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Chapter 6

"A Starsky and Hutch Reunion"
Teri Colosimo 

Chapter 7


Starsky had called Leslie from the hospital to tell her about Trini, and was now desperately trying to convince her all was well. "She'll be fine, Les. Les, I promise, It's just a little flesh wound. Here, talk to Hutch. I gotta talk to the officer that just got here." Handing the phone to Hutch, he told him, "Tell Les Trini's O.K.--she wants to cancel our vacation."

Hutch took the phone, and spoke into it. "Leslie--kind and sweet lady--you don't need to worry. Go back to your packing, and get ready to enjoy Florida."

"Hutch, you sure? I feel bad enough leavin' you, and now this."

"What is it with you two? I'm gonna be just fine. I'm not as weird as I was before." Hutch smiled a little. He really did feel good again.

"I'm so glad, Hutch. We were sure worried about you for awhile there."

"Thanks, Les. Me, too. Go pack. I love you."

"I love you, too, Hutch. See you in two weeks."

"Yeah--sorry we can't take you to the airport, but we could pick you up."

"That's O.K. You just stay there with Trini. That'll put David's mind at ease so he can come home."

"You got it, Les. I'm sendin' him on his way."

Trini was sitting on the emergency room bed laughing and shaking her head at Starsky. "Don't you have a plane to catch? I'll do the paperwork later--GO!"

Starsky nodded at Trini's comments, kissed her forehead, then charged out the door. He bumped into a patiently waiting Hutch on the other side. Starsky grabbed his friend's hand and vigorously shook it. "We did it, buddy! We did it!"

Hutch pulled Starsky into a happy embrace and started to laugh. "We sure as hell did, partner."

Starsky breathed a sigh of relief and smiled up at his friend. "Damn, I'm glad 'Hutch' is finally all here. I sure missed ya'."

After placing a loud kiss on Hutch's cheek, Starsky turned and began to run down the hallway. He called out as he ran, "Take care of my Jewel."

"Get out of here, you idiot!" Hutch was still smiling and shaking his head as he watched his friend disappear. "He's nuts."

Trini came up and grabbed his arm, surprising him. "So are you. Can we go home now?"

Hutch looked around and nodded. "Let's get out of here before some nurse shoves you in a wheelchair."

Grabbing her good arm, they fairly ran out of the hospital together.


Once they were in a cab and safely on their way, Hutch looked down and noticed Trini's bare feet.

"Jesus, Trini! Why didn't you grab some socks or somethin' in there?"

She laughed a little. "That would be stealing, Officer Hutchinson."

Shaking his head, he bent down and took off his shoes to remove his own socks. "Sorry, but they'll have to do."

Hutch held his hand out and Trini plopped a foot into it. Wiggling her nearly black toes at him, she asked, "You sure you want all this dirt in there?"

"Be a good girl and give me your other foot."

Trini did as she was told to, marveling at Hutch the whole time. Those big, strong hands were gently pulling socks on her feet as if she were made of porcelain.

When he had finished, and put his own shoes back on, Trini scooted closer to him on the cab seat. Laying her head against his shoulder she whispered, "You're a good man, Ken Hutchinson. Thanks for the socks."

She was already falling asleep, so he gently wrapped his arm around her to keep her comfortable and stable in sleep. Double checking she really was asleep, Hutch pulled her closer and gently kissed her temple.

God help me, Katrina Starsky, but I don't think I want to fight this feeling inside. I think I' m falling for you. Do people still say that, or am I 'dating' myself?

Hutch pulled Trini closer, and sighed to himself. You're too good for me...but I'm crazy about you.

Trini hadn't noticed the cab stopping--or Hutch paying--or Hutch lifting her out of the cab. She did notice now, though, and it was nice there in his strong arms. Curling up closer to him she whispered, "I really like this, but I can walk."

Hutch grunted, "Not in my new socks, sister."

Trini laughed, and Hutch smiled down at her.

Once inside the elevator, Hutch gently set Trini down, but she didn't make any attempt to move away from him. Quite the opposite, actually--she laid her head comfortably back against his chest, and reached back to hold his hand.

Inside the apartment, Trini turned to Hutch and asked, "Showers first, then breakfast?"

Hutch nodded. "How did you guess?" Hutch removed his holster and hung it with Trini's behind the door.

She handed him his jacket, and asked, "Would you put mine back, too?" Nodding, he dug in the pockets and removed the flashlight and revolver.

Trini pointed to the ruined jacket. "Sorry."

Hutch seemed unconcerned as he moved to the kitchen, and dropped the jacket unceremoniously into the trash. "Remnant from my second marriage. Screw it. Go get your bath."

Relieved, Trini smiled and started moving to her room. "On my way, Sir."

Hutch smiled at her departing back, and went to follow his own advice.


After a quick shower, Hutch had returned to the kitchen and was contemplating what to make when he heard Trini call out to him.

"Hey Hutchinson, you out there? Officer in need of assistance, here."

She probably can't get that stupid-ass sling they made her wear unhooked.

Hutch knocked on Trini's open bedroom door, and she called out from the bathroom, "I'm in here, Ken." He'd realized she had to be in the bathroom when he couldn't find her, but he hadn't expected to see her in the shower. Well, he couldn't really see her--just part of a leg and her pretty head peeking around the shower curtain.

Trini noticed his hesitancy, and it made her laugh. "You can't see anything, quit being an idiot."

Hutch went inside, but looked away at her mirror.

"I need a towel, Ken. They're all in the dryer."

He nodded and quickly left for the laundry room off the guest bath. Returning, he called to her from outside the door, "Trini, here's your towel."

She opened the door a little wider than necessary--at least to Hutch's thinking--and grabbed the towel. "Thanks, you're a lifesaver."

Hutch nodded and quickly went back into the kitchen. Opening up the refrigerator with shaking hands, Hutch poured two glasses of iced tea.

It would seem they both could use some cooling down.

Hutch was just starting to think a little clearer when Trini's door opened, and she came out wearing a tightly wrapped robe.

Thank God it isn't a towel again. He held her tea up. "Thirsty?"

"Thanks." She reached for her glass, and took a sip before setting it on the counter. "Did you decide on breakfast?"

He was thinking, It's not food I'm hungry for, but settled on: "Your choice. You name it--I'll make it."

Trini went to the fridge and opened the door. Turning towards Hutch, she bent over and looked inside. Her robe popped open a little, and the view he was getting of Trini's uncovered skin was delightful. Guiltily, he realized he wasn't exactly looking away.

Wrinkling her nose, she stood up and closed the door, "I know it's late...or is it early? Anyhow, what about pizza?"

Hutch was just glad she'd stood back up--two day old bread would've sounded good. "Pizza sounds great! Where's your phone book?"

At the same time Hutch stepped back a little to look, Trini was reaching for the drawer behind him.

Suddenly they both stopped.

Trini was now between Hutch and the island, their bodies almost touching, and the electricity would've scared ol' Ben Franklin.

Trini's hand was still on the drawer, her eyes on the floor like she was afraid to look at him. Slowly, Hutch reached out a tentative hand to play with Trini's damp ringlets. Trini shivered, but not from the cold, and closed her eyes.

Hutch whispered, "Trini, I..."

Holding her hand up, she cut him off. "It's O.K., Ken. Let's not dwell on this." Slowly, she opened her eyes, but continued to look at something in the distance. She sighed heavily, sadly. "Christ, I feel like a crazed fan, or a stalker or something."

Hutch was still toying with her hair, intently wrapping the curls around his finger, "I don't understand."

"I know. It's hard to explain."

"Try me, Trini. I'm not going anywhere."

A quick, sad smile played across her face. "Really, Ken? You really stayin', or you just sayin' that to make a little girl happy?" She didn't wait for a reply, but pushed his hand away. "Is that the problem, Ken? You still think I'm that little girl you helped save?" She was angry, and getting angrier by the minute, but Hutch knew she needed to do this. "Well, you know what, Hutch? I'm not a little girl anymore. Open your eyes!" Trini's hands flew up to rub her head in frustration.

"Oh wait, I think I'm getting it now--it seems I've loved you since I first saw you, and I guess I thought you could feel the same, but you don't. Or better yet, you could use the age thing against me. Wait, about the 'I won't do this to Starsky' explanation." Trini's anger was slowly turning into quiet pain, all the pent up sadness finally surfacing.

"How about thinking of happiness, Ken--you've had enough crap in your life! But, that's unfair, too, I suppose. All these months, I've been following your life, and you haven't known shit about mine. Maybe...."

She sighed again, and a lonely tear ran down her cheek. "Maybe I thought once you got to know me the way I'd come to know you, well, maybe you'd like me back. I guess I've just always been a fool for you." Closing her eyes again, she whispered, "I've been stupid. I was just hoping we could try...and if you got uneasy, you could just let me know. But you're not even willing to try, Ken."

Swallowing down the sadness in her voice, she continued, "Did you give up on happiness, too, Ken? Cuz' if you did, that's so sad."

Trini felt like a fool, but at least she'd taken a chance. What was life without risk? Her anger spent, Trini only had one thing left to say before she walked away. "Everyone deserves a second chance, Ken. I just wish we could've had one."

She started to move away, but Hutch pulled her to him in a crushing embrace, fearing he was kissing her perhaps a little too hard. He couldn't help it, though. He was dying for want of this girl.

Thankfully, Trini didn't seem to mind, and wrapped her arms tightly about Hutch's neck to return his kiss. Using him as support, Trini lifted herself up on the island and pulled Hutch closer. Hutch was gently kneading one breast and nibbling on Trini's arched neck, when she quietly moaned and wrapped her legs around him. Hutch smiled a little to himself when Trini responded to him so strongly.

It would seem I'm not the only "hungry" one. This girl's gonna be the death of me.

Moving her robe over to expose her breast, Hutch began to nibble and suck, which only caused Trini to shudder more. Hastily, she reached down to untie her robe. It was at that moment that reality came back to Hutch--she was willing to let him take her right now, but that wasn't the way Hutch wanted it.

Maybe some other time, Trini. This one's gonna be done right.

Pulling her to him and lifting her off the counter, he whispered, "Not here. Hold on to me."

Trini obediently wrapped her legs back around Hutch and let him carry her to the bedroom, kissing him the whole way.

Trini put her legs down and stood up when they were in her room. Hastily, she reached for Hutch's t-shirt and pulled it over his head. She threw it down, and started to kiss his chest--playfully chewing on his nipples as she undid his zipper. Hutch pulled her back up to him before she could remove his pants, and started kissing her again. Christ, he loved kissing this girl. Holding Trini's face in one hand, Hutch finished discarding and stepping free of his pants with the other. Breaking their kiss, Hutch reached out to remove Trini's already open robe. She looked away, suddenly embarrassed, but Hutch brought her back to face him with his hand.

"We don't have to do this if you don't want to."

"It's not that...! I just know...well, what if I can't compete with the scores of Hutchinson conquests?"

Hutch pulled her back to him, and reached inside her robe to gently squeeze her luscious rump--"I think my reputation is a little padded."

Unabashedly reaching down to gently hold his manhood, Trini remarked, "I know one thing that's not padded."

Hutch laughed and reached for her robe again. "Silly girl, I think every other woman on the planet should worry about how to compete with you."

Hutch swept the now naked Trini in his arms again, and gently laid her on the bed. Trini laughed at him and pulled him to her. "Save your energy, buster. You're gonna need it."


Hutch looked down at Trini's sated face, and almost cried. Jesus, this girl was good for him. Sex had been obsolete for so long, he'd almost forgotten how wonderful making love could be.


Trini slowly opened her eyes and smiled up at Hutch, "Hey."

He smiled back. "Hey, yourself."

Reaching up, she pushed a lock of hair away from his sweat-covered forehead, and laughed.

"What's so funny?"

He was looking at her questioningly, but she just shook her head.

"Come on," he prodded, "I'll make you sorry if you don't tell me."

Still smiling at him, she began to wiggle a little under him while she talked. "I was just thinking what we hit on the Richter scale--some poor asshole in Pasadena just got knocked out of his recliner."

Hutch laughed. "We certainly had a little pent-up sexual energy, didn't we?"


"O.K.--have, but you've gotta let me recover from this first." Hutch tried to move off Trini, but she held him where he was. Hutch laughed. "Trini, I don't want to hurt you."

Reaching up to rub his cheek, she whispered, "Then don't."

He couldn't argue with that, and kissed her again. Hutch knew it was corny, but he had to ask. "Do people really die of happiness?"

A short burst of laughter came from Trini. "I certainly hope not. I want this to last."

Trini was curled up at Hutch's side--one leg across his, and a hand idly rubbing his chest. He pulled her closer, and kissed the top of her head.

"Me, too, baby. Me, too."

Pulling her head up to look at him, she was all seriousness now. "Do you mean that? I mean, there's no strings here, but we're trying for the long run, right? This isn't something I shouldn't be getting used to, is it?"

Returning Trini's intense gaze, Hutch decided to reprimand her a little. "I could ask you the same thing. You know, a younger guy..."

She cut him off with a loud groan. "You just had to bring it up didn't you?"

She moved to lay on top of him, and he swatted her lightly on the behind. "You brought up the long term thing--neither one should be an issue."

Lifting her head she looked at him--so hopeful and trusting, it twisted a tight band around his heart. "Really?" she whispered.


She laid her head back on his chest and was so content there, she probably would've fallen asleep if Hutch hadn't spoken. "Thanks for waiting for me to realize...I was almost too late wasn't I?"

He felt her shake her head against his chest, and she sleepily replied, "No. I would've waited forever."

Hutch swallowed hard before he could speak again. "I love you, Katrina Starsky."

A happy, but tired woman answered him. "And, I love you, too. Hutch."


The morning sun coming through Trini's bedroom window wasn't what woke Hutch. No, it was something much better than sunlight, making him smile a little in thought. This is the way to start the day.

Slowly, he barely opened one eye to peek at the girl straddling his hips and kissing his chest while moving provocatively on his midsection. Hutch quickly shut his eye.

Trini moved up to kiss his neck, but was disappointed when she still got no response. Sitting up straight, Trini watched Hutch for a moment, trying to decide what to do. She was just about to go shower, when she noticed him smiling at her. Trini punched him playfully. "Faker."

Hutch just smiled. Careful of her arm, he moved quickly and grabbed her--then flipped her onto the bed, pinning her there.

Trini's surprise was obvious, and she squealed with laughter.

"My, my, Officer. Would you be frisking me next?"

Hutch wiggled his eyebrows lasciviously at her, then slowly began kissing her neck. He moved down from Trini's neck to her breasts, and was treated with a moan as she arched against him. A gentle pull on his hair made Hutch look up. Trini was motioning him up with her finger, and a 'come hither' look he couldn't resist. Moving back up, he held Trini's face in his hands and kissed her. She kept wiggling under him, and it was too much for him. He smiled at her, and with great effort, concealed a laugh. Trini frowned and poked him in the ribs--hard.

Hutch grunted, then grabbed both her hands and held them above her head. "I wasn't laughing at you, sweetheart."

His words were enough to soothe her, and her anger forgotten, she went back to what she'd been doing. Pulling her hands away, she wrapped her arms back around Hutch. Arching her back, she began to deliciously lick his neck.

He pulled back, and smiled. "That's what's so amusing! You're either going to be the death of me, or the life of me."

Wrapping her legs around him, she told him, "Enough talk--not enough action, Detective."

Rolling his eyes in mock dismay, he pretended to be forced into kissing her. He could pretend all he wanted, but this was a great way to start the day.


Trini and Hutch showered together afterwards, and it was anything but a grabbing, sexual time. It was a special time for two new lovers to explore and discover, and Trini ate it up. She washed Hutch from head to toe--asking about every scar and scrape on him as she did. Then she had him sit on the tile edge so she could reach his hair. Gently resting his head on her chest, Trini shampooed and rinsed his hair, then put conditioner on it--making Hutch laugh.

"Your hair's too beautiful not to take care of," she told him.

"What's left of it," he joked. He stood up and reached for the soap--he couldn't wait to return the favor to Trini.

As he started to soap her back, Trini suddenly turned to face him, "You do realize how incredibly handsome you are, right?"

"Trini, you're the only woman who cares about me, and how I look." He smiled. "Or, if my hair is properly conditioned. Besides, I believe you are the beauty to this aging beast."

Trini turned back around to let Hutch continue his gentle scrubbing, but even his compliment didn't seem to have eased her mind. Something was nagging at her.

"You wanna tell me about it?"

He was moving up her legs with the sponge, and it was wonderful--Trini just knew she'd died and gone to Heaven. "Not really. I'll sound the insecure, little whiner I can sometimes be."

Hutch laughed. "Trini, you're the best. I've never known another woman who admits she's got human worries." He moved up and kissed her shoulder, then added seriously, "Just like everyone else."

She nodded, "Yeah, that's me--the perfect little woman," she teased. "Try not to forget it, my love."

"I never want to. I promise." Hutch could tell she wasn't upset anymore, so he continued his "duty."

His hands soaping her hair made Trini forget about anything else. She sighed contentedly. "This is wonderful."

Hutch agreed--this was the most fun he'd had with a woman since twenty minutes ago.

Hutch changed the dressing on Trini's wound after he'd toweled her dry.

When he started to dry himself, Trini gently took the towel from him. "Uh-uh, my turn."

Stretching, she dried Hutch's hair then reached behind her for a comb. He waited indulgently while she ran the comb through his hair, then tossed it back on the vanity.

"What about your hair?" Hutch wondered.

A shrugging Trini was already drying Hutch's legs. "What about my hair?"

Hutch looked down, and reached out to stroke Trini's hair. She was supposed to be drying him. What was that girl doing now?

"I'll be fine. Now be quiet, and enjoy the ride."

Hutch inhaled deeply, and leaned his head back on the wall. Closing his eyes and smiling, he decided Trini was right. He definitely liked this ride.


Hutch was in the kitchen whistling while he squeezed oranges for juice, and contemplated life.

This was the way to live.

A beautiful girl loved him, he had helped break a case, his life was back on track again--and reality was looking pretty damn good.

Trini came up behind him, wrapping her arms around him and kissed his cheek. He poured her a glass of juice and held it up. She reached for it, but Hutch lifted it out of her reach and turned to her.

"Hey, what's happened here?"

Using his free hand, he pointed to his lips. Trini happily obliged. She was rewarded for the kiss with a delicious glass of juice. "Thanks. It's good."

"Welcome. Here." Hutch was handing her a vitamin to take. He was getting back into good habits, and Trini couldn't be happier.

There is hope for this wonderful man, yet. Thank you, God. I don't think I could take it, if this didn't work out. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

Hutch and Trini sat down to enjoy the wonderful breakfast of Eggs Benedict and fruit he'd thrown together. When they were finished eating, Hutch stood and grabbed up the dishes before Trini even had a chance to move.

"Ken, you don't have to wait on me hand and foot--it's a flesh wound, remember?"

Hutch just shrugged, and continued loading the dishwasher. "Let me take care of you once in awhile, alright?"

Me, Tarzan- you, Jane, Hutch? O.K., darlin'. Take care of me.

She went to stand by him again. "I've got to go into Metro and do my reports. You know the drill. Do you want to come in with me today?"

"I think I should stay here. I need clean socks."

Smiling, Trini apologized. "Sorry. Were you gonna wear that pair again today?"

Hutch laughed and pulled her into his arms. "You don't need to know all my secrets."

Shaking her head, she pulled back a little. "I better get going, or I'll never leave."

Reluctantly, she moved out of his embrace and started for her room. Hutch trailed behind her, and casually lounged against the door jamb while she dressed.

"You gonna be O.K. if I wash your clothes too, or is that off limits?"

Trini finished pulling on her boots, then went to kiss him. "Nothing of mine is off limits to you, my love."

Hutch raised a skeptical eyebrow at her. "Nothing?"

She moved around him and was at the front door before she answered him. "Well, we haven't really discussed it, but there is one thing."

He smiled knowingly. "Ahhh. The truth comes out."

Grinning wickedly, Trini told him, "I'm not into anal sex. Sorry."

Hutch's laughter was uncontained. Holding up his hands, he told her, "No problem. Not my cup of tea, either."

She opened the door and started to go, then stopped and thoughtfully added, "O.K. You can stay then."

She heard his laughing reply as she shut the door behind her. "Gee, thanks."

Chapter 8