing otherwise that he would lose his tenuous hold on his rage. Hutch's steps faltered briefly under his burden though when he heard the darker man whisper "Poppa?"

   The blonde detective adjusted his grip on his partner's limp body and held him tighter to his chest, carrying the wounded man from the restaurant into the small dark office.