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Musings from Starsky's Lady



 April 2th, 1976

   Wen i furst moved to Las Angeles, it was verry verry lonly. I went two a new school the marshal centar for Ecepshional children. But I wusnt ecepshional the kids wher i uset to liv cald me a retard and uset to beet me up. Peple wer nice at my new school but i dint feel like i had anee frends.

   Not until i was put in Miss Roberts class. I have ben in Miss Roberts class for 7 munths. Miss Roberts was vere vere sweet and vere vere beuteful. I fel in lov with her rite a way. It dint mattar that i was 14 and she was a litle bit oldar may be 17 or so and i was gona marre her sum day. And we wood be hapy and by are own litl house and hav a dog and may be a cat and evrything.

    Eech spring i wud bring Miss Roberts apple blosums from my moms tree in are yard. Miss Roberts wud smil and smil at me and put them on her desk. Wen i am 18 momma says that i wil be an adalt. Then i wil ask Miss Roberts to marre me.

    Miss Roberts says that i am varee smart and not too let the kids on my bloc bothar me when thay cal me names and say i am a retard. Miss Roberts smiles at me wen she sas this so i think may be she loves me two. she told me i shud keep a book of my thots and storys in a book. So i did. but i havint let any body reed it. May be after we get maryd I will let Miss Roberts reed it.


April 6th 1976

    i brot Miss Roberts mor apple blossums agin only i also rote her a poem but it dint rime, but it sed how beutifull and speshal and sweet she is. It made her cry and she gav me a hug. she said that apple blossums are her varee favoret.

    To day we playd baskettbal i am not verre good but Miss Roberts tels me to keap on try any way and someday i wil be as good as Wilt chamberland. I am tallar then the rest of the childrin heer. Im afrad i wil hert one of them like litle Andy. He plays basketbal reel reel good and boy is he fast. I all mos nokd Sally down to day wen i was drippling so she wont play no more but i told her i was soree and Miss Roberts sed i dint meen it eether. Sally sed it was ok but she dint want to play no more but she wud cheeerleed and play with the pompomms. Sally can yel reel lowd shel mak a good cheerleder.


Septemmbar 5th 1976

    Miss Roberts has frends that com to the school to play games with us heer. Thay are verry nice but i think that dave has a crush on Miss Roberts two. i wantd to hate him becuse i think she likes him two. Hutch is nice two and i play on his team and we ushully win. i think becus Miss Roberts and dave are all ways talking. We ar the bufalos and thay ar the hornits. i uset to be mad at dave but he talks to me like i am not a retard and smart and lets me sit in his car. He is verry nice two so i cant be mad at him. Evan if he and Miss Roberts are boyfrend and girlfrend thats ok becase i will stil marre her wen i am oldar


Januaree 3th 1977

    Miss Roberts has been verry kwiet today. she said she got som bad news about a frend and she dint no if her frend was ok or not. dave and Hutch havent come to play bassketbal with us yesturday or today. i hope thayr not sik or sum thing. i saw them on the noos last night while i was eating diner. they was at the corthouse and ther was a bunch of strang peeple on the steps singen or sum thing. mom sed they wer weerdos and terned off the tv


Jannaury 11th 1797

    Miss Roberts was happy to day becas dave and Hutch came to play basskitbal with us. dave looked tired and Miss Roberts stayd clos buy him like she was affrade he was going to go away or sum thing. Hutch looked woryd two. i was jus glad thay wer back. the Blond Blints Bufallos won the game - yaay! Sally wore a newoo dress today and lookd verry prety. maybe i will ask her to go to the moovees with momma and me Saterday.


Febuary 14 1977

    The apple blossums arnt out yet but i brot Miss Roberts a branch from are tree today to school becas I no how much she likes them. there was a difrent teacher in our class. He said that Miss Roberts was sic and that he dint no when she wood be coming back to school us. dave and Hutch dint come to play with us neether.


Febuary 20th 1977

    Miss Roberts hasint ben back to school in almos a week. i miss her verry verry much. Momma says shes in the hospital and that she may not come back at all. this STINKS!! what wil i do if she dosnt come back to school?? we cant get marred if she is all ways sic


Febuary 21th 1977

    Miss Roberts came back to day!! i was so ekcited and so was the othre children. she looked a littl sad and a litle tired and onlee stayd a haf a day but i was so happy! i wish i had som apple blossums to giv her. dave and Hutch cam to play bassketbal with us. i was so glad Miss Roberts was thare that i dont remmember who won the game. Miss Roberts and dave had to go away before the game was over any way. i can't wate to see her tomoro.


Febuary 22th 1977

    Momma says Miss Roberts went to hevan to be an angel with Jesus. i was so sad i cryd and cryd and cudnt even eat dinner evin tho momma made my favarit. i cant marre Miss Roberts if shes an angel i no shes happy caus shes in heven but i stil mis her. i hope theres lots and lots of apple blossums in heven.


Febuary 25red 1977

    To day we had a memory serviss for Miss Roberts. Evry one from the school was ther and Momma and dave and Hutch and ther capten. Evry body cryd a lot. i dint like seing her in the cofin it was kindof skary to me. i wated un til evryone was gon and i finaly went up to see her. she stil lookd verry prety - like she was asleap or som thing. i put a apple branch nex to the flowars on her cofin. ther wer litle bumps on the branch that momma sas wil becum flowars some day. she said that peeple wer like that that we are sum thing small wile wer on the erth, but we becum beutiful like a blossum in heven. i dont relly under stand but i no she was trying to make me feel beter. dave came up nex to me wen i was up ther and he put his hand on my showlder. ther wer teers in his eys two. i told him that Miss Roberts likd apple blossums and he said he noed that and told me how much she liked me and stuf like that. i told him that she liked him two and that made him cry reel hard.


March 28th 1977

    dave and Hutch and momma pickd me up in daves reely grate car affter school to day. thay took me to a park Westside Park by the oshen that dave sed Miss Roberts likd to go to a lott. it was verry nice and had lots of gras and sweengs and stuf to play on to.

    we went for a wak on the beech by the wader. It was verre beutifal and the sky and wavs lookd so blue. I wantd to go swiming but momma sad no be caus i dint hav my swiming soot. We walkd by a litl girl who was crying and i askt her why she was crying she dint say no thing but pointd out at the watter you cud see her beech ball was far far out in the watter. ther wusnt any thing we cud do to get it bak for her. for sum reeson this made dave cry a litle so Hutch and momma and me let him walk on the beech by himself til he felt beter wile we playd on the swings

    be for it was time to go home we wakd on a sidwak wher ther ar lots and lots of trees. dave took us to a speshul plac wher ther was a tree that had a litl gold plate by it with his nam on it. it was verre prety Hutch said it was a mapl tree. but what was reely beutiful was the litl apple tree that dave and Hutch had plantd nex to it - it was a apple tree with lots of litl leevs on it and lots and lots of buds that wil be blossums verre soon! it had a gold name on it like daves onlee it said 'for my best frend' on it. Hutch said it was for Miss Roberts so that peepl woud see it and no that she was speshul. it made dave kindof sad to see the tree but it made me happy be caus i no how much Miss Roberts likd apple blossums.

    i wonder if i can marre Miss Roberts wen i get to heven? i beter ask dave furst.