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Chapter 7

"A Starsky and Hutch Reunion"
Teri Colosimo 

Chapter 8


As soon as the front door had shut behind Trini, Hutch sprang into action. He had to hurry to pull off what he had in mind. Rushing to the laundry room, he sorted Trini's whites, then went to find his. Quickly filling the machine, he poured in soap and bleach and started the clothes. Clearing a space on the floor, he sorted the rest of the clothes to do later. He had to get moving--laundry could wait. Hutch hurried to change out of his sweats into something more suitable for the shopping he had to do. Sitting on his bed in the guest room, he looked around and smiled.

Maybe she'll be so pleased, I'll get to share a closet with her.

A quick search of the clothes he'd worn the night before yielded his wallet, and he quickly opened it. Hutch counted the cash and shook his head--he really needed to open a bank account. Carrying this much cash was stupid, but he hadn't thought about it at the time. Today, while he was out--today, he'd open an account. After all, this is where he lived, and he didn't plan on leaving again. Happily, he grabbed his jacket, and hurried out the door.


It was several hours later when Trini called Hutch from the precinct to say she was on her way home.

"I'm awfully lonely, here," he told her. "Hurry home." He was only partially teasing--he had missed her, and he did want her to see her surprise.

Smiling into the phone, she lowered her voice. "I can't concentrate anyhow. All I can think about is your gorgeous body."

"Funny, that's all I've thought about, too. Your body, I mean."

She laughed. "I understood, you idiot. Do you want me to stop for pizza or something?"

He just wanted her to come home--now. "We can go out if you want to, but hurry home."

He sounded so eager, it made Trini's heart beat faster. "I'm on my way, baby. Don't go runnin' off with no skinny blond before I get there."

"I'll be right here, waiting for a feisty Italian Jewish girl."

"I love you," she whispered.

"I love you more. Get home."

The phone went dead, and Trini kissed it before hanging it up. "On my way, on my way," she laughed.

Scooping up the files she had to finish, she hurried for the door--and home.


Trini opened her front door to almost total darkness. The only light in the entire apartment came from the candles Hutch had set up on the dinning room table.

Smiling happily, Trini stepped into the apartment and the door shut behind her. Hutch had pushed it shut from his "hiding spot" behind the door, and was now taking the files from her. Putting a glass of wine into her other hand, he softly whispered, "Welcome home."

Kissing him sweetly, she smiled at him. "Thanks for making it a home."

Hutch smiled back. Funny, I was thinking the same thing about you.

Setting the files on the stand behind him, he turned to lead her to the table, offering her his arm. She took it, and leaned her head comfortably against his shoulder.

When they reached the table, he pulled her chair out for her. Trini started to sit down, but noticed something in her chair. Turning to get a better look, her hand flew to her mouth in genuine surprise.

Hutch put his hands on her shoulders and leaned over to explain her "gifts." "They'll have to do until we have a real home to let your animals run in."

Trini couldn't reply with the knot in her throat, so she just nodded and bent to inspect the items. "You were paying attention? This is the most romantic thing I've ever...well, it's just great."

Trini couldn't believe he'd been listening to her future dreams, but he obviously had been! There, on the chair in front of her sat: an electronic dog, a fishbowl with two blown-glass fish bobbing in it, and a puppet that looked like a big, orange tomcat.

Suddenly, Hutch realized Trini was crying, and he turned her to him. "Oh come on, baby--don't cry. I was just tryin' to make you happy."

Trini sniffled, "You did. I am happy."

Hutch rolled his eyes and kissed her forehead. "Women," he muttered. "If you're done bein' so happy--you ready to eat?"

Trini still hadn't moved from Hutch's embrace. "You cooked?" she teased, then bent to place her gifts on the opposite chair.

Playfully pushing her into her chair, he sat her down. "Of course I cooked. You worked all day."

Trini smiled as she watched him start serving dinner. He's the best kind of man possible: he cooks, he cleans, and he keeps his ego in tact while he does it. No complaints, no whining. I better remember how lucky I am.


Hutch could make wonderful oriental food, and Trini was stuffed. She had insisted on helping clean up after dinner, so Hutch put her in charge of loading the dishes he'd rinse in the dishwasher.

When they were done, Hutch and Trini went in to watch TV--laying down together on the couch. Reaching behind him, Hutch grabbed one of the pillows and put it under Trini's head. She reached behind her to find his hand, and held it to her chest.

They lay there contentedly for awhile, until Trini commented, "They hated each other. Did you know that?"

He was momentarily confused until he realized she was talking about the main characters in the show.

"Hmmm," he replied in a noncommittal way. This was going somewhere, but where?

"All the people watching this movie believed they were in love, but they still bitch about how much they hated doing this movie. Odd, huh?" Trini went on, "I suppose it is really easy to get caught up in the magic of a movie--or a moment--only to find it over too soon. Or, maybe it wasn't what they'd thought at all."

Ah-ha. I get it now. Does this romance last forever...will we lose the glow and move it real?

Hutch mused over what to say for a moment, then gently stated, "I think it's easy to get caught up in the fantasy--I'll agree with that, Trini. But, I also think people just don't always try. The dance we all call romance doesn't ever have to end. People just need to find that one perfect partner, and keep learning new moves."

This girl who was such a survivor, such a strong person, a cop--well, she sure could be insecure when it came to romance.

Kissing Trini's neck, he whispered, "My dance card's full. How 'bout yours?"

Wiggling her rear end suggestively against him, she answered, "Oh yeah, and I hope my partner never runs out of moves just for me."

Hutch sincerely hoped that, too. Trini, I hadn't even planned on this 'dance'. I promise, this is my last one.


Hutch could tell Trini was starting to nod off, and he couldn't have that. He still had plans for this woman-child of his.

Patting her on the rump, he stated, "Come on. Time for bed." He helped her into an upright position, then rose himself to shut off lights. Hutch hurried back to Trini before she started to her room--this scenario played best if they went in together.

Holding out a hand to Trini, he asked, "Shall we dance?"

Smiling, she took his hand and rose. "I'd love to."

Pressing her hand to his lips, he kissed it. Bowing a little, Hutch motioned to the bedroom. Following behind Trini, he stopped a step behind when she opened the door. "You're not crying, are you?"

She silently shook her head, then turned to face him. Whispering, Trini held her hands out to Hutch. "Come on, Hutchinson."

Taking hold of her hands, he allowed himself to be guided into the bedroom.

Hutch had been a busy boy. Trini's room looked like a florist had tastefully gone mad. There were vases of every imaginable flower all over the room--everything from roses of red and white to Birds of Paradise in tropical displays. The bed had not escaped Hutch' attention, either--rose petals covered the whole bed.

Very deliberately, Trini began to walk backwards, pulling Hutch with her towards the bed.

"You outdid yourself tonight, Detective. Let's see if I can do the same."


The ringing of the phone woke Hutch and Trini the next morning. Reaching across Hutch, Trini answered it.


Starsky was overly awake and bubbly on the other end. "Mornin' Sunshine! Oversleep?"

Looking to the clock, Trini saw it was past nine. "Yeah. Somebody left me with a lot of paperwork to finish, and I was up late."

Hutch grinned at that. They most certainly had been up late, but paperwork had not been on the agenda.

Trini laid back down beside Hutch, and listened patiently to Starsky going on about something. Hutch could tell he was excited by the tone of his voice, but couldn't make out words.

All at once, Trini sat up and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. Nodding her head and smiling, she finally spoke into the phone. "That's great, David. I'm really happy for you guys. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I'll have it all done before you get back, I promise. My arm is fine. Don't be an idiot. Yes. Yes, he's taking good care of me."

Hutch almost laughed out loud at that, so he quietly slipped out of bed and went to relieve himself. Hutch heard Trini still talking to her uncle through the open doorway.

"Yeah, I think he's around here somewhere. You wanna talk to him?"

Going to the door, she casually leaned against the door jamb, and looked Hutch over from head to toe. Cocking her head to one side, she winked and gave him a 'thumbs-up'.

Hutch grabbed a towel, and covered himself, suddenly embarrassed by her brazen appraisal of his body.

Trying not to laugh, she pointed to her own nakedness. Hutch just shrugged apologetically.

"Just a sec', Dave. I heard the shower shut off--I'll go get him."

Trini smiled and knocked on her open bathroom door. "Ken?"

"Yeah, be right out."

Trini smiled at Hutch talking over his shoulder to give the impression of distance.

Covering the phone with one hand, she walked towards Hutch and began to rub his chest with the other. Hutch shook his head and pointed a finger at her, giving her that 'be good' look. Trini just shrugged and gave him the phone.

"H...hello? " he stammered because Trini had nonchalantly grabbed his towel clad region as she passed by.

Again, she got a stern look, and the way he pointed his finger at her reminded her of Sister Mary Theresa.

Trini couldn't help it--she laughed.

"Oh, she's watching something on TV." Trini heard Hutch lamely explain as she turned on the shower.

Trini was enjoying the hot water streaming over her body, when she jumped from the resounding slap Hutch placed on her buttocks. Trini tried to look mad, but she also knew it was well deserved. She turned around to see Hutch giving her his very best scowl.

Trini was unaffected. "Save it for the bad guys, mister."

Reluctantly, he let the scowl vanish from his face, but looked away from her. "You were bad," he told her.

She nodded and moved closer to him--she wanted to make peace and he wouldn't even look at her. Trini sensed it was probably because of their "secret," and Hutch's guilt.

"We'll talk to David as soon as...."

Hutch brusquely cut her off. "I'll talk to Starsky."

Trini raised her eyebrows in question--when no answer came, she turned to reach for the soap. Something had pissed him off, and Trini would wait to find out what happened--he'd talk when he was ready.

Hutch sighed to himself--You're being a prick, Hutchinson. Don't screw this up! Talk to the girl, asshole.

Reaching around Trini, he grabbed the shampoo and started to lather her hair. Trini leaned back against him, and Hutch whispered, "I'm sorry."

Trini was satisfied with the apology--she was so much like Starsky in that respect. They always forgave Hutch, and he was thankful for that.

"It's O.K., we're not gonna be perfect all the time. This takes work."

Hutch finished scrubbing, and was now rinsing Trini's hair. Of course you'll forgive me. You're the most forgiving person I know. I suppose you'd have to be to put up with me!

"Ya' wanna talk about it, or do I just leave you alone?" Trini offered.

Hutch pulled her to him and held her tightly. "Don't you ever get tired of putting up with my shit?"

"I'll never get tired of you, Hutch. Moody days or not."

"We'll talk later, O.K.? Right now I just need you."

Trini kissed his chest. "I like that--a lot."


Trini was tired of sitting at her computer, and working on the reports she'd brought home. Stretching, she looked across the room at Hutch. He'd fallen asleep on the couch waiting for her to get done.

Hutch looked so sweet, Trini was hesitant to wake him, but she knew she had to. Moving to the couch, she sat on her heels and kissed him.

Snaking out a sleepy arm, he encircled her. "Hey."

"Hey, yourself. I'm going on a stake-out. You wanna sleep or keep me company?"

Hutch sat up, suddenly alert. Checking, his watch he asked, "Now?"

Trini merely shrugged and smiled apologetically. "Life of a cop--you know how it goes. So, you in or out?" Trini was already moving to get her coat. "I need to be there soon."

Hutch sat up rubbing his eyes. "Jesus, Trini. Give me a minute to get my shoes on."

Bingo! He couldn't resist!

"You sure, babe? You looked pretty comfy."

Hutch pulled his jacket on and reached for the door. "If I got a little sleep at night, it'd help," he grunted.

Trini smiled at his cranky tone--she'd have to get her little man to bed early tomorrow night. Tonight, she had plans for him.


Trini had driven far up into the hills before stopping the car to take out her binoculars. Staring intently through them, Trini tried not to laugh--she couldn't believe she was going to all this trouble for a man!



Trini motioned towards the back seat of the Torino. "You fit back there?"

Hutch looked over his shoulder, then back to Trini.

"It's been used to haul my drunken ass home before--why?"

"There's a blanket back there--would you mind getting in the back seat and covering up? There's a black and white on its way, and I don't..."

"I get it--you didn't tell anybody I was coming."

Trini looked sheepish. "Yeah." Again she motioned for the back seat. "Hutch? Do ya' mind?"

Sighing, he opened the door and climbed in back. Hutch hated this back seat--he didn't fit all his height in it too well.

Hutch heard a car approaching, and Trini whispered, "Cover up. I'll be right back." Trini's door opened and she got out. From Hutch's hiding place, he could hear Trini's laughter and a man talking. Suddenly, they both laughed and Hutch wondered what the hell was so funny.

Trini got back in, but quickly whispered, "Stay covered up. They're circling back in a few minutes. I told them I was going to lay down for awhile, so make room."

Trini shuffled some papers on her clipboard for a couple minutes, then called in to Metro to tell them she'd be signing off for a time. Hutch scooted over a little and heard Trini pop his seat forward so she could crawl in back. Laying down beside him, she shivered.

"Hey," she whispered, "think I could have some, too?"

She was gently pulling on the blanket corner, so Hutch lifted it to let her under. As he lifted the blanket, his hand brushed up against her nude body. His head whipped around so fast, it was comical.

"What the hell, Trini? They'll be back..."

"Tomorrow." Lifting the blanket more, she crawled under it. "I lied. This is a friend's land. We can stay here all night, but I think I want to sleep in my own bed tonight."

Trini began to unzip Hutch pants, and he just laid there--smiling and content. Reaching to help her, he mumbled, "I think I understand how a bull-rider feels."

Laying down to kiss him, she promised, "Rodeo's cancelled tomorrow. The bull needs a rest, too."

Hutch just grinned and grunted at that--this girl was insatiable--and he hoped to God it was only for him.

Suddenly, he loved this back seat, and the way Trini looked in it.


As promised, Trini let Hutch sleep in the next day. She had things to do anyhow, and she'd already been up for awhile finishing her "packing." Deciding she couldn't put off the inevitable any longer, and not wanting to wake Hutch, she'd showered in the guest room.

Silently, Trini crept back into her own room--cardboard box in hand--and tip-toed to her closet. Slowly, she took out the two uniforms that hung there, and laid them in the box. Making a quick search of her room, she also added her police hat and bulletproof vest to the box.

Trini was a little sad--a very important chapter in her life was about to be closed--but, an even more important one was opening.

Turning to go, she laid the note she'd written on her pillow. God, it was hard not to kiss Hutch goodbye. Pulling the comforter back over his beautifully golden chest, Trini left him sleeping and closed the door.

On her way out of the apartment, she tossed her service revolver on top of her uniforms, and folded the box shut.

Chapter 9